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very cute :D

Wonderful game, really tested my typing skills :D

This game is so wholesome and i love it

WOO higher cap limmit on my farms

well, the game is not technicly released yet, still in dem early alphas, if you read the roadmap release is like, all the way at the bottom, past some intresting stuff :P

For some reason i can only use pre-generated roads to trade to state and i cant use my own buit roads, wether this is intentional or not just a heads up :P

click "G" to togle grids

I dont know iff its just me with my scaling options :P but when i click on the town name i can no longer click on the "shops" inside that interface to quickly bring up what the shop accepts without me having to find them insode the town

Yeah i figured that, it was quite unexpected when i clicked on Create game only for it to merge with the main menu XD

Also this is why i want to be able to delte pre-generated roads -_- now i cant use most of the south coast

Just launched alpha 2, and this happend XD

Congrats on alpha 2, will get to "testing" right away ^-^

Another Random suggestion: more uses for wool? (like wollyer carpets?)

And i was reading the roadmap a bit more, how about some atmospheric rain (or snow on colder maps) every now and then lasting about a week ingame time, this would add nothing to the actual gameplay, but it would make things look nice now and then, much like the water waves.

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The game does update automaticly, i found if you are on the app you cant even play it till it's updated

Ah ok, i checked the roadmap a while back but i must have forgotten about islands.

yeah i understand the whole not bulldozing resources.

What about the selling to state via boats?

here i am with another edition of; "Brandon's random sugegstions"

Carpets, made from wool and dye using something

Being able to bulldoze a square of resources at a large cost of cash (and possably a "are you sure" thing)

with the edition of boats soon, a map type for generating island type maps, and one last thing, being able to sell to state via sea using ships :P

That's all for today on "Brandon's  random suggestions" :P

Enjoy :D

glad i'm able to contribute to this wonderful game :D

got to say i love the new icons for everything Eg, Dragging, renaming and teh many other things

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Been playing with the new update and this made me thing of more sugestions for you brilliant guys :P

New road/ track features

Bridges and tunnels to be used with the terraforming update aswell as rivers (and buildable canals for boats to use) where a new resource can be found/collected called "clay" clay can then be fired into many things (in a new building under the factory tab such as a kiln) such as bricks (to help towns grow and get some extra cash or something) Pots/pottery (pots that look nice and can be directly sold, mabye pots+dye?) Plates, mugs (Which can be used with newe liquids, more on that in a sec)

New plants such as tea leaves and coffee beans which then can be combined with the mug to make hot drinks that will be sold in a new town building called "coffee shop" (or whatever name)

Inflation and deflation where if a town as too much of something it will lose value and if they don't have enough the price will go up, this will make players want to try the other goods that the town accepts, and therfore try more of the game.

Theese a couple of suggestions that i came up with a few nights ago before i fell asleep, i couldn't type them yesterday becasue i did not have accses to the internet, once again thanks for the game ^-^ and i hope you take these into consideration :P

Sorry for lots of posts, but i have a suggestion this time :P i was reading the roadmap and saw that you was going to be adding somthing that tells you how much a town likes you, using this can you make it so you can delete town houses for a cost of popularity, for my current game town houses have grown everywhere because of my orange juice and it makes it hard to ship stuff to that town now becasue of not being able to delete town houses

Another few issues i'm having. 1. Wehn you click go to main menu from a game it takes me to just the background and the menu buttons wont load. 2. when setting the hills and mountains to "small" it makes them everywhere

I brought the game yesterday and i'm enjoying the game so far, one small request though, can you add an option to make the text bigger? I have a quite large moniter (1920x1080) but i sit about half a meter away from my screen becuase i dont have a desk and it gets really hard to see some of the prices at the shops because the font is so small, thanks for reading this and i hope you take this suggestion into consideration