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Thank you for the feedback! I encountered this also in Firefox. The ' key opens up quick search, and there's no way to disable it from javascript. The only workaround I found was to install a browser extension which disabled the hotkey for me.

You should also be able to hit escape after typing the ', and it will let you continue.

Fun little game. The physics engine was a little wonky at times. I'm really glad you don't have to pass a series of puzzles to get vaccinated irl. :P

Love the art and music. The platforming is very hard! I think the hit boxes on the spikes could maybe be toned down. That being said I found this game really enjoyable!

Thank you so much for the input! Rewinding the text at checkpoints was definitely something I tried to implement, but I had to give up due to time. :P I'm not sure if I want to put that in still or not! I like that the game is still possible, even for slow typers.. you'll just have a very high respawn count at the end.

I'm currently balancing things out, adding sections and shortening certain parts of the text until I am able to beat the game without respawning once. I'll upload the changes once the voting is done and I'd love for you to give the game a second try!

Anubis has some strange criteria for who goes to the afterlife! Unique idea. I think this concept could be very thought provoking with a little more attention given to the life stories of the characters. Not as much random generation, but some intentionally thought provoking circumstances.

My little guy doesn't jump high enough to clear the first step. :(
Some performance issues.

Interesting choice to use both pixel and vector art. Played until it was impossible to dodge more. I would consider adding some variety to the hazards to increase difficulty as opposed to just speeding things up. Cute game with cute art!

I started torching everyone in sight at first! Only when I didn't see my stats going up did I think to pause the game and read the instructions. Might want to make the goal slightly less hidden. Very fun though! Humorous concept.

My god I would LOVE to play a fully featured mars rover exploration game. Super relaxing vibes. Fun driving physics. I did crash into the base station at one point and got completely stuck in but that's almost more realistic than if I hadn't gotten stuck.

Could use some variety in the enemies and room layouts. The entire combat loop was always just run in circles and shoot in the middle of the room. I played until I entered a room with no doors and was not able to continue.

Crazy Taxi! I really enjoyed the theme, and running around was fun, although there might have been too many obstacles. I wanted some more wide open areas to really tear through and pick up speed.

Could use some checkpoints. Dying is very punishing! Nice ideas.

The ball moves super slow. I'll admit I lost patience with this one!

Camera is crazy sensitive. I found out if you jump before hitting the ground for the first time at the start of the level, you are able to jump in the air as much as you want. This is the first entry I played with music, so that was much appreciated!

Upgrading the gun didn't seem to make the enemies die any quicker. On the third level I spawned right next to 3 enemies and died. I like the idea of certain upgrades making you slower, but didn't see any option to not get any upgrade, so either way you get slower on every level.

Tried the read command on a file and I was not able to enter any further commands

Good use of the concept! I enjoyed the different ways you used the weight change mechanic in designing platforming sections. The combat aspect was a little bit slow.

Seems to become impossible by the time you get more than 18 points. Cute dog sprite!

The game doesn't seem to load :(

Could use more levels. The cannon and goal were not visible in every level, so I was often shooting blind.

Couldn't figure out how to get past the second switch. Not a bad concept though.

Love the pure simplicity of this one.

Very cool. Very difficult also, and the timing was tricky at times. Loved the art and music.

Yours too :) Looks like we had similar ideas

Like the concept. Would like if you could see the mouse position on start. My strategy was to spin around really fast, to increase the chance I'd see my tail and know where to go.

I managed to get soft locked by grabbing the key first on the area with both a weight and a key.
After getting the weight second, to reveal the pad lock ,the key was gone and I could no longer finish the game.

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It literally takes the hex value for the chameleon color, subtracts the background color, and if the difference is less than 20% you're hidden enough.
Unfortunately this has weird results sometimes, and even when you clearly see the chameleon he is considered hidden, or when he looks pretty close, he's way off.

If I expand on the game I will definitely rework the color comparison and reduce the number of colors. :) Another thought I had would be to hand pick the colors, so I would use "moss green" to color any moss in the game, for example.

Agreed lol. Lots of colors with unintuitive names. Best strategy is start with the basic color "e.g. green" then go down the list. Thank you for playing!

It's essentially random. Not skill based. Every color you need to win can be found in the top 5 colors in green, gray, brown, pink, and blue. If I did expand on the game I would limit the color options, starting with removing any colors that have unintuitive names! Thank you for playing!