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Amazing presentation. I love the sprites for the characters, puzzle elements, food, and effects. Sound effects worked well, and gameplay mechanics weren't half-cooked either! And you even have an options menu? Wow.  Great work, especially for a game jam. 

At first I had no idea what I was doing, but I watched your gifs and managed to figure it out. An in-game tutorial would have helped. 

The difficult was quite tough. I kept accidentally destroying my ingredients, or I would let blocks pile up and my ingredients would be sitting at the bottom of the pile. I also kept making ingredients and then realizing that those ingredients were useless for my current recipes.

I think the game would have been much easier with fewer block colors, and if the blocks fell slower.  I also wish that I could "chain" together blocks to create a bunch of ingredients at once. Or maybe some other way to clear out a large area of blocks. Also, you should probably make the game start-up at 3x resolution, since 1x is very small. Being able to change the scaling in the options is good, but default settings are important too!