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Good writing!


I love everything about this.

I went to bed early and forgot to update the jam page, my apologies * facepalm *

The optional theme is TAROTS.

They're permitted! I have updated the rules to make this clear.

Good suggestion!

Here it is:

Blade is technically a half vampire, so I say Blade-like heroes can be a part of this jam.Vampires kill each other all the time, but they are rarely represented as mindless creatures like zombies. When they kill each other is for matter of politics, power, or love.

The rule basically means "give players a vague motivation for killing vampires, don't make it a mere power fantasy". How you interpret it is up to you!
Also this jam doesn't have judges, so I can't really stop you from disregarding the rules anyway. Go on. Live your best life. Rebelling to society is part of being a vampire, after all.

aww, thank you! 

Glad you enjoyed the demo! 

Thanks for the suggestions. And yeah, we know the bartering part is currently the roughest part of the demo, we're working to add more skills/make it more interesting for the final release!

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Hello! Just passing to say that the version doesn't seem to work for me (I use Windows 10).
I tried both downloading it through the site and the app, and in both cases the .exe gave me the following error:

Failed to initialize player
Failed to load PlayerSettings (internal index #0).
Most likely data file is corrupted, or built with mismatching
editor and platform support versions.

I redeemed my Steam key and the Steam version works fine though! I managed to play with my flatmate and we both enjoyed the game a lot <3 good work!

Thanks for notifying me! Itch doesn't allow to make a  game page without uploading a game to play (DUH), so I just embeded a tiny, empty web page to bypass the system .  Will think of an alternate solution.

Hello pals!
I can't put my game on Itch, since I built it with a web platform called Storynexus, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Hope I'm not going against any rule or idk. Consider it a jam entry, if just in spirit.


A short narrative experience about being a small indie dev in a big conv and trying to survive the usual whirlwind of  networking, games and booze. 

The game contains various opportunity for the player character to sit down and play a game, and I'd like to fill those moments with YOUR games!
Got something playable you'd like to share with the world (possibly web-based)? Give it to me and I'll put a link to it in my game. Hopefully it will help you get a handful of views.

You can click on the arrows icon on the bottom-right corner to play in full screen! Hope it helps :3


Nice concept! I enjoyed it but have two issues:

- Presentation can be improved: the brown background is not very appealing!

- The idea is fun but the hard level is almost unplayable: I can't drag the emoji out of an envelope if there's another one nearby. Trying to free the space, I often end up destroying unopened letters instead. The situation quickly gets messy.

Keep up with the good work!

Very polished and with a fun mechanic/concept.

My only nitpick: since the other assets are so clean, I wouldn't have used a pixellated background . But overall, great style!

It's amazingly stupid.

I like it.

Neat concept and graphics!

Would have liked to have some clues about combinations (like mastermind ), because at the moment the easiest way to complete the game is just to repeatedly click on the same icon until you get a match.

Thanks ArchBang, it should be fixed now! I'm sadly not a native speaker, so typos and small errors are the bane of my existence ;_;

This looks so polished! The music, the graphics, the gameplay - everything is top-notch. However, I have to agree with ProfesorMunchies: it's a bit cumbersome to play. It works well with only a button, but it would be comfier with a more traditional control scheme.

If you decide to expand the game, I'll definitely keep an eye on it!

Neat little idea. It looks so stylish!

I like the concept and the mechanics are interesting, but the game is confusing and I can't really understand what I'm doing. Maybe add a tutorial with examples?

Hectic and stylish game, reminds me of Super Hexagon! I found the rate of fire a bit too slow, but maybe I'm just rubbish at this game.

Oooh, I saw this on Twitter! It's really nice and polished.

My only minor gripe is that it seems a little too luck-based - it's difficult to plan your moves since you can see new obstacles only by jumping, and when you jump is often too late to change direction and avoid stuff. Best strategy seems to be taking it slowly, but this kinda kills the fun...

Nooooo, it's incomplete!

It looked promising, but it's too short to be commented. For now I can only say that it seems interesting, and that the text is sometimes a little too thin.

Keep up with the good work.

Woah! This looks so polished. The game is fun, the art is stylish, and the palette swapping is a really nice touch.

I like it :3

The concept is funny, but I felt the eerie artstyle clashed with the silly story.

I didn't understand the need to obtain different resources, tbh. However, your words are beautiful.

Alchool and space are two of my favourite things ever. Therefore, I like this game. Another!

Really solid game, congratulations! This really has the potential to become a full-fledged videogame.
My only minor gripe: character is very pale and often meshes mesh with the background. Adding a darker outline would greatly improve visibility :)

The mock mayan atmosphere really gives this game personality! The incredibly serious commentator voice is also hilarious.

Nice work :3

Gave me a good laugh. Thanks for the silliness!

The controls page was a nice touch.

The concept is really fun, it reminds me a bit of the oO game. Nice way to use one single button to do multiple actions, and it could work wery well on a smartphone!

The level design is proving to be a little frustrating - it's really easy to get stuck, with one wrong jump the ball often stops moving. Circles also suffers from this: enter them when you're too slow, and you won't have enough momentum to get flung forward.

I think this could become a nice full-fledged game, the concept is great - the game just needs more levels and a little more polish. Keep up with the good work!

I made a game as well! Would love to get added to the collection <3

I'm against choosing a different color for every different sprite. I do, however, think that it would be nice to have the possibility for a
sprite to have the title's color, and vice-versa. The reason is simple: help people making side-scrolling games!

Currently you can't really pass through a sprite, and I fully understand why - you interact with a sprite by bumping on it, so passing through would always trigger a dialogue.

At the moment, you can circumvent the problem by making the NPC an animated title and put an invisible sprite over it - so you can trigger the conversation if you press UP in front of it. But this means that "walkable" sprites will always have the same color of the title, and it can look confusing.

(Hope my ramblings are clear. I can't English at 2AM.)

Thanks for hosting this jam! It was my first jam ever and it was tons of fun. It feels so good to actually deliver a playable game.

I'm going to play and comment as many games as possible, and I hope everyone will try to do the same. Constructive criticism is always appreciated!

Also, we all deserve to play after working so hard :3

I can't seem to find wild monsters in the grass, what am I doing wrong? ;w;