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Awesome game! I love seeing all the different environments and cars, and it's a cool motivation to keep playing and unlock more stuff. The increasing difficulty and complexity for the police battles is also a ton of fun. At one point I was racing a challenger and battling a cop at the same time which was really fun, but also very difficult. I played with a gamepad but kinda struggled to use the hurricane drift move. Might be easier with a real fight stick. The text is also great: "The Fucking Moon" lol.

I was looking through some Ludum Dare 42 games on (there's a lot!) and I found myself wishing that there were a few more sorting options. Here's the current options:

Popularity, Top Sellers, Top Rated, and Recently Added.
Popularity and Top Rated are useful, although the results are pretty similar.  Top Sellers doesn't give a lot of results for a game jam, since the point of a game jam is usually to create free games. Recently Added also isn't very useful for a game jam, because all of the games are created right around the same time. 

There's  a little "Sort by" arrow, but it seems to be non-interactive. This is unfortunate, because reversing the order would allow you to search for the least-popular games within a tag, or the oldest games. 

A "Random" sort option would be fun, and useful for finding hidden gems and things you've never seen before. 

A "Most Comments" and "Fewest Comments" sort option would also be very useful for game jams on 

A "Recently Updated" option would also be a very useful sorting criteria. 

I made this on a whim yesterday, and I just realized that #procjam is happening right now. So hey, I made a procjam entry!

You definitely nailed Asteroids. Nice art, too. 

Great theremin grameplay. I liked the lyrics, too.

I loved the music and sound effects. The bubble blowing idea is awesome, but I found it a little bit hard to control. At first, I didn't realize that you could hold down the jump button for a long time and stay it the air much longer. It was a little easier after I figured that out, but still tough. 

The game also seemed to have some minor performance issues with the screen freezing occasionally. Although that might just be my PC, it seems to often have issues with Love2D games...

Amazing presentation. I love the sprites for the characters, puzzle elements, food, and effects. Sound effects worked well, and gameplay mechanics weren't half-cooked either! And you even have an options menu? Wow.  Great work, especially for a game jam. 

At first I had no idea what I was doing, but I watched your gifs and managed to figure it out. An in-game tutorial would have helped. 

The difficult was quite tough. I kept accidentally destroying my ingredients, or I would let blocks pile up and my ingredients would be sitting at the bottom of the pile. I also kept making ingredients and then realizing that those ingredients were useless for my current recipes.

I think the game would have been much easier with fewer block colors, and if the blocks fell slower.  I also wish that I could "chain" together blocks to create a bunch of ingredients at once. Or maybe some other way to clear out a large area of blocks. Also, you should probably make the game start-up at 3x resolution, since 1x is very small. Being able to change the scaling in the options is good, but default settings are important too!

I love the "Game Boy game played on a Game Boy Color" aesthetic. The emote system was a very cute mechanic. I'm not quite sure why I'm smashing fences in a small town and imprisoning these creatures in TV screens. But it was pretty fun and I made it to the end. 

I probably spend too much time trying to stack candies! The experience was a little rough around the edges (I got stuck on the walls a couple times, but I pushed myself out using nearby candy). But the music and aesthetic made it enjoyable. Here's my beautiful window display:

(Don't tell anyone, but I might have left a bit of mess in the rest of the store)

Amazing job. Cool idea and surprisingly polished. Definitely would like to see a few more levels.

I survived through the winter! Although my heart was black as hell. The effects were funny, although it seemed like some of them didn't do anything. I kinda wish that there was a person in every room, just to increase the pace. The art and music gave it a really nice atmosphere, but without any other interesting things to find in the forest or hazards to worry about, all the walking seemed a little unnecessary.

My younger brother managed to get a high score of 24, so leave a comment if you figure out how to cram even more furniture into the room!

Looking at this screenreader survey, PDFs do not seem to be particularly preferred.

I would think that a webpage or plain txt file would be better.