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Lots of depth!

I love that there's so much variety for single player. Tons of pre-made challenges in varying difficulty, lots of unit stats (which is initially overwhelming due to the all-gray pallete).

Many different unit types and a hopefully-balanced cost system similar to warhammer.

Gameplay reminds me of Battle Legion (iOS app).

Functional and no crashes for me. Units seemed to get in there and start fighting. Ranged units kited when they needed to.

Support unit targeting is a bit challenging to understand.

Nice job well done.

Hope to see a way to store army loadouts in the future, having to purchase units and then re-drop them is a lot of legwork to go through after you fail a challenge 10+ times. It's hard to see what you did wrong if your composition keeps clearing.

Looking forward to sound too.

Thanks for the feedback -- very useful! I've started adding sound to the game, so far just combat SFX in the last update, but more to come. 

Support unit behavior is now on the list of things to improve (right now they will always target the nearest viable target, ie for Beastpriest the closest damaged ally, for leafsprite the closest debuffed ally, for cultists, the nearest ally). Will tinker with that.

Great idea to save and load army loadouts as well. I will try to implement something for the next update.

The all-grey palette will be changed at some point but that's lower on my list of priorities. I'm glad you were able to look past it for now :)

Thanks for playing!