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here i am with another edition of; "Brandon's random sugegstions"

Carpets, made from wool and dye using something

Being able to bulldoze a square of resources at a large cost of cash (and possably a "are you sure" thing)

with the edition of boats soon, a map type for generating island type maps, and one last thing, being able to sell to state via sea using ships :P

That's all for today on "Brandon's  random suggestions" :P

Enjoy :D


Carpets: definitely

Bulldoze resources: not gonna happen, as they'll be finite and towns might want them

Islands are planned (check roadmap) :)


Ah ok, i checked the roadmap a while back but i must have forgotten about islands.

yeah i understand the whole not bulldozing resources.

What about the selling to state via boats?


Absolutely going to happen :)