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could be! my apologies. a quick refresh should fix it though?

i’ll try and make a tiny update sometime in the future that addresses common issues :/


Looks great! I love your collection of fonts and they’ve proven to helpful in adding a unique feel to my games!

Thank you VEXED 🙏

Super cool! Excited to read that the project continues. I’m keeping a watchful eye 👀. Good luck with the shader!

Thank you!

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Play now!

Hey guys I just finished the PICO8 version of Clarice Clairvoyage, a roguelike I’m making. Being made on the PICO8 I really had to limit the project, so expect a 80s “no explanation, just find it out yourself” gaming vibe to it.

Visit the itch page or wishlist the game on Steam for the full release. It will be thematically the same and inspired on this PICO8 version, but with a modern approach to design and controls.

Here’s another description that I also have on the itch page itself:

Craft spells, fight baddies & sail your boat in this mini-roguelike adventure!

The game is centered around the concept of crafting spells by stacking different pages of a spellbook.

You’re outfitted with a few basic pages, but you get access to more as you fight enemies and sail the sea! There are a bunch of different spells that are the result of many types of combination, so experiment away to see if you can get more power of more utility out of every little spell.

Every island there is adventure waiting! Will you get a new spellbook page? Craft a new combination of scrolls? Solve a magic puzzle? Perhaps a talk with a stranger? Who knows!

Her story

The game takes place through the character of Clarice Clairvoyage, a young mage in training who is the only one left after a small crisis hits her home island and all of her friends and family are abducted, never to be seen again. In her bravery, Clarice collects what’s left of her home and chargers with a ship she found across the seas where she might find her family and friends again!

The tech

All of the pixel and music assets are self-made, so is the code. All of the code is written in PICO8 itself and all of the PICO8’ing is done on a Raspberry Pi 400! I wanted this project to feel like a kid exploring a C64 or getting one of those BBC computers for Christmas. I was born in 1998, so I missed out on those things :)

Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback & thoughts!

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Hey Wolfe! I was wondering if you’re gonna be releasing the source code for the vehicle physics. I would love to use it in my own prototypes. If you could open source it, that’d be great, but if you want to strike up a licensing kind of situation, let me know as well.

Please contact me! Contact information can be found on my website ( )

I have this issue as well. Would love for it to be fixed!

Hey man! Super game! Really love the concept. However, most of the levels are easily solved through randomly clicking the on-off on the buttons, except for the last one.

The first few ones are fine, as they’re teaching the concept of the game really well. If you design the non-tutorial puzzles to have a counter-intuitive twist in ‘m, you’ll be closer to the puzzle experience this game would be great with!

Props! Love the aesthetic, keep up the great work. Will definitely drop you a follow! Can’t wait to see where the project goes!

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Hey everyone! I hope y’all are doing fine with the world being a mess. I had some time to put together a game in PICO8 this week, I had a blast making it. It’s a small arcade game themed around a old meme where Ronald Reagan killed all the birds and turned them into spies.

In the game you play Bob, a recent government drone (pigeon) who decided to do whatever he pleases. He now just exclusively eats fries and shits on cars. Use X to propel yourself up by shitting, making sure to hit the cars below! Beat your highscore, and tweet it at me or leave it in the comments on the game page so we can see who’s the best!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. If you do like it, please share it with your friends that like these kinds of things. A simple link share in your favorite discord would mean the world to me, thanks!

You can also follow me on Twitter if you like! You can also send me a tweet to let me know what you think of the game!

Click here to play it!

Hey guys! I had the pleasure to make a game for my friends birthday. It took some months to finish it, and it’s far from perfect or “big”, but I’m happy with it. The game is a simple platformer where you throw enemies to create new platformers. It’s kind of a demo/POC of the mechanic, with a lot of positive reception I’d love to work on a bigger game. He already played and loved it and he was okay with me releasing it on itch!

The game

The game features 3 level with intense platforming and throwing of enemies. Can be easily beat in 10 minutes by experienced platform players.

Play it here!