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You are a wizard and the only spell you know allows you to change your weight.
Submitted by Looker — 5 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#54.0774.077

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Software used
Godot, Aseprite

Use of the limitation
Changing your weight is the main mechanic of the game.

Cookies eaten
Way too many...

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Some really good ideas here. The pixel art looks great, including the backgrounds. The tutorial is really clear and helpful. The GUI accurately shows the wizard's weight at any given time--an excellent touch.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of difficulty with the controls. In particular, dealing with enemies was very difficult. Switching from low weight (to jump) to high weight (to crush an enemy) is a really clever idea, but in practice it felt awkward; I'm not sure if it's because I had to control the wizard's weight with my left hand (which I associate with movement). Some experimentation might help to find a more natural control scheme.

Some music and more sound effects would also have great.


Very nice game. Pixel art was really nice!


really well made game! i found it a little hard to kill the enemys but other wise had fun playing it.


This looks really nice, and has a good idea at the center of it. The main problem is the weight change mechanic is very finicky and it's hard to know exactly how much you need to weigh to get past different areas. That makes the difficulty spike up a lot. Also it was a bit weird how only the splat had sound, but I'm sure with more time everything else will do.


Love the presentation. The idea sounds interesting in concept, but handling weight this way is a bit clunky. You can't really tell if you have enough weight to crush an enemy or not mid jump. Maybe just switching between 2 or 3 predetermined weights would be better? 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Dealing with moving enemy characters is difficult for players who are not yet familiar with the system (e.g. me).

This is because the stomping motion in this game is quite a complex task.

I have to get enough height.

I have to align my left and right.

I have to anticipate the enemy's movement.

I have to increase the Weight as much as I need.

I must take into account the change in acceleration due to weight.

I think a more gentle difficulty curve is needed for players to become proficient in such complex tasks.

For example, target things that don't move at first (treasure chests, for example), or place enemies that can be defeated without weight.

The weight adjustment is stepless, but it is easier to understand if it is in step.

How about starting with a level that can be conquered with only two step, and gradually unlocking the weight levels?

Anyway, it's an interesting concept. good work!


This super good. It is so polished. The only thing is in my personal opinion you should make w decrease weight and s increase weight because us decrease weight to jump higher and increase weight to fall faster.

Also I would appreciate it if you played my game.


I don't know why I never thought of reversing the controls, it actually makes more sense instinctively. Thank you so much for playing and rating! :)


WOW I mean really WOW I never expected this muxh good quality game in 3 days!! I really loved the transitions of the dialogue and and the way everthing was made!! You should get a 5 star!! :)


Thank you so much!


I really enjoy this concept. I feel like more feedback regarding the weight mechanic would make this game a bit more enjoyable. I found myself not being heavy enough to crush enemies at times and it was quite hard to predict a jump arc that would get me to the next platform without hitting the spikes. I think a simple animation when your falling and at an appropriate weight to crush things would add some nice feedback to the player. I really like the idea of being able to change your jump arc by altering your weight, it can be pretty hard to get right without some visual feedback. All in all you've done a very good job.


Thank you for playing! I would've loved to implement more feedback but never got to it. If I ever do an update for it, I'll surely add that first.


I liked the style, I enjoyed the weight mechanic - building up weight to slam down onto a slime was very satisfying. A bit frustrating at times as there were no checkpoints, but maybe that's my fault for failing so often.


I do agree with you, I should've put some checkpoints for the frustrating parts. Thank you for playing! 


Good use of the concept! I enjoyed the different ways you used the weight change mechanic in designing platforming sections. The combat aspect was a little bit slow.


Thank you for your feedback! I wish I would've spent some more time fine-tuning for the combat to feel more satisfying. But then again, I barely managed to make the deadline haha