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Wonderful to see how your game evolves! I played a very early version some months ago and will try the new one today. May I ask if there are plans for a basic save-function to be implemented?

I can confirm the mentioned bug: For me it happens almost everytime I use the "see"-option with the Aleph. If I change location after doing that, I get stranded in a mountainous region where I can't move, only leave the screen - to end in another mountainous region without a possibility to move. When I load an earlier savegame, it tends to crash first, after the second attempt it works again. It seems to happen only if I use the "see"-opiton.

Thank you for your fast reply! I've only played a little bit so I'm sure I'm not even scratching the surface of your game. By the way: I totally admire your art and was browsing through your resource packs. They are without any doubt the most professional I've ever seen. They evoke the heydays of the RPG-genre. I wondered if there is a list of games using them.

I love the strong Ultima-vibes I get from your game, very beautiful atmosphere, the soundtrack is perfect and graphically it's very well done. The only (tiny) thing I don't like very much is the running-speed - it's too slow for my taste.  Apart from that minor aspect it's an interesting and engaging game with a very classic feeling so far. I'm a fan of your games generally and this one is no exception.


thank you for your reply! In that case I'm looking forward to the arrival of the update. :)

Have a nice day!


I really like the look and the description of your game and I'm eager to give it a try. However I'm quite old-fashioned so I wanted to ask you if there is a way to download your game? Call it a quirk of mine but to fully appreciate a game I have to be able to have it on my hd, just like in the days of old. ;)

Thanks and all the best!

Wow, that looks stunningly beautiful and very mysterious. Thank you, I'll try it soon.

Thank you very much, that's very kind of you! :)

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Hey, I love the aesthetics of your remake!

Is there a way to download your games (I'm a bit old-fashioned and like my games offline, so I'd really love to download your three games).

I love it! It feels exactly like a game from back in the heydays of the genre but is at the same time very playable (imho much more so than the old Wiz 7 which seems to be Grimoire's main influence). Be warned though: The game is hard as nails and will need some time to get into but after that it opens a world full of wonders, intricate puzzles and great possibilities. It's a modern classic in my opinion.

Glad to hear it! I'm looking forward to your developments! :)

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Hey there,

are you still working on your projects? I sure hope so. You belong to my favourite indie game devs, after the plesaure I had (and still have) with Lurking 1 & 2, so I crave for more. :)


I agree with Petross: Great job, I love your game! It's really addicting and well made. I don't even own a C64 myself but find it just marvelous what interesting games you guys are able to realize on that platform.


congratulations to the release! :) The new "menu-sound" is much better, well done! I like the signposts more than the green blobs. I'm also looking forward to the new transition style. I'll try the game this evening. :)

By the way: Is there a way to contact you per email?

Thanks and have a nice day!

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for me, an automatic transition would be a good idea, because it enhances the feeling of exploration (and not being held by the hand). If a discrete visual indicator (like the green blob or a substitute) for scene changes is there, I don't think people will accidentally leave a location as they can clearly see where it ends. I find it a very good idea to make the name of the location appear on the screen itself and then slowly fade away. It makes the whole experience much more "dynamic" and authentic without a "press y or n"-window in my opinion.

I know and own Teudogar for years! I played both paths and liked the game for what it is but found it extremely short and a bit disappointing, to be honest. Maybe we've already met in the RPGCodex-forums? I regularly visit the thread over there to mourn about the (now obviously lost) Darghul-remake. :)

edit: Just checked. Well, "regularly" is a relative term - I noticed my last visit was back in 2017.  ;)

I'm glad you offer the game here too, I purchased it right away. I love the atmosphere you've created, it feels genuinely classic. Cheers!

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Hey there,

I purchased the EA-version of your game yesterday and so far I like what I see! I especially like those crisp and sharp graphics and the evocative music. Really well done! There are only some things I don't like:

1. The sound effect when I press escape to get into the menu. It sounds so totally out of place, like a very cheap RPG-Maker-standard-efffect. Could you change that to something more fitting to the setting? For example the sound of a kithara would fit perfectly.

2. Another thing I don't like is the message before leaving a place (where you have to press "y" or "n"). It feels anti-immersive for me to get such a message while exploring a mythic land. Is it necessary gameplaywise?

3. The last thing I pondered on are the green blobs which mark transitions from one scene to another. While they are not terribly obtrusive, they still don't perfectly fit in my opinion. I'd prefer an actual in-world-element to mark transitions - for example a signpost or a stone.

I know I'm quite nitpicking with these things. ;) Richard Garriott is responsible for that: My favourite RPG is still the old Ultima VII, because in this game all gameplay elements are actual parts of the gameworld and nothing hinders immersion.

Anyway, these are just my two cents. Thank you, I'm looking forward to the final release! :)

Absolutely, the short glimpse is the introduction of Lisa, it creates much of the tension of the whole game. Roaches would be great (Laczowskis remake, here on too, has them) and footsteps would be great, but Lisas appearence is the most important in my opinion.

