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Aaahh thank you so much!! We're really happy that you enjoyed our game (and replayed it before the update even!)

As for the questions, we haven't thought that deeply about what their voices could sound like so it's hard to pinpoint a specific reference. It's definitely something Teal would like though so probably cute :3 
Well, and Joyce is curious enough to try listening to a bunch of different genres so there's probably at least a few Kpop songs they'd end up liking! And maybe more as time goes on...

We really appreciate the good luck and we hope you'll like our future projects as well! 
Thanks for playing <3

Thanks for letting us know and reporting it to itch! We haven't run into that problem ourselves yet but we'll see if we can do anything to prevent it from happening

Thank you so much! Early on we considered selling the full version but as time passed we decided against it since it was ultimately a passion project and we figured more people would be able to play it if it was free. So thanks for still donating a little! Now that we try to make this our job every little bit helps.

We're glad you enjoyed the game and we wish you good luck with making games yourself!

Sorry for the late reply! First of all thanks for making a let's play, we really appreciate that! And yeah, we are aware that the title isn't exactly easy to find (even aside from the //). But as you said, what's done is done. 
We're happy you think it's well put together and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game!
Thanks for playing <3

We're glad it worked now! Have fun with the game!

Have you tried using a different browser? If that doesn't work it would be great if you could send us a screenshot of the error message to

No worries! We're glad it's working now!

So there is no error message or anything? Have you checked in the task manager if any processes are started when you try to open the .exe?  'log.txt' appearing is normal but would you mind sending us a mail with its contents? Maybe we can find out what is going wrong that way

Are all the files of the new version downloaded? It might also work to delete the game files and just download the new version again (aside from save files the old version isn't really necessary for it to work)

Hi! If you downloaded the game directly, you can just replace the files of the previous installation with the new version. Save files are stored elsewhere so they won't be overwritten by that. We hope that helps!

Hi! Sorry you're having trouble with the download! Did you have any other network problems or we're you able to download other games on before?

Thank you! We're glad that it was worth the wait for you and that you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for playing <3

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed the game! And there is a way to get together with Joyce. The easiest option is to turn on the route help in the settings to see indicators which choices are for which route, but you can also just try to spend as much time with Joyce as possible and try to keep some distance to Phoenix (even though you can still be friendly with them).

We hope that helps and thanks for playing <3

Aww thank you so much! We're really happy that you enjoyed the game! There are a bunch of personal thoughts in it so it's always great to hear when it resonates with someone.

We didn't really plan this message from the beginning but as the game started to take shape it was important to us that there isn't really a bad end (just as no ending is completely perfect). Originally the game was meant to be mainly light hearted so as more serious themes started to show up, we tried to make sure that especially in the end there's always hopeful notions whenever things don't work out.

We're also excited to show more of Snow in Defaction! It will still take a bit longer before we're ready to release more of it but we're glad you're looking forward to our future projects!

All the support and comments along the way definitely helped to shape the full game so thanks for commenting again (and for playing of course) <3

Thank you so much for all the kind words! We're really happy that you enjoyed part 2 as well and that you liked the endings! Especially because so much time has passed since part 1 was released, we really wanted the endings to be satisfying. So we're always happy to hear when that's the case!

Thanks for playing (and commenting again) <3

Thank you so much for your comment! We're really happy you enjoyed the game and that it resonated with you and we wish you all the best with your decision! It's definitely not easy, which is one of the reasons why we tried to put some of our thoughts on things like dreams, jobs, and the future into the game. We hope it helped a little but even if a lot of it comes from experience, there's no definite answer that fits all.

And yes! There is a Defaction reference in there! We tried to keep it a little obscure so we're glad you still spotted it!

Thanks for playing <3

We're glad it worked out now! And thanks for posting the solution!

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to us to hear that <3

Joyce can be a bit tricky because some choices for them (especially in the beginning) conflict with going to work or just going out. But you can also turn on a route help option in the settings if you like! Then you get an indicator which choices lead to a specific route.

