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Been playing with the new update and this made me thing of more sugestions for you brilliant guys :P

New road/ track features

Bridges and tunnels to be used with the terraforming update aswell as rivers (and buildable canals for boats to use) where a new resource can be found/collected called "clay" clay can then be fired into many things (in a new building under the factory tab such as a kiln) such as bricks (to help towns grow and get some extra cash or something) Pots/pottery (pots that look nice and can be directly sold, mabye pots+dye?) Plates, mugs (Which can be used with newe liquids, more on that in a sec)

New plants such as tea leaves and coffee beans which then can be combined with the mug to make hot drinks that will be sold in a new town building called "coffee shop" (or whatever name)

Inflation and deflation where if a town as too much of something it will lose value and if they don't have enough the price will go up, this will make players want to try the other goods that the town accepts, and therfore try more of the game.

Theese a couple of suggestions that i came up with a few nights ago before i fell asleep, i couldn't type them yesterday becasue i did not have accses to the internet, once again thanks for the game ^-^ and i hope you take these into consideration :P

got to say i love the new icons for everything Eg, Dragging, renaming and teh many other things


All good suggestions! I'll treasure them!

glad i'm able to contribute to this wonderful game :D