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I have open sourced this black hole simulator.

Good stuff! Those are some amazing environments.

Runs well on GTX750, at 30 fps 1920x1200.

Did you consider using fewer lightsources, but computing shadows? I think shadows will add a lot to the immersion.

try tilde key ~

Freeze game w right bumper for sshot wo graph

Thanks. You mean the reflectors in the wheels, or the ones in pedals? All the bikes had those in the pedals, in the Netherlands, when I grew up in the 70s. I think you had to have them by law.

Freshly released, the premiere of my latest game: "The Little Bike That Could."

It is a bicycle simulator game, with emphasis on proper bicycle physics. The game is available for Windows and Linux. Use of a gamepad (supported in SDL2) is highly recommended.

Bicycle riding is an interesting and intricate dynamic. One of the things that humans do without realizing it: counter-steering. If you want to have your bike turn left, the handle bars are actually briefly turned right to initiate a lean towards the left. Once leaned in, the handle bars turn left to catch the fall to the left. This is all properly modeled in this simulator.

Grab your free copy at:
Exit 19 community · Created a new topic Input Config

The Exit 19 configuration window has an input config tab.

Listed are a whole bunch of mappings for things like Jump, Crouch, Fire, etc.

I am going to assume that those are not actually in the game? Because I cannot crouch or jump.

Also, when I plug in my xbox gamepad, the game will be in forward-walk mode automatically, and never stop walking. Is that by design or is it a bug?

Exit 19 community · Posted in 64b
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Thanks for the 64b version!

Just fired it up, and already liking it a lot because of the atmosphere.

However, there are some serious rendering glitches. The image is fine when stationary.

But once I look around with mouse, there are large, full screen triangles flickering and disrupting the scene.

OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL renderer string: GeForce GTX 750 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL core profile version string: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 367.57

I'm looking forward to trying this on 64b linux when it gets ported. Looks great.

Exit 19 community · Created a new topic 64b

Looks amazing, and would like to try it out.

But is there a 64bit linux version available?

When I download it, I only see a 32bit binary which doesn't have executable bit set?

How do I place a farmer? The cursor is always red, when I try to do this, at all locations?