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What a brillant experience! It feels extremely realistic, graphics are superb, the soundtrack is very atmospheric - and I loved the subtle "lacrimosa" between the raging storm, it fitted perfectly. The atmosphere is strangely unsettling and melancholic, of a profound loneliness. And I had a strong sense of foreboding while walking through the woods. When I finally reached that bizarre building and stood before it I felt the strong urge to turn back and run away. I really hope you'll continue something with this, it's so very impressive!

You never stop to amaze me with your works! So atmospheric and beautiful!

Ah I'm such a dolt, I only looked in the options I didn't notice the obvious button ingame! Thank you! :D

Looks fantastic, as always! Beautiful animations! I'm really looking forward to the next version. :)

Hi, I just purchased the game and like it so far. One thing: The text runs too fast for me (english isn't my native tongue). Is it possible to implement an option to make the text running not automatically?

Thanks for your reply! If there will ever be a DRM-free version I'll purchase it.

Ok, no problem, I know that Steam has many advantages for developers. If the game will ever be available on any DRM-free platform (itch, gog or wherever) I'll be sure to pick it up. Thanks again and take care!

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Ah yes indeed, my fault, sorry! I really wasn't aware that Imperiums is an english plural form (I thought of Empires as the only one). I'm no native speaker though... ;)

I understand, is there  a chance to get your game on another platform DRM-free sooner or later?

Thank you and have a nice weekend! :)

Reading Gustav Droysen's epochal Hellenism-trilogy at the moment, this game seems right up my alley. May I ask if there is a DRM-free version available (or if the Steam-version is DRM-free = doesn't need the client after the game is installed)?

By the way: May I ask why you decided to give the game the title "Imperiums"? It's not the correct latin ("Imperia") nor english plural. Is it for recognition value? I don't want to be cocky, just wondering. ;)

I'd prefer to purchase it here. Is the Steam version DRM-free? (does it use Steamworks DRM or can I play it without the Steam client running?)

That's Early Access done right! The more features are in a game and the more polished it gets the higher the price, that's fair and makes sense and you reward early buyers for their trust in the project (compared, for example, to the Baldur's Gate 3 developers who release their alpha version for 60+ bucks).

Looks lovely, like all your games! I'll definitively try the demo.

Looks great! The ZX Spectrum has a special place in my gamer's heart and I always get excited about such releases. I'll definitively try Nosy soon.

I congratulate you to this achievement, Matt! What a beautiful atmosphere, so calm and relaxing, everything draws me in and brings me to another place, thousands of miles away. It feels so realistic, the sound design is doing a great job to create this experience too. Your games are always something very special, something to be experienced like a cup of exquisite tea. Everything fits so perfectly together to create this illusion (Wagner's term of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" comes to my mind). Especially in chaotic times like these such a game is a real treasure and helps me to clear my mind. It's like a form of meditation for me. I thank you profoundly for this!

Looking great! But I'm unable to download it from any of the three links.

I'm sure it will! That's exactly the kind of game the C64 is lacking (by the way: even the ZX Spectrum has its Theme-Park-like game "Fun Park" which is also a brillant little game). I really look forward to Funfair Inc.!

Now that looks awesome! That will be a day 1 purchase for me!

I remember this game from long ago. Wonderful to see it appearing here now! 

Ah I see, nonograms they are called. I ordered a book. Grid Pix works flawlessly on my TheC64 Maxi by the way.

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Two days later I have to add: Grid Pix is extremely addictive for me. And I think this game would be a perfect solo-boardgame. I'm actually pondering about making such an "offline version" with cardboard and wooden cubes. A wonderful game, very entertaining and there are always some minutes time to solve another puzzle! I look forward to the DLCs. :)

That's even better, thanks!

Wow, that looks lovely! Are there different maps available?

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I was looking forward to this game. It's very kind to offer it for free, I still sent you some buckazoids. I would feel bad to get such a beautiful game for free. ;)

An quite interesting game! I already very much enjoyed your brillant Millie Molly and Grid Pix is another very fine game for my "little grey cells". Works perfectly on Vice, but I'll enjoy it on my TheC64 Maxi this evening. :)

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Your game gets better and better with every update. The concept is so fresh and unique. And the pixelart is so beautiful! I enjoy following development and look forward to every new update. Great work! :)

That's great to hear! Godspeed! :)

It's a beautiful melody! Somehow remembers me on something I heard in A Tale of Two Kingdoms (but I'm not sure). I know what you mean, there are often melodies in my head and I try to play them on the piano and later I discover that there was an inspiration... :)

May I ask how development with Void 9.16 and Vermys is going? I really look forward to these two games.

It works now, thanks! :) By the way: I can't remember from where but the music in the throne room at the beginning is very familiar to me.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention: Win 10. ;)

Great to hear! However the game won't start for me: Error message says "libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll" is missing...

Very interesting read, I didn't even know it existed and am pleased to have purchased it. Now my QfI-collection is complete. :)

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Brillant soundtrack! It very well supports the atmosphere of the game in its different situations, from light-hearted to epic, from goofy to sinister. I especially love the melancholic piano-version of the Hummel-theme (Wrecked Homestead). I even tried to play it on my piano. Overall a wonderful set of pieces (over 90!) that's well worth the price.

I'm really looking forward to this game, I very much enjoyed the first part.

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This game is a masterpiece. Great storytelling, massive freedom to explore, a believable, living world design, funny humor, three different paths, beautiful VGA-style graphics, wonderful soundtrack, interesting puzzles. The overall atmosphere is light-hearted, but there are also some deep, almost melancholic tones in it and it always manages to keep a balance between both. And I just like this loveable tongue-in-cheek rogue Roehm, what a great character! As a great fan of Quest for Glory I have to say that I prefer this game over QfG.

Wow, that looks fantastic! Very unique and original graphic style! I'll give the demo a try.

This was - without any doubt - one of the most polished, most professional game I've ever seen realized with AGS. The atmosphere is very strong, the graphics are very beautiful, the whole design is great. A short but extremely fulfilling experience. I'm looking forward to your next game @developer! Thank you for this great experience! :)

I'd purchase it again to support your work. And I just love the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, the music, the graphics, the lovely story and - of course - the adorable spluffs. :)

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Wonderful! The intro is a pleasure to watch. If you'll ever port this wonderful game to mobile platforms I'll purchase it again for sure. It's a real gem for me.