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Hello Andy

I'm very eager to try your game. Alas I'm totally at a loss as of how the two leading Spectrum Next emulators are to be configured to play it on my computer. Would it be possible to give a small step-by-step explanation how to emulate it the easiest way? Or to prepare the game so that it can just be copied in the emulator folder and executed with a prepared batch-file (as Pat did it with his Shovel Adventure)?

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Just purchased the game as it reminded me on this fantastic freeware game Cliffall - Treasures of the Lost Cave - but man I did overread that stuff about copy protection. Why even use a copy protection for a game that's clearly extremely niche? There is basically zero chances it will ever find the attention of any pirate interests (that's not saying anything about the game's quality, it's just because it's not something mainstream at all), plus the price is so low that nobody, not even the most broken hobo, would ever consider pirate it anyway as it's easier to just purchase it like honest people do. Secondly, why choose such an utterly annoying way not seen since the darkest days of shareware? I don't want to be rude yet I find it really hard to understand such a decision.

Interesting! I already own Devolution in the boxed version from Polyplay and find it fantastic. Is there more information about Die Kaufmannsgilde? 

Hello Stefan. Thank you for taking your time to answer me. Yeah, I know that there has been a slight delayment, I asked Sebastian about it. No problem though, some weeks more or less are not substantial. :)

Great work! I can't wait to get my physical version. I restrain from really playing it until I have it. I want the full experience. :)

Hello. Yes, but is this one here the same digital version as the one you get together with the physical version when you buy it? Or is this here just a demo?

Ah yeah, now everything seems correct. For a short period the game was freely downloadble. Glad it has been fixed. And congratulations to the release! It's been a pleasure following your development process.

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Strange things are going on: Some minutes ago I downloaded the game, now it isn't possible to download it again and all I get if I click on the button is the demo and the soundtrack. I'm a backer.

edit: aaand now it's here again. Quite peculiar.

edit2: I think something is wrong: The game is now downloadable (the full version) even if you don't buy it. It's right on the main page together with the demo.

Hi, thanks for your fast reply. I'm glad to be on board for this ride.

Hi. I just got the game here. One thing I immediately noticed is that there are some of the standard RPG-Maker-sound effects in the game. I noticed it when I loaded a game. Is it a placeholder? Other than that I really enjoy exploring the world you've created and look forward to further developments.

Wow, that was fast! Thank you, it works fine now. :)

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Hi. Congrats to the release! I just bought the bundle with both games but I'm struggling getting the real GB-color (green). I tried both BGB and VisualBoyAdvance but all I get is black and white. The respective color settings don't seem to do anything at all. Can you give me a hint or recommend a good emulator that does support the original green color? Thanks!

Ah ok, I understand. Thank you for clarifying. All the best!

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Fantastic, I didn't know this game would get released so soon. I played the demo some time ago. Instant purchase for me! Congrats to the release and a happy new year!

edit:  There is only the "prelude" for download. Is this the full game? 

Thank you for the fast patching! 1.9.4 works fine. :)

What a strangely meditaive and calming experience. I very much enjoy this. It somehow wakes my imagination. Is there a way to download this?

After being a longtime observer I finally purchased the game recently and would like to express the fondness I already have for it. It's such a pleasant experience driving through beautiful landscapes and controlling a railcar. I was never the simulator type but this game brings calmness and peace to my mind. I'd also like to add that I appreciate the dedication you have for your game, every update is a pleasure to read and I feel that the money was well spent. That's Early Access how it should be.

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Hi, the game crashes after the update for me (it doesn't even start) with the following message:

I just began playing half an hour ago. But I really have to congratulate you. This game has unpeccable style, the aesthetics are perfect, both graphically and soundwise. The story is unique and fascinating, dripping of potential and originality.

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Hi, great to hear the game still lives. Will the version on Humble be updated too? Thanks!

EDIT: Wow, that was fast. It just got the update on Humble. Thank you very much! :)

Perfect! Thank you!

Hi Sarah. Thank you for the update. Is a restart required or can I load and continue my 1.0.9-savegame in this version?

Wow, what an intense experience you've created here. The moment heavy artillery fire set in I inevitably flinched and looked for cover. The nightmare that is trench warfare can never be replicated in a game, but this experience sure comes close in ludic terms I think. I'm very interested in how this develops.

Wow, that comes as a surprise! I heard that part 2 was in development but never would have thought that it's so near already. Fantastic! 

