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Ay! Just to be safe and clear possible misunderstandings:
There's no GxB ending in the game, and romance between boys and gals isn't the main theme! Although that would have been fun too, we didn't include it. >-< We focused on gay romance here because this was made for the #yaoijam! (the game is SFW)

So you control the fate of a cute prince and decide who of the other princes he'll romance!

Sorry if the last reply was confusing. x-x'' And thank you for your interest! <3

We're trying to not spoiler anything...buuuuut there's no GxB ending. Although none of the princes are exclusively gay.
The story does explain and clear the possible confusion. Unfortunately much isn't online yet. :'<

Thank you for your interest! <3 we hope this answer helped somehow :x
(And though the story doesn't include it, one of us headcanons Sappho (red hair) and Hans (turqoise hair) very much anyway. >u>)

Aaah so sorry for the late reply. We discussed your comment after reading your post. :O
So here's what we concluded: We totally understand you're suggestion comes from. And we'd love to be on as many media channels as possible, but right now we just don't have time for tumblr. ;___;
We'd need to plan out what we post on tumblr to make it worthwhile to follow. Especially now that we're in a high production phase and Pectin's just getting used to the BL+ Instagram account, setting up tumblr and writing appropriate posts for it just isn't in our time budget rn. We thought that it'd be sensible to make a BL+ tumblr account in the future tho! So thank you for the push :3

And oh gee we're glad you found us and //TODO: today!
We wish you much of success with your project in the future and hope you'll have fun during the process as well! uwu

ah thank youuu! we don't get much feedback on our devlogs but if it's helpful or somehow interesting to you, then we're glad! :'3

omg the pun  XD <33
thank you for your interest >u<

Wah thank you so much! We hope you'll like the 2nd part when it's up! :3333

Brassica is definitely a title we want to take to Steam!
But we're still figuring out in what form to release it on Steam (as Brassica is not finished yet, etc.), as well as doing paper work towards such a release. :'D

Thank you for your interest! <3

Wuah! Thank you for playing and we're glad you enjoyed it!
We hope you'll like the rowdy bunch of royals in the continuations too! :3

Hi, we don't have an exact date yet but we plan to finish and release the second half this month or in early September at the latest.

And don't worry, AIs don't die (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Thanks for playing (and waiting)! We're happy you enjoyed the game so far <3

Aww thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the demo :D

Thank you so much for all the kind words and for writing such a detailed comment!

We're really happy you liked the demo and yes, that's the same Snow as in //TODO: today! 
In the full game you'll be able to befriend pretty much all of the main characters of the faction you're in and some of them will be romanceable as well (although that's not the focus of the main story). And as far as Karin goes, well, there might still be a chance some day...

Thanks for playing <3

Hi, thanks for asking us about this! We just sent you an email

Omg, we're so sorry for only replying now!  Thank you so much for playing our game so extensively! We're happy you enjoyed all the endings and the game itself. We definitely wanted it to be just a fun little experience so we're glad that was the case for you!

Thanks for playing <3

thank you! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・✧

(love ur commenting  style ♡)

Thank you so much for your support!
We'll release the next part of the story later this week and there's still quite a bit ahead of our princes~ (And the princess as well of course) So we hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story!

Thanks for playing <3

Thank you! We're happy you found it interesting!
You'll definitely get to check out the dorms and spend more time with Snow in the full game but as we wrote in our devlogs, it'll still be a bit longer until it is released.

Thanks for playing <3

Thank you! We're really happy you enjoyed the demo! And sorry for the late reply.
As we wrote in our devlogs, the full game won't be released before next year but we hope you'll enjoy that too once it's out!

Thanks for playing <3

Aww thank you! We're really happy you like it!
We haven't formally announced anything yet but we plan to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp and here on itch once the full game is done (besides also posting it on Soundcloud). And thanks for your support we really appreciate that you want to purchase it!

If everything goes according to plan, part 2 and the soundtrack should be released by the end of this month. So it shouldn't be much more of a wait now.
We hope you'll enjoy the second half as well and thanks for playing <3

Thank you! We're really happy you liked it! And sorry for the late reply >-<

Having everything feel natural regardless of which preferences are chosen was really important to us so it's great to hear you enjoyed that.
And without wanting to spoil too much, there will definitely be options in part 2 to get things back on track again!

