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I made a cassette out of this with the help of tapir and now I'm playing it on a real 128 +2. It's such a great feeling to enjoy this little gem the way it's intended. Such a creative, clever, beautifully realized game! No doubt it would have become an instant classic for the ages back in the 80ies.

Congratulations to the release, Arjon! Can't wait to try it this night after work.

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Yeah, I relied on ZXSpin (or Spectaculator) for years myself. Last year I decided to get a bit of the real hardware in the house - and couldn't stop: I now own a ZX Spectrum 48, ZX Spectrum Plus, ZX81 and a +2 at the moment. A grey +2 (modded for external cassette players) is on the way... :D From time to time there are affordable offers (most offers are way overpriced though). But it's something very different to experience the games on these real machines, more conscious, more fulfilling. And the scene is so lively and active it's a real joy to be part of it.

Thank you for developing that gem!

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Wow, that looks fantastic! I'll try it on my ZX Spectrum + tomorrow. Any chance for a cassette version? I'd love to play it on my 128 +2A.

EDIT: ok, I managed to get it on a real cassette with the help of tapir and my trusty old cassette recorder. Works perfectly fine on my +2!

Hi Bruno, thank you very much! Yes sure, I'll let you know about my experiences in the second playthrough.

Terribly sorry to bother you again - but now, three years later - I'd like to replay SotTR. To my horror I found out that I must have had the files on another HD, so I'm collecting again all about the game. While I have everything to start playing, I'd love to re-read that development article that was on - alas I'm unable to find it. Can you give me a hand here? Thank you!

That's wonderful. I look forward to all of your games. Every single one brings something special and unique on the table. :)

Man, yet another intriguing game I've never heard of! Brillant, can't wait to try it. By the way: How is development of the remakes for Morteville Manor and Murder on the Mississippi going?

Congratulations to the release Huw! It was a long journey, and a fantastic one. I enjoyed following all the many steps from the very early game many years ago. You've invested so much in your game and it shows in every aspect. That's one tremendous piece of work you've accomplished and I salute you for bringing it to to gold release.

By the way: "Ceaser" is still here on the website. ;)

No sweat! Can't wait to fire up my 128 +2 with this stunning game in the tape player. :D

Fantastic! I just made a preorder for the deluxe edition. :)

Can't wait! :)

Wow, can't wait for this one! My Spectrum 128 +2 needs this fantastic game.


Where has the download gone to? I purchased the game for 12 bucks but I'm not able to download it anymore.

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Ingame it's also written "Ceaser" - and in addition Commodus is wrongly written "Commidus".

And a bug: If I examine the Viking shield it gets stuck in the pillar if I stand too close. There seems to be no way to get out ("e" doesn't work).

Looks stunning and I'll definitively give it a try this weekend. One typo: Caesar is correct (not Ceaser).

Thanks. I don't need a Steam key if the game gets the updates here as well. If it doesn't, I'll just pester you again. ;) Cheers!

Hi. Yes please. Thanks.

Is this game dead? I paid good money for it and you are still selling it but it seems there is nothing going on here. On Steam I read there have been updates. Is that true? If so, why are there no updates here? Please do explain.

What a stunningly looking game (and gal)! Fantastic work, I'll immediately purchase it. Does it have a save function/password system or is it intended to be played in one sit? (If so I'd play it on the Pocket Go S30 instead of the original hardware - I like savestates). Anyway, congratulations to this very impressive release. :)

What an experience! I just started the game today and I'm already utterly astonished by what has been created here. The atmosphere is tremendously strong, the whole art design is brillant and utterly unique, the soundtrack is brillant and has that strange 80ies vibe to it which I love. And the story premise is so interesting and engageing too. I'll give my full opinion after I've finished it. But as of now I feel enormously fascinated by this game as it's something very special.

I already ordered it yesterday. Can't wait to delve into it. :)

Yeah, it's the combination of both that makes the game so very motivating. I feel like a battlemage "hakking" and "kasting" my way through these beautifully varied dungeons and their horrifying inhabitants. Thank you for creating this extraordinaire experience!

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Ok, it has to be said quite frankly: That's a damn fine game you've got here! I'm in the second dungeon and feel brillantly entertained. I love the graphical design and the music track is just spot on. Gameplay is both easy to grasp and challenging in a very good way. The magic system spices the hack and slash up in a very motivating manner (nothing is more satisfying then to freeze your enemies and hack them to pieces). Overall Hakkenkast (what an ingenious name by the way!) is a remarkably well rounded, balanced, clever, accessible game that's enormously satisfying to play. One of the best Speccy games I've played in a long, long time without any doubt. And for the price it's a real steal.

Congratulations to  this great achievement!

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I just ordered the cassette version of this game after having tried the free version on emulator. This is pure art! Tremendously well done!


What a lovely looking game! Alas I'm - once again - unable to emulate it in ZEsarUX (10.1): I opened ttblue.mmc with winImage and copied the folder under games/next. When I start the emulator and go to said folder and try to execute "King of Anglers.bas" the only thing I get is a black screen. :(

That's an awesome achievement! I used to play the game back in the old Win 3.1 days. Is there a chance for a download of this version here?

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Thank you very much Stefan. :)

I own the boxed version and very much enjoyed playing it on my TheC64 Maxi. 

The music of this version is just perfect! Alas I have to admit that I prefer the "classic" non-p&c controls (I find them much more efficient). Is there a chance the classic C64-version can be updated to feature the great soundtrack too?

Perfect! :)

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Neat! Congrats to the release Max! Will there ever be a simple download version to purchase?

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Goddamn, that "no-snake" made me scream in utter terror like a little girl.

What a marvelous achievement, I'm really astonished about how you managed to create that 3D-effect but still keep the overall feel and aesthetics of the original game. Tremendous work! I look forward to play it.

Ah ok, I understand. Thank you for the information!

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Something didn't work unfortunately: I copied my savegames from 1.6.4 to the 1.6.5 folder. Now only the savegames up to savegame number 10 are available for loading. The others are blank. I checked for the additional savegames but they are activated. It's as if it doesn't import them.

edit: I helped myself by saving the latest game on a savegame position lower than number 10 in 1.6.4 and imported the savegame folder again in 1.6.5. I don't know what it was but at least now I have my savegame back.

I'll definitively stay tuned! :)

Perfect, thank you. I only just finished the original Ambermoon (in WinUAE) some months ago but your version is just such an enhancement on so many levels I just started another playthrough last week. :)


Thank you for your continued support and work on this most magnificent remake. Your dedication is a real inspiration.

One question: I started the game on 1.6.4 and would like to continue my savegame. Is there trouble to be expected if I use my savegame from 1.6.4 in this new version 1.6.5?

Thank you again!

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Thank you so much for your reply. And you may officially call me an idiot now... I wasn't aware that the qaop-buttons don't have a function during the first level. I never played further. Now I see that it works perfectly from level 2 on. Sorry I have made such a fuss. But thank you very much for yet another creative, beautiful, unique game experience! I love what you do.