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Had great fun, skipped the tutorial and figured it out pretty quickly.

Then went in and did the tutorial, which was quite well done.

Seems like targeting and muscle vs ranged is somewhat random, with targeting emphasis based on the horizontal rows.

My first run I went with the pirate crab and a 6 reptile squad for crit bonus, but lost out by barely using the 2-gold crab upgrade ability.

My second run got me to round 29, sinking 2 gold every round into the fat guy w/ body pillow hero's guranteed health increase plus a tutorial boy to create unkillable tanks backed up by gun units in the back. That hero seems far better.

from my experience, It's not clear if the units actually scale up that much better towards the end of the game like in a typical autobattler, so you need to emphasize building a powerful squad early on.

Very functional game, clear strategies, working sound and visual effects.
Great design and great fun, thanks for making it.