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I just updated the game in response to user feedback. Making it a faster game, with more moving/shooting and less waiting.

UPDATE: Version 1.1:

  • faster ship
  • constant enemy spawns (no delays)
  • muzzle flash effect and better explosions
  • other gameplay tweaks

Play it here ->

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback. :) 

Pilot 8 is a retro space shooter (for the PICO-8 fantasy console).

>>> Play here -> <<<

CONTROLS: Arrows = fly/select, Z = shoot/confirm, X = cancel/back

STORY: Welcome, Pilot 8. You are our top choice for this mission. I mean, 8th choice. Nothing suspicious at all happened to the other 7 pilots that came before you. They... uh... retired. Anyway, here is your comprehensive battle training: use the arrows to move, press [Z] to shoot. End of comprehensive training. Off to war you go. Good luck, Pilot 8.... Ok, that pilot is hopeless, let's start training Pilot 9. Oh, what? It's still on? How do I turn this off <click>

This is a simple space shooter.

  • 18 levels across 6 worlds (Flood City, Oasis, Marshes, Coast, Canals, Fortress)
  • Different weapons and powerups (shield, weapons, etc).
  • Collect chips dropped by enemies to upgrade your ship. 14 upgrades available:
    • extra speed
    • rapid fire (3 levels)
    • ammo capacity (3 levels)
    • shield (3 levels)
    • starting laser
    • powerup frequency
  • World map

Tech aspects:

  • Dynamic lighting (via framebuffer post-processing).
  • Screen-space reflection (water effect, lightning, etc).
  • Particle effects, rain, etc.

Gameplay video: