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Hello! Thank you for playing!

Yeah, I know, having to visit the same shop over and over again to buy more than one Item is pretty exhausting, I will definitely fix that in the future. And auto unequipping the item is a great idea, it would make it much easier. Thanks for the suggestions!

As for the savegame location, I believe it's somewhere in C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local but I'll double check on my computer at home tonight (I'm typing from my phone at the moment).

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Just out of curiosity when you recover something (I will try to avoid spoilers for my fellow gamers ;-)) from the first dungeon and you have a choice whether to give to someone important at the town does the choice you make affect the location that you found yourself after or the npc that join you? I choose to give what I have recovered in my case.

Ah! Well, sometimes choices are choices, sometimes choices are the illusion of choice, and often a diverging path might be different, but the result would be similar for practical purposes. :)