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Hi, are you still looking for a pixelartist? I might be interested to help :)

Thanks :)

Thank you! I really worked hard on this project, I hope it shows.

Not really related to the theme, but it’s a fun game :)

I like the song and the visuals a lot :)

Really awesome short! This really looks like a documental with a high production budget (ironic because I watched the Behind the scenes). It triggered my “cool phycological horror” part of my brain.

Speaking in a british accent “Indeed sir, this is what we describe as a very fine piece of art. Truly an impressive work”.

Really cool!

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Really cool game! Been looking forward to it since the WIP images I saw of the game!

There was a point where I just was speedrunning every possible ending(I don’t think I got them all, will need to check)

This a really emotional game and really polished as well. The only thing I’d like to point out is that some of the text by the very flashy scenes was hard to read. Luckily I managed to read it all.

I like it a lot. A little to long for my taste, but really good work!

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Thank you!

I know, the ending was a little bit rushed since I didn’t had the time to animate everything I wanted. Also the editting took longer than I expected.

Impressive, I didn’t know you could do this on the 3Ds.

This helps a lot, thanks :D

I just want to ask if we need to create a new project for this jam, because I want to only have one music related project that holds every submission I make to everything.

So can I submit that project with the songs for this jam (Marked of course) or do I have to create a new project for this jam?


I really like retro styled music, after all chiptune is my favorite genre of music. And I originally intended to make the pinball city theme but couldn’t make it work, maybe some of that influenced the song.

I will eventually upload .mp3 files, but I’m trying to add every single submission I’ve made into one single project, to not have a million projects on Just need to order my files.

Also instead of sorting by “submissions in need of ratings”, I sort by “haven’t rated”, because it just counts how many submissions there are unrated, you should try that. Still thanks for the advise. :D

Glad you liked it!

Thank you! I really like using retro videogame instruments mixed with normal ones.

Thanks for the nice comment!

I like really happy/energetic music, so that is why I made it like that.

This is one of the 3 tracks I’m very proud of making so far and I’m happy that most people had a very positive response to it. :D

I’m glad you liked it!

The dynamic range thing might just be myself, because I’m still learning to add mastering to tracks, so I mess the audio sometimes. One issue for example is that I make the tracks really quiet and I’m working on fixing that.


Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

While the process it self of making melodies and chords is really hard for me, I am very good with instrumentation and adding sound effects, especially with electronic/chiptune songs and liminal type songs.

The fast tempo is maybe the residue of the fact I was originally doing the pinball theme and had a faster song as my idea, but I couldn’t make it have the feel I wanted, so I went with the Hot Springs theme. Plus I generally prefer songs with faster tempo than usual (and this song is not that fast anyways).

I always love your work and this is no exception, it is a really nice song.

One thing I admire of your songs is the piano, I don’t know how you make it, but you make the piano sound awesome in every style of song you make. I really like that.

Awesome work!

I like the cavemen that appear in one part of the song.

The song also sets a really cool atmosphere.

it is a really great song, this is what I think a dinosaur village sounds like, pretty nice work, as always :)

This song has some good quality, it is very good.

My favorite track is the third one (The night arcade).

Very short loop, but very cool!

That was very cool!

I really like the acoustic guitar on the first part. It gives it a “home” feel, i don’t know how to call it.

Wow! This one is awesome, I love it, might as well be my favorite submission so far (I’ve left to check the last 7 songs).

It is so happy and energetic. I imagine this for a really big city, it reminds me of “Welcome to the city” from Deltarune, but I actually like yours more. :D

Both are really good songs, personally my favorite is nightime.

Great work!

I think you nailed pretty good the town theme, Really feels like a town from some random RPG game.


It maybe needs more variation, but I enjoyed it a lot!

I like it.

It reminds me of those weird/dream type of songs. Those that feel very calm and nostalgic.

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Really cool song!

I really like the bass and the melody, they are really cool :D

It reminds me of metallic zone from Sonic Mania

Thanks for the feedback!

Melodies and countermelodies are not my strenght and I’m trying to improve on that.

Great job.

I love chiptune music a lot, so you get 10/10 :)

Really cool, i guess it is synthwave but I’m not pretty knowing of every music genre, anyways great job!

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This is very cool