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Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

By the way, your article on about the development of the game is quite an interesting read! One can feel the dedication, work and love that went into the game. So I asked myself: Why don't you make the game here on itch free but with the option to give you some money for it? I'd like to give some of my hard earned buckazoids as a sign of appreciation. :)

Hey! Thank you very much for the kind remarks! Writing games is a hobby that I do purely for fun, so I don't want to put money into the mix, but thank you very much for offering! When people like one of my games, I very much prefer that they show their appreciation by sharing the game or sending me their feedback as you did, rather than give me money :) Cheers!

That's very kind of you. I'm playing the game for some days now and it's such a pleasure to explore the Twelve Lands! It's been a long time since I had so much fun with an RPG (the last that managed to motivate as much was Grimoire). What I find the most astonishing thing about SOtTL: It doesn't feel like a game simply inspired by the classics - it feels like it is an actual classic from the heydays of the genre. I'd gladly pay 15 dollars for such a fine game. But as you don't want my money I'll give you my impressions when I reach the end of the game (I hope that's not soon). :)

Still playing and very much enjoying this game. But now I'm in dire need of help: I'm exploring the ice continent, entered the ice maze and got three of my characters frozen. Now only Leon is still able to fight and I have no clue where to look for help. Leon alone isn't fit enough to battle more than two enemies. Help!

Nice! Well, you can buy a Potion of Fire at a potion shop and drink it to revert freezing (or rather, have another character feed the potion to the frozen character).

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Unfortunately I can't remember where the next potion shop is located. Could you give me a hint please?

edit: I searched the Twelve Lands until I finally found the apothecary in Pinnacle.

Oh, another question: Can you tell me where the game stores its saves? I'd feel much safer if I could make a copy of the savegame. :)

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Sorry for taking a long time to reply. There is a potion shop in the Underground City. I've taken another look the code (it's been a long time since I wrote it!) to make sure that drinking the Potion of Fire is indeed safe:

The logic is: if the character is NOT frozen, they take 30 points of damage; if they are frozen, they defrost and take no damage.

Thank you for your reply. And no need to apologize! I found the apothecary in Pinnacle and mastered the ice maze. Interesting detail about the potion of fire, I never tried to drink one without being frozen.

Now I'm in the end game section, Ignis. I tried it four times but was always annihilated sooner or later. These darn fire mages do so much damage and knock my second row out and the fire elementals make my front fighters dizzy and missing in their attacks the whole time. While the rest of the game was very pleasant to play - some fights were challenging but never unfair - I have to admit I find the final part too punishingly hard. If I see it correctly there is no way to save the game in the last section and I really don't know how to beat it.

Hey! Yes, the final map is a bit hard, I tuned it such that I could finish it (still with some difficulty) after getting all the special items in the game. Here are some hopefully useful hints:

1. Do you have the Amulet of Steadiness? You can buy it from the Amulet shop in the Frostlands.

2. Did you visit the Lost Library (you need the Spectacles to find it). In it you will get some useful bonuses.

3. You can buy a bunch of scrolls. Even non-spellcasters can use scrolls, and they can do so even while stunned, so you can keep a few attack scrolls in the inventory so your front row can use them while they are stunned.

Thanks for playing the game! I hope you make it to the end -- and I hope you make the right decisions in the end sequence in order to save the world hehe :-)