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A member registered Oct 26, 2014

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I'm looking forward to the new project page and the first playable build! Until then there is still much work for me to do in Lurking II. ;) The screenshot immediately reminds me of Ultima Underworld. You guys never stop to amaze me. :)

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I really appreciate your dedication for your game, it's always a pleasure to come here and find a new update. :)

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Wonderful! The maps are great! Especially the stitch-map is very useful. Thank you for your work! :)

edit: Wow, thanks to the map I just noticed how MASSIVE your world really is!

Great! I'll print it out then and keep it on the table while playing - just like back in the days of Ultima. :)

Hey, thanks for the update! The manual looks great.

One question: I haven't found a world map (I love these things). Is the world map of Lurking I usable for orientation in Lurking II?

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Hey, I really like what I see here! The movement looks absolutely gorgeous, I'm totally fine with "mid M&M"-style! ;) I'm looking forward to Vermys. :)

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Congratulations to the release guys! I'll throw myself into the game this evening. I restrained myself from playing too much in earlier releases because I wanted to wait for the full release. But I really like what I've played so far! Especially the ultima-esqe eye for details. :)

Ah ok, I understand! Well it's only a minor aesthetic thing.


Looks great! The only thing I don't like so much is the font. I love the more "classic" font you use for Lurking II. I think it would fit perfectly to Lurking I too. But that's only my two cents.


Hello,  I really like the outdoor-screenshot. It looks kind of apocalyptic. :)


great to hear about your progress in L2! It's also great that you'll continue Vermys. There is one thing I totally love in Dungeon Crawlers: Outdoor areas. I especially like the free roaming-areas in the old Might and Magic-games but also the more limited style of Lands of Lore 1 and Wizardry 7. May I ask if there will be such areas?

I would definitively try such a game. I love classic RPGs generally, while Ultima and the early Might and Magics are under my favorites. I'm looking forward to all your projects, Lurking was a fantastic game.

Hey, your game looks lovely, I especially like the perspective. I'll definitively try this out.

I just love this little game! It's a very creative and original application of the AGS-engine, has great playability and a cool atmosphere. I like this even better than the thematically similar Evil Genius. It never leaves my hd. :)

I'm eagerly awaiting the re-release of AToTK - it has been by far one of the most pleasurable and immersive adventure-experiences in my personal gaming history. I'll definitively buy this game on day 1.

Dear Andrea,

Wow, that was a very impressive and genuinely creepy experience! I was literally shaking at trying to find the correct order for every night. The sound design and music are of a really high quality, I'm very impressed. I'll try out your other games too. :)

Thank you and take care,



Thank you for your reply. :) Can you give me your email adress, I'm unable to find it.

Hey there dear developers!

I've got your game on Humble - will you please add the Windows-version there too? I'd love to be able to play the game on my laptop. :)


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I've sent it not as an email (mea culpa!) but via your contact form. I understand there are times things get busy, but I just couldn't understand how we never got an answer on our questions on the forums here. Btw I get automated messages from itch.io by default if anybody answers to any thread I've participated in.

In any case, it's great to have you back! :)

Thank you for your reply! It's good that the game will work with the file from the demo.

I cannot understand Stegosoft, it's as if they don't give a s*** about their game here on itch.io or about their non-Steam-customers. They didn't respond to anything here, not even to an email. In the Steam-forums they are more active it seems, but Steam is a no-go-area for me.

Ara Fell community · Created a new topic Anybody out there?
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not only did I try to ask you here on the forum several times because of the broken download (missing a crucial file to run the game), but I also wrote you an email - alas, there was no answer until today. That was nearly a whole month ago...

I hope you haven't abandoned your itch.io-site and customers...

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Hi Waltorious,

Yes, I did the same, but I'm unsure if it's the proper file or if there are limitations because if's from the demo-version. Could anybody from the team give a clear answer here, please? I hope you'll fix this in the download.

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I've downloaded the recent version of Ara Fell and tried to start it. It gives me the error message

"The required file 'ultimate_rt_eb.dll" could not be found! You might need to reinstall this game"

The earlier version worked without such errors.

I've downloaded the game several times now, but it's still the same.

Can you please help me?

EDIT: the file is definitiely missing in the main download. The demo version has it.

Ah ok, thank you. :)

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Hey, your game looks great! I'd like to play the german version of the game. Is the german version 1.0.4 outdated compared to the english version 1.1.2?

It's really a shame if somebody feels the urge to judge such a creative and artistically beautiful game just because it doesn't share his/her opinions of "diversity". Not every game needs to portray all aspects of social life - it wants to tell a story and it's the developer's poetical freedom to do so.

That said, I just decided to buy the game right now.

This game looks absolutely stunning and the concept sounds fascinating. Wonderful design!

Ara Fell community · Created a new topic Bug thread

I'm really enjoying Ara Fell so far. I've encountered my first nasty bug, so I thought I could open a thread to let you know. If I encounter others, I'll write them down here too.

Bug: On the map "Starway", at the place with the little pond and the water cave (right south of the pirate cave): It is possible to access that cave from land (from right behind the apple tree) - but if you do so, you'll not be able to swim and be stuck between the cave entry and the cave. As you can see, Lita doesn't swim if you access the cave from behind the apple tree and so gets stuck.


It's not causing any real problem. It just tries to start that application - I can click "no" and nothing will happen. It only confuses me, as I never had anything similar with another game. But no damage done, don't worry! ;)

Btw I'm really enjoying Ara Fell so far, I'm glad you finished it. :)



First let me congratulate you to your release. After all these years, it was an absolute instabuy for me.

When I execute your game, it accesses the stealth mode on my Alienware laptop... I've played tons of RPG-Maker-games, but not a single one did behave in such a strange way. Could you please enlighten me as why Ara Fell tries to access Alienware Stealth Mode?