We hope that helps and thank you again for playing!

Thank you so much for making a let's play of our game! We're glad you like it so far and we hope you'll enjoy the rest too!

Sorry about that! Is your antivirus giving you trouble with the game files or is something else going wrong? If you prefer to write us a mail with the details you can also contact us at

Alright, thanks! We'll see what we can do about this

Oh no, we haven't run into that one ourselves yet. Could you let us know a bit more about the error (either here or at Thanks for letting us know about this! We'll see what we can do to fix the error

Thank you for all these kind words! It really means a lot to us that you enjoyed our game so much (and we really like Undertale as well so we're definitely honored that you liked //TODO: today to a similar extent!)

Thanks for the good luck and thanks for playing <3

Well, uh...

Thank you for the kind words <3
We're really happy that you were satisfied with the ending! And we're glad that you liked the Phoenix route!

Aaaah thank you so much for writing this comment!! And for all the kind words! 
We're glad that you enjoyed the game and that the wait was worth it for you!

Also, we weren't sure how many people would get the situation with the double confession but now we're definitely glad that we put it in there! 
And thanks for letting us know about the bug! We fixed it earlier and are going to release another update soon with a few other smaller fixes as well. We also really appreciate the good luck on future projects <3

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!! This really means a lot to us <3 
We're happy you enjoyed the full game! And reading all these kind comments definitely makes all the work worth it.

Thanks for playing!

Oh no! Well, we didn't want the rescue to be too easy but we hope you'll get the other endings as well.
Thanks for playing <3

Thanks for pointing that out! We'll try and see what we can do about it for future updates

Sorry it took us a bit longer, but we hope you'll enjoy the full game!

Thank you so much! We're happy you liked part 1 and we hope you'll enjoy the full game as well!
We wanted the game to be as realistic and inclusive as we could make it so we're always glad to hear when it works out!

And sorry for not replying earlier, working on part 2 has kept us pretty busy recently. 
Thanks for playing <3

Thank you so much for writing such an in-depth comment! And sorry, about the super late reply. We've been really busy with finishing up part 2 but now that it's released we hope you'll enjoy the second half of the game!

Making the story and everything feel realistic and relatable was pretty important to us so we're always happy to hear when it worked out! And thanks for all the kind words <3

We hope you'll like the full game as well!

Oh, sorry about that! The save location should have been set to $HOME/Library/RenPy/TODO-today but as it looks it wasn't found in your case. Have you had any trouble running other Ren'Py games?

Hi, thanks for your interest! We unfortunately ran into some unexpected delays with some of the final assets but we are now working towards a release tomorrow. We're sorry that we couldn't finish it today but we are almost there now!

Thank you! :3


Defaction is a realistic adventure. With action and political themes, played out in a university setting.
There will be romance in the main game! Although it's not the main theme.
The demo already teases with a few characters (of an even bigger cast of characters) that'll be romanceable later in the main game.

Thanks for your interest! :3

Sorry for the super late reply!
It has been so long but we were happy about your comment! We made a bunch features for Defaction our older games don't have and are glad they got appreciated! :'D

We wouldn't like to spoiler anything but we thought Defaction to be a game that allows the player to chose the ideological path they most identify with. So....well, might join the rebellion (in the main game)?? But getting there shall not be easy >u>

Again, thank you for your thorough comment and thanks for your interest! :3

Thank you for playing! We're glad you liked these features >u<

We're sorry for the delayed reaction!

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Ay! Just to be safe and clear possible misunderstandings:
There's no GxB ending in the game, and romance between boys and gals isn't the main theme! Although that would have been fun too, we didn't include it. >-< We focused on gay romance here because this was made for the #yaoijam! (the game is SFW)

So you control the fate of a cute prince and decide who of the other princes he'll romance!

Sorry if the last reply was confusing. x-x'' And thank you for your interest! <3