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What an ingenious game! I really enjoy it. It captures the fun and tension of LG's masterpiece indeed - that's what I call a well made "demake"!

Hello! I really admire the beautiful style of your art and very much enjoyed the demo you provide here on I see that you sell your game only on Steam. Are there any plans to sell it DRM-free anytime? Or is the Steam-version itself DRM-free? In other words: If I purchase the Steam-version will I be able to play your game without the Steam-client running? Thank you!

I will, be assured! Such incredibly beautiful pixel-art deserves some of my hard earned coins! ;)

Wonderful to hear that your game is on track! I'm really looking forward to play it. That will be a day1-purchase for me. Godspeed! :)

What a great project! I already like this version better than the original game on PSX! Absolutely beautiful. Nothing beats a properly made isometric game! :)

God in heaven, seriously man! You are a one-man-army! Just tell me how this magic works! So much new stuff again! :O

I love your enthusiasm! Always a pleasure to follow your developments. From all "early access"-games I own this is the one I value most - by far. There is just so much content in the game already and so much added with every update... unbelievable. Well then, godspeed for this second Develop-a-thlon, I'll watch it closely! ;)

Works like a charm now! Thanks!

I know what you mean, I never touched Galaxy myself and it took years until I installed the Steam client (and only because I heard that many indie developers sell their games on Steam without integrated DRM). But yes, try to get it on GOG. They have become a bit snobby and picky as of late however, refusing some really great titles while rolling out the red carpet for all kinds of more or less questionable "casual games". Anyway, you should try it. As your game is already very well fleshed out, looks and feels absolutely in the vein of the classics AND they sell your main inspiration Laura Bow they simply have to accept it ... or else! ;)

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Hello @Dragos Pusca

I just purchased and installed your game. When I try to start it, it gives me an error message about "steam_api.dll" not found.

Thank you for your help!

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Hey! Thank you for writing them - and for the free geology lessons! ;)
I really like as a platform as it feels much more open and free than GOG and Steam. I've heard it's also very developer-friendly. And, as a friend of DRM-free, I always prefer a good old-fashioned download method that doesn't force its own client on me. :) I think it's a great idea to have your game both on and on Steam.

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Wonderful to see your game appearing here on itch too, Julia! I'm following your project for quite some time now and I really look forward to the final game. You work on The Crimson Diamond with so much care and dedication it's a real pleasure following it via the newsletters. Godspeed and all the best!

Wow, the screenshots look delicious, the sci-fi-scenario sounds intriguing and the description makes me want to play it right away. I look forward to your new game! Btw may I ask how things are with Lurking III? I really love the 3D-screens you've published so far. :)

Congratulations to the release Marion! I really like the graphical style you've created here. You use the backgrounds and characters in a way the whole game seems very organic and not at all like a patchwork of different styles. Your games are always something special and unique and this one is no exception. Well done!

Thank you for informing me, I'll download and try it asap! :)

Thank you for your reply @haridira! That's wonderful, I look forward to the updated demo! Godspeed with the full release! :)

Wow! Your game looks exactly like the style of game I'm craving for. It reminds me of the (sadly cancelled) exceptional AGS-game "Journey of Iesir". And, certainly, of MI 3 and Gilbert Goodmate. I really like the character design and the voice acting is very fitting. The only thing I missed was some more detail animations: For example in the tavern the two guys could move now and then. I'd also wish for more eye blinking (I really like it on the main character). These are tiny details, but after playing "Journey of Iesir" I like such details and as your game looks very high-class I just wanted to mention it as a suggestion. Anyway, I look forward to updates about development. And I'll most definitively purchase your game on release. Good luck! :)

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Hi! I just purchased your game here again (I already own it on Steam for some years now) to support your incredibly ambitious project and your dedication to continuously improve it. And indeed it gets better and better with every update and has become one of my favourites. I look forward to every new version. I wish you all the best with Warsim, I really hope it gets the attention it deserves.

:O I want this game now, can't wait! ;)

Wow, this game looks and sounds very unique and fascinating! I just downloaded the demo and will definitively try it very soon. Good luck with your project!

Your game looks just incredibly beautiful and has a unique style! That's what I call perfect pixel art!

Wonderful to hear! I'll try it soon, thanks! :)

Looks really gorgeous and unique, but as my fellow poster already said, the game isn't here.

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Absolutely stunning screenshots with strong Gabriel Knight-vibes. Really well done, I'll play it soon. Thank you for your work!

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Thank you for doing what you do! :) I'm very happy you won't stop with it soon. Your dedication is really inspiring. Many of these lousy so called "AAA"-developers should take an example from you.

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Your work is just incredible. I follow you here and on Steam (I own your game over there) for quite some time now and I'm again and again totally intrigued and amazed of what you do. I imagine you put thousands of hours in your game and it definitively shows. All the content you add and all the adjustments and improvements you make are just phenomenal for me to witness. I don't comment very often but I'm always observing and it's a pleasure to read about every new update. Fantastic work, your game is a class of its own!

Wow, that was fast! Thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much, I look forward to the update. :)

Hey, thank you very much for your reply! It's not that the voices were bad - on the contrary, they seem very fitting and I'm sure full voice acting would be fantastic. But to have them pop up now and then feels confusing for me, especially as there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern of when they appear (I remember some RPGs where only the first sentence is spoken out, due to memory restrictions. It's less distracting there for me because I know it's always at the beginning of a dialogue). Unfortunately it indeed hampers the immersion for me, so I would really appreciate it if you could integrate an option to disable the voices completely. Thank you and have a great day! :)

Hello @Sinking Sheep

I just purchased your game and I really like your graphical style, well done! One thing that is irritating me however are the voices: Is it normal that only now and then a single sentence is voiced? I find that really distracting. If that's indeed the normal situation and not some bug would there be a way to completely disable voices?

Thank you and all the best! :)

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That's wonderful to hear, then I'll buy it on Steam. :)

edit: Done. ;)

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Congrats to the release, I was watching the development of your game for some time now and it's always great to see the golden "1.0" coming out! I'm interested in purchasing your game here but I see the price is significantly higher than on Steam. I'd prefer buying it here because I don't like DRM - may I ask if the Steam-version is DRM-free? (in other words: can I play the game without the client running in the background?)

Very well made little game with a wonderful c64-atmosphere and challenging gameplay! I really like it, well done! :)

Ok I understand, thanks for your reply! Then I'll simply wait for the DRM-free version. Have a great day! :)

Beautiful pixelart and a very interesting and unique setting! I'm looking forward to give it a try soon. :)

Ah ok, I understand, thank you. Unfortunately I'm quite oldfashioned and like my games offline. But in that case I'll simply purchase another game from your interesting collection, simmiland. Thanks! :)

Looks really cute. Is there a way to play it solo (against bots or something like that) or is it stricty multiplayer?

Hi! Does the Steam-version require the Steamclient to run the game or can I play it without the client after downloading? If so I consider buying your very fascinating game on Steam right now instead of waiting for the itch-release (as it would be basically DRM-free). Anyway, good luck and congratulations to the release!

No problem, then I'll wait. :)