Thanks for playing and we hope you'll enjoy the second half once it's released <3

Hello sterrejana! :D

Yeah, it's understandable that one would want to name their own AI. :U
But we didn't plan to include a feature to give Joyce a custom name in the future. We developed Joyce as a character with a unique personality and the name was carefully chosen to match both feminine and masculin Joyce. It might have been different if Joyce would focus on changing their personality depending on you (the player).
(PECTIN: That reminds me. We absolutely didn't pick the name so I could make a pun everytime Teal has a CHOICE in the game. *melts away in shame*)

Sorry for not replying sooner and thank you for your interest & feedback & playing! <3

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Hello, we've been so busy with work and couldn't any reply sooner! sorry >o<

Thank you so much for playing //TODO: today! And thank you for the feedback <33
This comment made us really happy and we're glad you enjoy the preference options!
We're currently working on the second part and information about the pricing will be posted in our devlog prior the full release!

Again, thank you for your support and have a nice day! :3
(Too bad  we can't tell anything about our beb Joyce >-<)

Aw thank you so much! Hope you'll enjoy it when it's out! :D

Thank you! Hope it'll please :3

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed it!
And we hope you'll like pt. 2 when it's out :3

We're happy you liked the demo!!
About the character customization options: You're absolutely right about the player's relation to the MC! We definitely want to have a bit more options for the final game, like i.e. additional hairstyles and sets of eyes. We also need to consider that the more styles there are the more work has to be done for special illustrations depicting varying MCs in the main game. But we'll try to do our best to have players enjoy the story through the eyes of their unique MC. ö-ö

Thank you very much for pointing out the importance of this! And of course playing the demo! :D

Ah! >u< Thank you for playing!!

Aaa thank you for all the kind words!! We're really happy you like the game!
We're still working on part 2 but right now we are aiming for a release in August so it hopefully won't be that much of a wait anymore!

And the lack of save slots is a fair point! We'll keep it in mind and see if we can add a few more with the next update.

Thanks for playing, and we hope you'll enjoy part 2 as well when it's released <3

Thank you so much! We're really happy you like it :D
And including Snow again was something we're pretty excited about!

Thanks for playing <3

Yeah, we're pretty happy to have Snow in Defaction as well! Thanks for playing <3

Sorry for the late reply! From what we can tell this is probably a false positive which seems to happen occasionally with Ren'Py games. Could you send us a list of the affected files to so we can see if there is something we can do to prevent this?

And thank you so much that you want to buy the full game! It  will still take a bit until it's finished because we first want to finish the second half of our other game //TODO: today but you can follow our development progress on our devlog here on itch and our blog!

Yes, you can change the name! The text input field automatically has focus in the character creator so you should be able to change it if you just start typing

Hi, we're sorry you're having trouble with the game! What antivirus software are you using? And were you able to run any other Ren'Py games before? We haven't had any problems with this until now but we'll try and see what we can do.

As of now we don't have plans to release the demo on Steam. If there is more demand we might consider it but since the demo is free we wouldn't have any means to recuperate the entry fee until the full game is closer to completion.

Sorry again, and thanks for your interest!

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Hey, thank you for playing and thanks for your feedback! :3

We didn't have problems looking at the colours during work or noticed this as a problem while play testing and letting others play test the game. Things might look very different on different screens as well. But ultimately we're sorry that //TODO: today had caused you eye strain. >< This is definitely noted for future work!

We can't say much about Joyce rn. But, uh, spread the "love"!! :D

Thank you! We're happy you like it <3
It'll still be a bit longer before part 2 is ready but we hope you'll enjoy that as well!

Thank you!! We're really happy you like our game :D 
And it's great to hear that it made you feel motivated to draw! The struggle with motivation is a big aspect of Teal's character that was important to us to include so we're glad that the game could help you a little. 
Right now we're aiming for a release in August with part 2 so it's still a bit longer until it's done but we hope you'll like it when it's released!

Thanks for playing <3

Thank you! We're glad you liked the game!
We wanted it to have themes that are important to us so it's always great to hear when others can relate to it.

Right now we're aiming for a release in August for part 2 so it's still a bit longer until then but we hope you'll like the second half as well!
Thanks for playing <3

Thank you for playing!!
maybe your love will be strong enough to - *SPOILER for pt. 2*ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Right now we plan to release the demo around mid-June (you can find some more infos in our devlogs).

Thanks for being interested in our game!

Hi! Yeah, we also like cute boys :3
We think that it's okay for men to be small and pretty as well as big and muscular. Everything inbetween is fine too, as long as people are healthy and happy with it!

Thanks for playing our game and take care!

Thank you! We're happy you liked the game (and Joyce)!

It's still going to take a few months before Part 2 is finished but we hope you'll enjoy that as well!
Thanks for playing <3