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It's a shame the AI is so simple, as others have said, but this has a lot of potential!

The score's a little unbalanced (I feel like you should get more points for killing the viruses), but I had a blast! Definitely something you could build upon in the future.

Excellent!  I'll reach out to you via PM in a few days when I have an update for you.  We are recovering from the jam.  If you have any questions in the meantime, you can find me @


Yeah, I've been there.  We started doing builds every couple of hours during jams just to make sure we dont get behind the curve on shaders compiling and things like that.  But that also gives us early warning if there is a build error as well.  Weve had some games be nothing but red because of some weird engine constraint we didnt know about.

Thanks!  Yeah, we have a plan in place to address that before we officially release the game, but it's nice to have our suspicions confirmed.  Thanks for playing!

Also, you should be a featured game for "11 seconds before the deadline"!

I like the concept.  I think you need you explanation  below somewhere in the game.  I normally hate tutorial pop ups but I think it would help this game because you are using a really familiar genre.  I think when the player hops in they see that think, "Oh, I know how to play this!"  But they don't.  

Funny thing is, that with some cleaned up visuals and some more content, I'd certainly play this as a hack and slash game.  It was more fun without the theme holding it back!

I like where this game is headed.  I think the damage speed is set a bit high because I seem to be moving pretty fast and still taking damage.  It was better with a controller than the keyboard for sure.   I like the menu and the presentation and the sound.  If I had to add one thing to this, it would be better input.  Its begging for a mouse drag control for non-controller players.

There is a lot you could do with this though.  Ideas to up the fun factor flowed out of my head while I was playing it.  Its a solid concept and a great start!

This is the most "well presented" game I've seen in the jam yet.  You guys really have something here.  I ran into a bug where I was able to knock my red character out of the game, but its just a really great concept, wonder art, great music.

It needs something to drive gameplay though.  Ants?  An impending rainstorm?  Just something to add some tension to it.  

Following and hope you guys finish this up and release it. I would definitely own this for my personally collection on console!


This game has all of the makings of a finalist, but I don't know if it was the combination of the controls I rolled or if it was just a bug, but most of the explosive shots seem to hit my player collision and inverted shot didnt work at all.  Maybe the inverted is by design.  Its a great idea and I everything is headed int he right direction.  I liked everything about it, but I couldnt rate it higher because I couldnt really play it.  

I would love to see this get fixed up and released though!

Oddly satisfying.  I had trouble getting the creature to go where I wanted, but eventually got the hang of it.  Great choice of audio.  With all of the people running around, they were nearly impossible to protect at that speed.  But it was a cool concept and well presented.

Great art.  Really well done and great choice of sound and music.  I love the presentation.  I sat in the middle of the screen and just held the fire button and moved the mouse so I think it needs something to get the player moving.  

I posted elsewhere but Ill repeat it here.  Its a neat and original concept.  I bet this would make a solid mobile game.  Some of the controls weren't readily apparent, such as the rope.  I like the scope of it though and its presented really well.

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i made it through, the rope wasn't readily apparent.    Its a cool little concept and the presentation is really well done.  I appreciate the scope of it.

Submitted -

I liked you art and the concept, but without a mini map or streets with a tighter layout its hard to find your way around.   You've got some solid art there though!  It just needs a little more fleshed out.

Our little team has been around working on various projects as hobbyist for the last 10 years.  we are preparing to release our first full project here on Itch and are looking for an effects artist to support our team.  Please visit the page for our game in early alpha here:

If interested, please post a link to some examples of your work or reach out to me (Kurt) on discord @

Thanks all!

Hi Krydaform, we have been around for awhile and have worked on various games outside of this little hobby thing we do here, we are getting ready to release a first game here on Itch.  Its a new concept we have called ABXY and you can see it here:

At any rate, I listed to some of your melodic dubstep and I think this might be a good fit for you.  Its in early development, but its a fairly straightforward project and I think it will move along fairly rapidly.  We are looking for something along the lines of Lumines, but would be open to listen to anything you might come up with if you feel it fits it better. 

We can't offer any money for it, but we can certainly offer you a credit.  Feel free to reach out fi your interested.  Probably 11 songs total.

Nice one! Great idea, and you made great use of it!

As is standard Boilerplate procedure, we broke some core features within the last couple hours.  Having said that, rather than focusing on the main (broken) goals of the game, there are also 11 lost kittens to find while flying around :)