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I enjoyed playing your game. Usually permadeath autobattlers feel bad, but the reverse side is that in Heroes of the Age of the Day, units gain permanent stat and trait increases every round, even if they're sitting on the bench.

After my 3rd attempt I understood the basics well enough and stopped accidentally combining units or purchasing items when I was trying to read!

I had enough DoL (long term currency) to buy a 2nd bench slot and the item unlock to get +5 range/damage/health.

I went all on on a hellhound with +5 range after it had assassin then purchased all tanks to keep him around. Satyrs/Wolfriders have nimble to guarantee tanking a few hits, while earth elementals w/ defender parked behind the carry hellhound kept him alive from opposing volleys/snipes/return fire.

Eventually you get so much gold and the store was so small I can could just keep selling units off so I could repurchase (refresh) 2 nimble wolfriders to tank the front and earth elementals as they died off. The hellhound eventually got every buff and was sitting at 130+ attack with cleave/snipe/assassin and 9 range so he just AoE'd down the opposing board every turn.

Got up to round 51 before I let the team die off. Had around 3100 DoL currency afterwards, so the scaling went a bit nuts there! I cleaned out the achievement store, so I guess I've beaten the beta :D

Nicely made, playable, simple mechanics but long term complexity and strategic depth is available. Visuals and audio match the theme.

Only bug I encountered was having to occasionally name a creature twice.

Thanks for making it :)

That's awesome. I think it's funny to me that people who play this all seem to be much better at it than me lol