Indeed, this very short glimpse of her hand and face was enough to make my blood freeze. It was a great part of the almost perfect pacing of the original. I really hope there is a way to implement that. Maybe the developers of the other recreations could help out. I can live without the cockroaches, but this scene is important in a narrative sense in my opinion.

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That's really impressive, the game get's better and even more authentic! The only thing I still dearly miss is Lisa at the bathroom door, she was the most intense scare I experienced in the original. It would perfect your great work, which is already far superior to all the other PT-remakes (most of those I played had the bathroom door-scene in). Thank you again for your dedication! :)

A massive achievement! Tense gameplay with fantastic controls, graphics, music and great performance. Upgradeable equipment, different special abilities, interesting story. A great game indeed, very playable and totally worth the money.

A fantastic and very authentic recreation indeed! As others mentioned, I also miss the appearance of Lisa at the bathroom door most. What I've had the pleasure to play is so great I really hope you'll continue to perfect this already enormously impressive recreation. Thank you for your dedication! :)

Wonderful! I'll stay tuned!

Fantastic news! I'm totally looking forward to the open beta! :)

Very interesting, the screenshots look wonderful. I'll try the demo soon.

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Hi, I just bought your game. Unfortunately it won't start properly: The game seems to open in the background, I hear the crystal-shard-"hymn" but nothing more happens. the game appears on the taskbar but if I click on it, there only appears a black square in the left corner of my screen and my mouse pointer get's "captured". If I push a button, the music changes but I'm not able to see anything.

I really liked your 2007-version of the game - strange enough this quite ancient version (which I still have) works without any problems.

Win 7, AMD Radeon 5800.

edit: on my other pc (an ancient Alienware m17x) it works.

I'm really looking forward to Rat Pack! I loved the competition-version. The whole idea and setting is so refreshingly unique! :)

Hi there Dave!

Indeed, we just have to accept it I guess. ;)

I finished TDSotM yesterday night and found it a very satisfying experience overall. In some situations I didn't know what to do to progress further, but most puzzles were fine for me. Graphics fitted very well, sound and music were just perfect for me. I also liked the fact that the game concentrates almost the whole narration on the main map and that there is much to discover. And I just love that character of Captain Disaster, I'm really happy I still have DHAMSB to play. May I ask if you plan future games in the same vein?

Hi dear developers,

I've just bought your game here, but I see that on Steam there seems to be a newer version out, the 1.8.20 beta with bugs fixed and additional features. Could you update the game here on itch too please? Thanks!

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Man you're fast! :O Thank you for the walkthrough, I didn't know it exists. I won't bother you any longer, I swear. ;) Get well soon! :)

edit: btw I feel like the last idiot on earth finding the walkthrough link just in the other thread of this forum... good god, I'm getting old.

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The cheesy voice acting is one of my favourite parts in both games! :)

Well, I'm still clueless about what to do. I talked with Floyd about everything. I've collected the stuff in the hotel rooms but I don't know what to do with it. The only remaining mysteries (as far as I can guess) are the Bjork-cube (the slot), the large hole in the south-eastern part of the map and Mr. French-accent-guy in his green force field. I'm terribly sorry to bother you again and again - but I don't think there is a written walkthrough somewhere (I haven't found any).

Indeed, that was it! God in heaven, I totally missed these buttons... but, as I'm quite embarassed to confess, I still don't know what to do against that french-accented bastard in the glowing forcefield-circle. I screamed at him with the megaphone but the guy still doesn't take me seriously... I'll try again this evening, but I'm thankful for every tiny hint. ;)

By the way: I really enjoy these games, I especially love voice and dialect of the hero. Absolutely hilarious! :D I hope there are more games in the pipeline. :)

 Alas it doesn't help, I'm terribly sorry: The widget-thing is behind the closed hotel-room-door, out of my reach. I have no idea how to open the door to the room I don't have a card and all inventory items don't do anything... either I'm really stupid and am missing something very basic or I'm officially lost on this darn moon. ;)

Hey, thanks for your fast reply!

Yes, I've already constructed the flying hand (and I'm mighty proud of it) but I don't have a keycard or anything for the hotel-rooms. What mysterious button are you referring to?

Indeed I'm in dire need for a hint, my good man! I don't have a clue how to get into the hotel rooms - I guess I'm near the grande finale with the Maestro - he is sitting behind his fancy glimmering force field, mocking me in a most impertinent way. I've managed to assemble the flying hand. Oh and I still don't know what to do with the Bjork-cube-slot.

This game looks so awesome! I've also played the MAGS-version and find the whole setting and idea really fascinating and absolutely unique. By the way, I'm enjoying CD: DHAMSB right now and boy do I like it! :D

Your game looks really beautiful and sounds very fascinating. Does it run on Win Vista? I ask because Along the Edge didn't (at least for me).

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These new outdoor-pictures are fantastic! I'm really looking forward to play your game.

I'm looking forward to the new project page and the first playable build! Until then there is still much work for me to do in Lurking II. ;) The screenshot immediately reminds me of Ultima Underworld. You guys never stop to amaze me. :)

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I really appreciate your dedication for your game, it's always a pleasure to come here and find a new update. :)