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Thank you :) its an editor not a game though. You can make a game with it 

You can also follow its progress updates at

thank you :) you too

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Greetings :) I love your modern tilesets work and would like to know if you would be interested if I include a free version of it with the demo of my online tilemap editor here

I will include a link to this itch-io page as well as a credit to your name to the about dialog. I can also put a LICENSE text file with the tileset at the github repo where it would be hosted.

feel free to contact me at if you are interested.

Perhaps we can do a collab, where people can play with the free version of your tileset directly in the web browser before committing to buy it. You would be able to even put it in an iframe right here on itch if you like to - a premade map using it, which can even be edited - right here on itchio

would you perhaps be open to the idea of optional higher resolutions? So for example future games could be created with higher resolutions, while older ones work on the same as before

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What license is this in? Does it have a github page?

I see that its free, but wonder if its compatible with other open source projects.

I wonder if we can get it to let you draw the  fonts directly in the boxes

Not yet.. been busy with work and open source stuff on github

some time by the end of the year or next one.. :)

reminds me of boktai :)

Hi, it is possible, but it takes more steps. A single render renders 4 directions. You will need to render 4 times with changing the angle slightly on each step and renaming your render targets.

I plan to update it to support 8 directions when I port it to blender 2.8

not yet. Waiting for blender 2.8 to be stable so I can port it over

I have to say,its quite stable for an 'Alpha'

Instance variables exposed to the scene editor

would be cool to add an event sheet type visual programming that generates javascript code

I see that variables can be created for types and used, but is it possible to overwrite them on different instances?

There seems to be no way to assign instance variables

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Ok I had a better look at the engine. Forgive me if my assumption is incorrect, but you are already releasing it with the entire source code. It's just some JS bundled with nw.js and some node modules + minified external libraries (pixi and dragonbones).

Edit: Ok, I might be wrong here- bundle.js seems to be minified and containing some ct.js code

In any case, if you do decide to open source it, please dont use the GPL license, as its viral. Most successful os game engines go with the MIT license

Ct.js game engine community · Created a new topic github?
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Ct.js is now open-source: the repo.
~ Comigo

Any plans to open source the engine? I was interested in contributing to the ide, but realized that it's not really an option :)

If not, what is its license?

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This is a great engine for both non-programmers and more advanced users. The event sheet makes it very easy for anyone to pick it up and make a 2d game, but it shouldn't be underestimated-as it packs quite a punch.It has reusable functions and extensions with premade logic that make it easy to very quickly build and experiment with gameplay prototypes.  This makes it a great prototyping tool for programmers. If you are a programmer, GD lets you write actual javascript straight inside the event sheet if you want to- with monaco code editor- being embedded.

Speaking of editors, gdevelop 5 can now be used to author the game sprites too- as piskel is now integrated into it. Animations with layers and a palette editor. I don't think even Construct3 has support for frames AND Layers in its sprites editor. Gdevelop is going further with editors too- there is a sound effects editor included too- very similar to BFXR. A full music tracker is planned for inclusion soon- making Gd5 a complete dev environment - for the whole team. It is near of becoming a fantasy console without limitations! You can export your games to both mobile and desktop targets and sell them with no royalties required. 

Best of all - these technologies come together from a number of open source projects - completely owned by the community of users and free of charge. No hidden catch, no monthly or yearly subscriptions for the features you get- it's completely free. Unlike some of the other software out there, gdevelop will not ask you for subscription fees to make your game. There is no limitation on the number of events you can use in your game. If there is something that you want to change or add to the engine or the editor, you can actually change it- as the source code is right there- with GD you and your team are not at the mercy of a third party company. You own Gdevelop , for as long as you want to :)

was this done in tic-80? :o

the editor on linux crashes when you try to save

how do you use the editor?

there is yet no admob plugin. Maybe someone will write it?

i was wondering the same thing. Thank you for posting here. I hope that sp will support texture changing during runtime at some point