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A lovely game, I would suggest two changes, make it so that the game restarts on whatever wave you died on (if there's only two waves it's pretty much a non problem, but if you added more it might be), second I would make it so when you are injured and invincible you can still parry/attack, this allows the player to bootstrap their way back up, as it is you have to wait for it to wear off, and then block the next attack.

That being said very much enjoyed it man!

Of course, unfortunately quite a few people that we talked too didn't see the drawings on the wall, it might be something that would do better if the camera was more zoomed in. Yea I'll hit up yours, thanks man!

Roger, all good man.

Yea I really did need to add vision cones for the enemy, one of the other guys brought it up, and I was getting to complicated, literally just an image added to their feet would have worked.

Ironically the idea of sight cones for the enemy was brought up, and I really should have listened when programming it :P, that being said I never thought of a skip button, really should have, Thanks man!
A stealth game where you can only experience a single sensation at a time.

A quite beautiful game, in tone and polish. I wish there was a rating section for aesthetics.

Dude. you uploaded the wrong game files, that is something... completely different, check you build for which level is 0 on the level list, it will default, maybe it's an old build within your project files? and run the exe before you upload.

Top notch design man!

No download?

Hey there Fela, I would be interested in working with you guys, I've mostly been working on Vr stuff mostly, however I would love to take a short respite from that and do something completely different, I love almost any type of game but mostly I lean towards atmospheric games like journey or metro 2033, I added you on discord.