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Thank you so much for the comment!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Got to make a Pause menu for my game, ATOMIC SHOOTER

Now you can pause while you play!

Really, such a simple mechanic should have been implemented before, but I didn't know how.

Also made a different Title Screen.

Always growing and learning more!

Play it and tell me what you think




Get ready to fight for you life.

Blast your way through waves of atomic green menaces in a progressively challenging game.

Wield pistols, sub-machine guns, shotguns and more in your quest for an even bigger score!

How long will you survive?

Play the game over here:

Let me know what you think!


Thank you to @sebastianlague for his tutorial series for helping me getting this game made! Watch his playlist here:

Atmospheric. Made me feel like when I played Amnesia for the first time all those years ago!

The demo is one of the best in the site! Really looking forward to playing this game in full!

Hopefully I'll be able to make something as complete as this is one day!

Excellent storytelling! Well done to everyone involved!

Just a little update on the game.

Ended up being too busy to do anything these past few months, so the project was pretty much abandoned.

I've tried a few bugfixing, probably created more though, so I never know.

Also tried making a MAC build for the game, which I guess is the biggest announcement!

I know that there's always this feeling of wanting to shove more stuff in the game, make it more my own vision.

Who knows, though, what the future will bring?

Any suggestion is welcome!

Project link:

Much love, bob.

Lindo jogo, muito bem feito! Parabéns!

Cool little game!

Actually wish it was longer because I felt completely immersed a few min in!

Releasing Metal Cube Solid!

A free stealth game prototype I've been working on.

Solid Cube is has captured some important pieces of information, and now he must escape Capsule Base at the heart of Capsule Empire.
This information is too valuable if found, so the only thing Solid Cube can do is move ahead. Will you help him find a way out?

If you want to try it out, click here:

Starting up a new project in a field that you're new in is always daunting.

Learning new skills, new techniques, new things.

Not knowing if it will work. Not knowing if you'll see it to completion.

Metal Cube Solid is based off of a tutorial series I followed through made by Sebastian Lague that I started about 9 months ago, had to stop due to time constraints, my job and other factors, then picked up again last month.

It went from finishing an YT series on some concepts behind making games, into making a few other levels myself, into making another enemy for the game, into learning how to put music, and now is hopefully going to evolve as I continue to learn other things.

There's something about learning to develop a game that is so rewarding. It's frustrating, too. But it also scratches an itch of satisfaction when I'm able to pull something off that only it can. It's what brought me back. Hopefully for a little longer this time.

I hope you have a little fun with this prototype (I won't pretend it's a fully fledged game), and know that criticisms are more than welcome (and valid)!

Thank you, and have fun!

Link to project page:

Really cool visuals, and a really big sense of dread.

Very big sense of dread. Well done!

Fun, fast-paced little game! Well done!

Awesome game! Reminds me of the good old days playing Resident Evil. Good work!

Awesome mechanics!

When art meets gaming.

Just wonderful!

Ohh, yes! Replay would be fantastic!

I will! Bought it yesterday through steam but haven't had the time to play it yet.

Cool idea!

Short but scary. Worth it.

Awesome game that lends itself to speed running!

I loved the concept with the mouse control, very cool! Pretty cool graphics, too!

I'll probably buy it after playing the demo.

Good job, dude! Seems like an interesting game overall!

I downloaded the demo and am holding off on a rating until I buy the game.

Really good job so far! Well done dude!

Beautiful game.

Challenging, charismatic, interesting. Really one of the best games I have played in this platform.

A very very well done to everyone involved! and thank you for making this.

Looks good! Will give it a go when I get back home from work

What an amazing concept!

Wonderful game! 

Honestly, it was something new and refreshing!

Well done!

Não deixei muito claro que sou kkkk.

Obrigado, men!

Thanks, dude!

And thank you for the criticism. I've been going in circles regarding the movement speed b/c my wife (my only other beta tester) also had a hard time controlling the cube. But I'll try to fix it, for sure!

Also, thank you for the posting tip. Honestly, I didn't know where to put this because this game itself was published in itch a year ago... I just haven't been able to update it (or code at all, learn, etc) in all this time.

Mais uma vez, obrigado!

Obrigado, cara!

Devagar, mas to aprendendo aqui!

Was my devlog that bad? Haha

(1 edit)

Great little game.

Awesome mechanic with how you explore the cave!

Sfx, graphics and world really pull you in!

Hi, and welcome to my devlog.

Took a while because I do have other things going on, but I finally found out how to get sound working, collision sound and the works.

I also got over my laziness and redid all the levels, adding a few more. We're now up to 15!

Very satisfying to be able to take this project beyond the original tutorial scope and be able to work on things on my own.







Please feel free to play and bash my game here:

Thank you!


and fun!

A very pleasant and immersive game.

Really nails home the sensation of being lost, with great visuals, a pointed soundtrack and ambient sounds. The little jank it has just adds to the challenge sometimes, but never takes away the fun in the game.

A very good game!

Got a little sketchy with the controls at first, but didn't let that distract me from the fact that this is a very well done game. One of the best I've seen in

Excellent graphics

Awesome soundtrack

Fantastic dialogue

Very intriguing premise. Great work!

Good work, dude! Haven't even begun the jam yet!

Pretty fun game!

only thing I'd correct is substitute "Your dead" for "You're dead", and maybe put in more enemies IMO!

Fun game!

Did you make this following that Brackey's tutorial?

Your's came out much better than mine!

Good job!

Really amazing what was achieved with such constraints!