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which version should i download (im planning on trying it out)

A topic by Kringle Pringles created Dec 03, 2018 Views: 145 Replies: 4
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Since this engine interests me, im planning on downloading it and trying it out. but there are two different releases...

theres this Stable one and the 'Alpha' one.

is there a difference between those versions?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yes, these versions are slightly different, especially when it comes to drawing things. Also, some variable names differ, too. Besides that, games made in v1.0 are much, much faster than those that were built in v0.5.2.

As you are a new ct.js user, I recommend you to start using new ct.js v1.0 from the alpha channel, as it is a fully usable product: it has its own separate docs and tutorials, examples adapted to the new version. I also migrate some of my games and haven't seen any issues.

ah okay, thanks

I have to say,its quite stable for an 'Alpha'


Not actually.

Though each "next" version is a fully-working IDE, each new one brings a bunch of breaking changes, and they all are incompatible with v 0.x. The next-2 has breaking changes in ct.fittoscreen module and camera variables. The next-3, or, maybe, the future release version will probably have breaking changes on how you manage graphics assets, though I will try to make these changes minimal for an end user.

Regarding its release cycle, I post updates as new major features come, similar to how Epic Games pushes its preview versions of Unreal Engine.