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You are welcome!

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Thank you for your reply - alas I have to admit I'm quite old-fashioned in these things, a good old download is no option I guess?

edit: ah ok, now I understand, the game isn't released yet. I just wishlisted it. :)

Looks gorgeous! Unfortunately I have no mobile to play it. Is there a chance for a Windows-version? Protoraider was awesome by the way!

Wonderful to hear! Godspeed!

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It's always a pleasure to see how the game develops, slowly but steadily. I like the new title song, it sounds very roland mt-32-like.

I like the mysterious trailer and really hope your game gets the attention it deserves. I look forward to the release. :)

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I enjoy playing your game so far (even if I have no clue about what to do with these darn goblins and with the information on the skull) and find the graphical design choice very interesting and appealing. Well done! I'd suggest to add some more sound effects though, especially ambient sounds could enhance the atmosphere even more: The sound of the flowing river water (which looks lovely by the way!), of birds in the woods, decent background sounds in the village or the sound of crackling fire (just to give some examples).

Interesting read! And I really admire your art design, it looks both classic and unique. The characters are absolutely adorable!

Hello Cleve, thank you for this unique experience! I finally managed to finish the game and I'm still under it's impression, weeks later. It's definitively one of the most profound gaming experiences I ever had (I wrote you an email about my final thoughts some weeks ago, right after I finished the game).  I already wrote a review on Steam, back in June if I remember correctly. The name is Wolfram_von_Weissenthal.

Ah ok, thanks for the hint!

Wonderful! :) I just had a real blast with "Drone Drop", a really funny, well executed and original little game. I also wanted to try "Back to Computer" (a lovely looking game!) but was unable to get out of the main menu and into a new game. Is there a trick to achieve that?

Anyway, thank you for these games, I already look forward to the next updates. :)

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Interesting collection and concept! That piratey-game on the screenshots looks especially interesting, will it be added to the collection in the near future?

Wow, that stuff is what I call nightmare fuel. :O

Wow, just looking at those screenshots makes me feel veeery uneasy... in a similar way the (original) SCP:CB does (this strange mixture of sterile science and uncontrollable horror). I have to try this game, thank you for your work!

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Indeed I'm always lurking around in these corners of the internet. ;) I'm a terribly lazy beta-tester, but be assured: your rodent-simulator will be a day1-purchase for me. :) I'm glad you're working on it again!

Wonderful, thank you very much! :)

Looks lovely! I really like the whole idea of your game, very unique!

No answer after 14 days? So no key, I guess.

Thank you for the info! I assume you'll also release the game DRM-free on itch? I'm very old-fashioned in these things, you have to know. ;)

Wonderful, I'll stay tuned! :)

Shiver me timbers! It's as if one can smell the gentle breeze of the Carribean sea and hear the whispering waves on these screenshots. Why on earth are there so few developers who use these resources? Most of them seem to stick to the rather ugly and boring standard resources. I really don't understand that fact. I love that tremendous kraken-beast by the way!

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I don't create games myself (so I can only comment from an aesthetic viewpoint), but if you'll ever release a commercial game with your art I'll be the first to purchase it.

And another pack of masterfully crafted resources. Great god, you never stop to amaze me with your magic. Beautiful!

Thanks for making such a gem! :)

That looks and sounds fascinating! I'll make sure to give it a try. Thank you!

I really like your graphics, everything looks very unique. Well done!

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This game is a massive achievement on the ZX Spectrum! If you liked Theme Park, you'll love this one too. It's incredible how this game uses all the very limited power of this ancient computer to create a unique strategy game. I was constantly amazed by the many details this game has to offer: There will happen crazy things in your park (like gokarts running wild in the park and ramming other visitors!). An incredibly well done game for many hours of fun and pleasure. It works perfectly with ZXSpin.

Wonderful to hear! That may be a bit early but would you allow me to ask if you'll also sell it here on Or if you intend to sell the game on Steam without Steamworks-DRM? I'm one of these grumpy old anti-DRM-geezers, you have to know... ;)

I just purchased a copy for myself. I have to say your art design is wonderful and the concept sounds mysterious and unique at the same time. And the community-copy-idea is a kind and generous gesture I really like to support. :)

Glad to hear it! I just wanted to make sure I play the real deal. ;)


Your game looks awesome so I just purchased it. The download is named "BETA Windows" - shouldn't it be the release version 1.0?

Hey there! How are things going? I just wanted to say again how eagerly I anticipate your game and wish you godspeed!

That looks so unique and charming! Alas I don't speak your language... are there still chances for an english version?

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What happened to this beautiful game? I remember seeing some screenshots of it years ago and totally fell in love to the wonderful artstyle - and now I found it here serendipitously while browsing through the P&C-section. Dear developers, please tell me that this beautiy is still in the making!

What a lovely and pleasurable game! I really enjoy it, it's a peaceful and very fulfilling experience. Well done!

A very polished and well made game, I remember it fondly. Good to have it here so it can attract a wider audience.

When I read "Mesopotamia" in my feed I already hoped for a download version. Anyway, it looks lovely as ever. I'll wait for the download version before I'll play it though.

What a charming and rich collection of games! I'm especially happy to find Mountain Maniac in the collection. MM is one of my most pleasurable gaming memories, I always wanted to own an offline version. That game alone is worth five hard earned bucks to me. And all the other games... just a lovely collection well worth the price. Thanks!

Same problem here, I can't purchase it through PayPal. I'd purchase it on your website but it's not the same price there.

Wow, that comes as a surprise! Thank you for your hard work, I'll try it very soon.