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I understand. And just now I learned that Morteville Manor indeed had voice synthesis, I always thought Maupiti has pioneered with this technology... Anyway, as for me, I'd also have no problem if there was only text. As with all your remakes I can't wait to play this one. :)

Real voice acting? Not the kind of speech synthesis Maupiti Island used? I ask because I imagine it's difficult to find real voice actors and to bringt it all together. It would be great, naturally, but if you struggle to find enough people I'd suggest using such a method as in Maupiti Island.

By the way: I only just realized that my name is under the sponsors. I feel honored! :)

Congratulations! :)

Thank you for continuing on creating such marvelous games for the Speccy! :)

Another excellent game from ZXBITLES. The possibility to wreck havoc on the environment, tear down towers, destroy walls and trees, ist wonderful. Capture the flag in team with an AI is quite difficult but also very rewarding. I yet have to play it against a human opponent but I don't doubt it'll be some glorious fun. I really appreciate the possibility to chose which powerups will be in the game and which wont.

Beautiful graphical style! You are improving with every game. Can't wait! :)

Wonderful! Thanks! =)


If I play on the TheC64 Maxi but use a disk image to save (not the savestates) can I simply change from 1.01 to 1.02 and continue playing?


Whaaat?! That's a surprise, but a pleasurable one! One of my most anticipated games in the last years! I can't express how happy I am right now! =) Congratulations to the release Sarah! :)

Thank you for the fixes (although I didn't encounter the issues myself yet - that darn fat guy in the kitchen is holding me up...)! So the save games are compatible? That's great. :) And I can only repeat me: This game has a strong and tight atmosphere, I love it!

No better date than Halloween for the release of this lovely game. :D

I noticed that there have been no updates since February but if the full release is at hands that's fantastic news. :)

Ah yes, now I met him. :) That's a very strong atmosphere you created in this game, I'm very impressed. It really feels exactly like the kind of 90ies horror games I loved. Graphics and sound - everything fits perfectly. I'm very much enjoying Alisa. :)

Maybe a stupid question, but how do you save the game?

Wow, that's great news! Congratulations to the release. Take my money! :D

Wow, I totally forgot about your lovely game for a whole year. And there has been quite some development since when I last checked. I couldn't resist any longer and had to buy it today. :) By the way, it's a pleasure to see how passionately dedicated you are to your game and how you constantly improve it. And it's great to see that you update it regularly here on itch too (not only on Steam like some other devs do).

Such a wonderful, unique and original game idea! I love it! The puzzle design is very clever and creative, the graphcis are simply beautiful. I play it on my Pocket GO S30 and I'm having a blast with it. Well done!

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There was a download some months ago. Unfortunately when they got a publisher for a physical version, they removed it here. I purchased it and can't download it anymore myself... and the publisher doesn't offer digital versions either :(

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Is there no DRM-free version planned? I purchased the Steam version in hope that it doesn't use Steamworks DRM (many devs sell their games on Steam DRM-free). Unfortunately it does.

I appreciate it! :)

I'm sure it won't. I already greatly enjoyed the earliest version years ago.

I did my holy duty, not a second of hesitation. :D

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I already purchased the game on Steam after having downloaded the free version from your website many times over the years and now I purchased the game here too. I really admire your dedication and your tireless will to perfect this wonderful game even after all these years. Unreal World is a very unique game and has a unparallelled depth and freedom. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to support your work.

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I just noticed I wrote "Rad" instead of "Red"... too much red wine for me this lunch I guess... ;)

I love "the infiltrating"! It's such a cool twist being the weird alien parasite and using its different powers. And the puzzle design begins easy but becomes more and more difficult and demands quite some thinking. I'm not completely finished yet and had to take a break (real life issues...) but be assured that I'll give you that feedback in the near future. :)

An excellent game, it basically feels like a 80ies version of Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager. Very unique and clever and a masterpiece of programming. It has a lasting place in my collection. Can't wait for your next projects!

Can't wait! Your Rad Raid trilogy was a fantastic experience (especially part three which was utterly ingenious!). :)

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No sweat, my good man! Good things often take time. I'm very happy you haven't given up on this very original idea. Can't wait to lead my own tribe of rodents. =)

These news made my day! Wonderful, I look very much forward to purchase this unique game!

Yes, I began playing the third part. What a great narrative twist! I very much enjoy it, and it's quite puzzle heavy with the different abilities. I'm astonished how every one of these three games is different in gameplay from the others and still keeps the overall tone.

I just finished The Sinking. Compared to the first game it's more on the short side but a very enjoyable experience ! I like the fact that the first part is more on the adventure and exploration side and the second action. I'll continue with The Infiltration. :)

Thank you! :)

I just began playing. Is it intentional that there is a (invisible) hole two steps left from the three seats both northwards and at the southern wall?

I'll play them all, that's for sure! :) I'll begin playing the next part of the trilogy today. Which one is part 2?

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That's a damn fine game! Lovely graphics, clever gameplay, a great mix between action and puzzle. It's so incredibly satisfying to use the environment to defeat enemies. Well done! :) I also tried the Android version but I think the controls work much better on a real keyboard than on touchscreen.

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Just purchased and downloaded! But I wait with playing until it's properly dark outside. :)

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That's wonderful to hear! I can't wait so I'll buy it here on itch as soon as it's available. :) One shy question: Do you intend to treat the version the same way as the Steam version? I don't want to imply anything at all, but I've become a bit cautious since unfortunately I made the experience that there are some devs out there that tend to neglect their games on all other platforms other than Steam after release. It's no problem if the release of updates to the itch-version takes a bit longer (I know the procedures to update games are much easier to handle on Steam) but some games have basically been abandoned here.

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Wow, the game is really fully released? I'll purchase it as soon as I find the purchase option (where has it gone? Yesterday it was still here)! Congratulations to the release! :D

Congratulations to the release! Can't wait to try it on my Pocket GO S30. =)

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Wonderful! I'd also gladly pay for a downloadable version. :)

Fantastic artstyle! Is there a chance for a downloadable version? I really like to keep such extraordinaire games. :)