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Had great fun, skipped the tutorial and figured it out pretty quickly.

Then went in and did the tutorial, which was quite well done.

Seems like targeting and muscle vs ranged is somewhat random, with targeting emphasis based on the horizontal rows.

My first run I went with the pirate crab and a 6 reptile squad for crit bonus, but lost out by barely using the 2-gold crab upgrade ability.

My second run got me to round 29, sinking 2 gold every round into the fat guy w/ body pillow hero's guranteed health increase plus a tutorial boy to create unkillable tanks backed up by gun units in the back. That hero seems far better.

from my experience, It's not clear if the units actually scale up that much better towards the end of the game like in a typical autobattler, so you need to emphasize building a powerful squad early on.

Very functional game, clear strategies, working sound and visual effects.
Great design and great fun, thanks for making it.

It is indeed very simple.

You pick some creatures and place them on the grid, select the opposing difficulty, then numbers pop out of the creatures heads in some way.

No idea what is effective or what's really going on, but numbers will certainly fly at you.

Game was functional for me, no crashes. 
Enjoyable music loop and otherwise no sound effects.

Reminds me of an RTS game, just turn based instead.
The main factors are the AI logic and the terrain.

1. Build the army in the choose pathway.

2. Deploy the army.

3. During the fight you can continue deploying as you see fit.

I've deployed the entire army only to find out the army was incapable of fighting where I thought they were going to.

So, impassable terrain might be need to made clearer, or perhaps direct the player to where the ground troops are going to fight, since deployment is one of only 2 actions you take.

Game is functional, I experienced no crashes or bugs. Visuals and audio seem to work too.

Thanks for making it :)

No crashes for me. Game worked fine.

Water needs some reminder text added as that faction doesn't show the synergy bonus.

Simple and functional auto battler inspired by autochess/TFT/Underlords. You keep your gold inbetween rounds so you better learn when to save it so you can level up!

Lots of depth!

I love that there's so much variety for single player. Tons of pre-made challenges in varying difficulty, lots of unit stats (which is initially overwhelming due to the all-gray pallete).

Many different unit types and a hopefully-balanced cost system similar to warhammer.

Gameplay reminds me of Battle Legion (iOS app).

Functional and no crashes for me. Units seemed to get in there and start fighting. Ranged units kited when they needed to.

Support unit targeting is a bit challenging to understand.

Nice job well done.

Hope to see a way to store army loadouts in the future, having to purchase units and then re-drop them is a lot of legwork to go through after you fail a challenge 10+ times. It's hard to see what you did wrong if your composition keeps clearing.

Looking forward to sound too.

I enjoyed playing your game. Usually permadeath autobattlers feel bad, but the reverse side is that in Heroes of the Age of the Day, units gain permanent stat and trait increases every round, even if they're sitting on the bench.

After my 3rd attempt I understood the basics well enough and stopped accidentally combining units or purchasing items when I was trying to read!

I had enough DoL (long term currency) to buy a 2nd bench slot and the item unlock to get +5 range/damage/health.

I went all on on a hellhound with +5 range after it had assassin then purchased all tanks to keep him around. Satyrs/Wolfriders have nimble to guarantee tanking a few hits, while earth elementals w/ defender parked behind the carry hellhound kept him alive from opposing volleys/snipes/return fire.

Eventually you get so much gold and the store was so small I can could just keep selling units off so I could repurchase (refresh) 2 nimble wolfriders to tank the front and earth elementals as they died off. The hellhound eventually got every buff and was sitting at 130+ attack with cleave/snipe/assassin and 9 range so he just AoE'd down the opposing board every turn.

Got up to round 51 before I let the team die off. Had around 3100 DoL currency afterwards, so the scaling went a bit nuts there! I cleaned out the achievement store, so I guess I've beaten the beta :D

Nicely made, playable, simple mechanics but long term complexity and strategic depth is available. Visuals and audio match the theme.

Only bug I encountered was having to occasionally name a creature twice.

Thanks for making it :)