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Post feedback and bug reports.

A topic by Bananaft created Apr 15, 2017 Views: 455 Replies: 14
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And thank you very much for checking out my demo!

I'm so sorry this doesn't get more views; pretty amazing! Deserves more recognition.

It runs smoothly and nicely on my laptop (xps 15 - 960M).

It's amazing and overwhelming to go through those shapes and caves. It kinda gave me the same feeling as NMS (which is a compliment, I think NMS was really cool - minus the survival stuff). I wish there were more varied shapes, because it does get boring after a while.

If I am the target audience, and if you'd like to expand on the concept, I wouldn't add gameplay at all, but focus on having more shapes, colors, and maybe being able to shrink/grow. Maybe add moving parts, or maybe mix different types of fractales (such as chunky ones that look like cities). The more time/money budget I'd get, the more I'd add weird things, procedurally generated insects and life, trees. But I can't think of good gameplay to add to this (maybe I just haven't thought of this enough).

Very interesting game, thanks a lot for putting this out.


Hi Xananax, thank you very much for posting. Glad you liked my stuff. I’m constantly looking for new shapes and formulas. You can see some of those experiments in my twitter:
As for gameplay, there could be exploration, stations docking and traiding, search for interesting stuff, search for routes, maybe some combat, maybe some limited digging. I’m sure, I can’t disappoint you with gameplay, because you liked NMS, ha-ha.

But there are some technical challenges I have to solve before I’ll be able to do do gameplay.

Oh I follow you alright :)

Good continuation and hope to see more of your stuff! Strangely not enough *actual* procedural art in video games (as in, not randomized-assets-trying-to-look-like-real-stuff)

This was fantastic. The scenes are beautiful and it wasn't until I toggled off the sky that the lights really came into play. Would love a version with music, something ambient or generated as well. Love it, thanks for sharing it!


Hi, thank you. Check out new version with physics and collisions.

There will be music and sounds someday, I am already collecting material.

This is incredibly beautiful and fun to explore. My only complaint is that using the jetpack makes me unable to see almost anything due to the flare.

It's really impressive how you make those 3D landscapes on the fly. Congrats!

This is so freaking cool I'm so glad you made this, and would love to play in this world with any kind of gameplay revolving around exploration and/or creation of beautiful/crazy-looking things, perhaps paired with just a touch of narrative/poetic/metaphorical association.

Good stuff! Those are some amazing environments.

Runs well on GTX750, at 30 fps 1920x1200.

Did you consider using fewer lightsources, but computing shadows? I think shadows will add a lot to the immersion.


Hey, you did Little crane, I've played it back on 4s.

Thank you for feedback. I have chap fake shadows:

Sure,  precise shadows would be great, but they are too expensive, and then you will want volumetric light shafts, which is also super expensive. There are ways to optimize it I can think of, but don't want to dive into this rabbit hole yet. My lights already are a bit pixel shader heavy.

Hi! I think your program is fascinating, both from a technical and visual standpoint. Spent a solid hour wandering around in it last night utterly amazed. I have devoured all of the development writeups you have posted so far and eagerly await the next update. Thanks so much for sharing this with the world!


Thank you very much. 


This. Is. Amazing. 

I am already following your progress for some time on twitter and today I was wondering whether a playable version of the things you post exists.  And then I found your work on

I spent good two hours exploring the worlds available in the demo and they are beautiful and breathtaking.  The technical execution is awesome - I have not yet seen a fractal raymarcher (at least I think that is what you are doing) that would run so well and look so good on my hardware.  I have always upwards of 40fps on a Radeon R9 270X with an older i3 processor running at 1920x1080.

Concerning features - I am looking forward to seeing the features you post on twitter in a future version of your work.  Especially the part where the fractal grows back.  Maybe even other fractals / variations.  And maybe a standalone fractal explorer with scene composer would make sense.  Something in the style of FlowScape but for 3D fractals.  An editor where one could interactively tune fractal parameters.  And maybe one more thing - VR version of your work.  I do not yet own any VR hardware but this just might be one of the killer apps for VR for me.


Hi, Thank you very much.
Yeah, it's kind of shame how old this demo got. I really want to update it, but something always keeping me back. I hope, it will worth the wait.

This version already have an editor in it. You can even tweak the shape of some fractals in it.