Great game, addictive and simple but challenging gameplay. I just predordered the DOS-version on Polyplay. :)

Hi, is this beautiful game still in development? I sure hope so. If not: Is there a way to get the old contest version?

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The game looks fantastic by the way, absolutely incredible for the ZX81. The only thing I miss from the original game are the "animations" of the rides (the flashing of colors that indicate usage).

Perfect, that did it. Thanks. The little guys are having fun already.

Hi Jonathan. I'm a big fan of the original Fun Park for the ZX Spectrum (I played it for hours on end, both on emulator and on my real Speccy). I didn't hesitate for a second when I saw this ZX81 adaption here. Alas I seem to have a problem with the configuration of EightyOne. I get dollar signs insead of the green background. On the attached image you can see the effect and the configuration I use in EightyOne. Thank you for your help.

Thank you both for your help, gentlemen. I'll study your tutorial BAPSTARCADE. Thank you!

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Hi and thanks for your reply. To the remark about the inn chest: In other cities, my stored items appear, only on Ikhlas Atoll it isn't the case. 

Regarding the map: That question still is a mystery to me. Is the "punishment" for continue (instead of reloading) designed to eraze the explored parts of the map of the island where you died - while you still keep quests and items you collected there? Seems strange to me.

And even stranger seems the fact that when I reloaded an older (stored away as a zip) savegame from before I even had set  foot on said island, all my prior explorations on this island were there. Are map informations not saved in the save files?

edit: I'm fine if some bucks and some more or less useful items disappear from my inventory. I hope no quest relevant ones?

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Oh man... I died from one of these darn octopusses (or whatever the plural form of these things is) on Ikhlas Atoll. Instinctively I pressed ENTER (because that's what you normally do to get to the menu in such a case) - and found myself teleported back to Salam Island instantly. Now I'm not sure what exactly happened.
Even more important: I cannot say if something is missing from my inventory because I chosed "continue" instead of "load game". What exactly does it?

Thanks. The game is otherwise perfect, but this is a real pain to me.

edit: on returning on the Ikhlas Atoll I notice that the map I earlier compeltely explored has been erased... is that normal? Does "continue" eraze the place you've been prior to your death? What about discoveries, quests? I seem to still have the items I got on the Iklhlas Atoll...

edit2: Ok, the Inn chest seems to have been erased too... arrrgh!

edit3: more areas I've previously visited and throughly explored are erazed on the map. I really begin to lose all motivation to continue on.

edit4: Ok, it gets even stranger: I reloaded a savegame I made prior to my arrival on Akhlos Atoll (I regularly make such emergency savegames). When I now set foot on the said Island, the map is explored, as I left it earlier. How is that possible?

God I'd love to try this game. Alas I'm still utterly unable to use the available Next-emulators. Not tech-savvy enough. :(


Impressive game! Is this the full version (the same I'll get when I purchase the physical edition)? If not - is there a purely digital version available for purchase?

Thank you.

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And I just got it over on Steam today. I'm very happy with my purchase. That's what I call a classic roleplaying experience! And thanks to the original scenario it has a quite unique atmosphere and feeling. What I've played already gives me exactly that feeling of wonder and adventure I knew back in the days (and miss so sorely nowadays), when Might and Magic was still exlusively an RPG-series and Ultima was all the rage. Oh and congratulations to the release by the way!


Oh man, I'm now officially an utter dolt and safe finalist of the "RTFM!"-Award 2023! :D That idiot-me just read the Genesis-Overlay.pdf and obvisouly not the real manual... Thank you for your help.

I look forward to the new version. :)

Thank you again.

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Wait a second - has the game already been released?

Hello. I really adore the graphical design of this game, indeed looks like an original game from the 80ies. Alas I'm a bit at a loss as of how controls work on a keyboard, even with the manual. Is there a list of keys?


Thank you for your reply. I understand. I'll play the game in the originally intended way then. Thanks!

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That's fantastic news! One question: I use MT-32 emulation for years now for my DOS games. I tried to do the same thing I do with every MT-32 game: I unpacked DOSBox (portable) to the directory of The Aching, inserted the two ROM-files and started the game via Gorgon2 > EGA > MT32 and Sound Blaster. Now I hear the MT-32 music (which sounds fantastic by the way) but other sound effects are either missing (the waterfall sound) or distorted (the blowing winds right at the beginning where you see the city far away sound more like some kind of flute... is there a specific configuration I have to use in the DOSBox conf?

Thank you.