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Ah, it's supposed to be the temple right outside Riverside. It's been a while since I made the game but I believe when you go out through the north gate, just make a right and a right again, and the temple is right there.

Gratias maximas tibi ago Francisce quod hunc ludum composuisti. Iam diu quaerebam ludos Latine scriptos, neque opinio me fefellit, nam ludos iucundissimos a te scriptos inveni. Ego quoque animum haud invitus intendo in latinitatis studium et libenter nonnumquam ludos conficio. Ludus tuus me ad eam cogitationem adducit, ut vero non multi ludi Latine scripti inveniri possunt in interrete, meamque ludi componendi cupiditatem conflat.

Hello! Here’s the article

Thanks for your interest in SOTL! :-D Let me know if you have new feedback this second time around.

I think that is the case, but I just hesitate to publicly post a build I haven’t tested :-) Or maybe I can post it and you test it and let me know if it works!

Ah! Because I don't have a Linux system set up to test it, unfortunately. I had Linux on my old machine but it doesn't boot any more. I'll try to set up a VM so I can at least get the export going.

Archer is a retro game where you fire arrows at waves of enemies. You can upgrade your character (arrow speed, damage, movement, powerups, magic spells). The campaign consists of 21 hand-crafted levels of increasing difficulty. You can play it on the browser (but the game won't save your progress), or you can download the cartridge file and play it on the LowResNX fantasy console (instructions on the game page).

This is a hobby project. It's completely free and the source code is available.

Background story: After a "rigorous" selection process, you were selected to defend the kingdom from enemies using your trusty bow. You are well known for your skills and also for your low fees, which suits the King well, as the only thing that's more important than keeping the kingdom safe is keeping the expenditures to a minimum. You will earn meager amounts of gold from defeating enemies, with which you can upgrade your equipment.

Hey! This game allocates a lot of memory, this is why it probably crashes on PocketCHIP. Even some browsers don't deal well with it. I think the problem is the virtual machine that's part of my code, which loads all of the bytecode into RAM. I should have probably built it differently...

It makes me really happy to read your comments! I'm glad the game was a pleasant experience and that the exploration/adventure aspect of it came through. Yes, inventory management and spells could definitely use some improvement but by the end I was pretty much running against the size limitations of the platform (to the point that I was designing spells based on what bits of assembly code I could reuse to keep the game size small!), which I guess is part of the fun :-)

Thanks for playing!

Hey! Yes, the final map is a bit hard, I tuned it such that I could finish it (still with some difficulty) after getting all the special items in the game. Here are some hopefully useful hints:

1. Do you have the Amulet of Steadiness? You can buy it from the Amulet shop in the Frostlands.

2. Did you visit the Lost Library (you need the Spectacles to find it). In it you will get some useful bonuses.

3. You can buy a bunch of scrolls. Even non-spellcasters can use scrolls, and they can do so even while stunned, so you can keep a few attack scrolls in the inventory so your front row can use them while they are stunned.

Thanks for playing the game! I hope you make it to the end -- and I hope you make the right decisions in the end sequence in order to save the world hehe :-)

Sorry for taking a long time to reply. There is a potion shop in the Underground City. I've taken another look the code (it's been a long time since I wrote it!) to make sure that drinking the Potion of Fire is indeed safe:

The logic is: if the character is NOT frozen, they take 30 points of damage; if they are frozen, they defrost and take no damage.

Nice! Well, you can buy a Potion of Fire at a potion shop and drink it to revert freezing (or rather, have another character feed the potion to the frozen character).

Hey! Thank you very much for the kind remarks! Writing games is a hobby that I do purely for fun, so I don't want to put money into the mix, but thank you very much for offering! When people like one of my games, I very much prefer that they show their appreciation by sharing the game or sending me their feedback as you did, rather than give me money :) Cheers!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Are you using the web version or the downloaded version?

Hey! Sorry for the delayed response. Busy weeks at work :)

Yeah, there is some memory allocation issue in the engine that causes crashes in-browser. To my knowledge, the downloaded version does not suffer from the same problem. I'm still trying to figure out why.

Hint about spectacles: they can be found near Castle South... behind an Emerald Gate :)

Hey! It's "fake 3D", like the games of the 90s. If you're interested in the source code, it's here:

Specifically, the 3D rendering part is in the rend.lua file.


Ah! Well, sometimes choices are choices, sometimes choices are the illusion of choice, and often a diverging path might be different, but the result would be similar for practical purposes. :)

Hello! Thank you for playing!

Yeah, I know, having to visit the same shop over and over again to buy more than one Item is pretty exhausting, I will definitely fix that in the future. And auto unequipping the item is a great idea, it would make it much easier. Thanks for the suggestions!

As for the savegame location, I believe it's somewhere in C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local but I'll double check on my computer at home tonight (I'm typing from my phone at the moment).

Awesome! I'm glad it worked. So maybe the first time saving works but loading doesn't, and after reloading both saving/loading work... weird!

Oh! Sorry, this was not supposed to happen. That menu is the system menu over which I have no control but even then RESET in theory should just return to main menu, not erase save. There is, however, an issue with certain browsers (Chrome) where savegames are not recorded. When you revisit the page, does it say "Save OK" on the top left in the main screen?

I just updated the game in response to user feedback. Making it a faster game, with more moving/shooting and less waiting.

UPDATE: Version 1.1:

  • faster ship
  • constant enemy spawns (no delays)
  • muzzle flash effect and better explosions
  • other gameplay tweaks

Play it here ->

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback. :) 

Pilot 8 is a retro space shooter (for the PICO-8 fantasy console).

>>> Play here -> <<<

CONTROLS: Arrows = fly/select, Z = shoot/confirm, X = cancel/back

STORY: Welcome, Pilot 8. You are our top choice for this mission. I mean, 8th choice. Nothing suspicious at all happened to the other 7 pilots that came before you. They... uh... retired. Anyway, here is your comprehensive battle training: use the arrows to move, press [Z] to shoot. End of comprehensive training. Off to war you go. Good luck, Pilot 8.... Ok, that pilot is hopeless, let's start training Pilot 9. Oh, what? It's still on? How do I turn this off <click>

This is a simple space shooter.

  • 18 levels across 6 worlds (Flood City, Oasis, Marshes, Coast, Canals, Fortress)
  • Different weapons and powerups (shield, weapons, etc).
  • Collect chips dropped by enemies to upgrade your ship. 14 upgrades available:
    • extra speed
    • rapid fire (3 levels)
    • ammo capacity (3 levels)
    • shield (3 levels)
    • starting laser
    • powerup frequency
  • World map

Tech aspects:

  • Dynamic lighting (via framebuffer post-processing).
  • Screen-space reflection (water effect, lightning, etc).
  • Particle effects, rain, etc.

Gameplay video: