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I brought the game yesterday and i'm enjoying the game so far, one small request though, can you add an option to make the text bigger? I have a quite large moniter (1920x1080) but i sit about half a meter away from my screen becuase i dont have a desk and it gets really hard to see some of the prices at the shops because the font is so small, thanks for reading this and i hope you take this suggestion into consideration

Another few issues i'm having. 1. Wehn you click go to main menu from a game it takes me to just the background and the menu buttons wont load. 2. when setting the hills and mountains to "small" it makes them everywhere

Sorry for lots of posts, but i have a suggestion this time :P i was reading the roadmap and saw that you was going to be adding somthing that tells you how much a town likes you, using this can you make it so you can delete town houses for a cost of popularity, for my current game town houses have grown everywhere because of my orange juice and it makes it hard to ship stuff to that town now becasue of not being able to delete town houses

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Heya! Happy you're enjoying the game! Let me answer one by one:

Scaling: Alpha 2 will handle this

Main Menu issue: solved in 1.9 (coming out tomorrow)

Small hills: same as above

Suggestion: that is, amongst many other things, what it does. Keep in mind in A2 and on, towns will be A LOT larger