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that would be cool, I don't know if I can do it though, but still cool

ok and just to be clearer I was using ctrl + c and ctrl + v

I usually only have very few words to any response so it hasn't worked before I don't know what to say or do

it says this "Errors:

  • body: expected text between 1 and 20480 characters"

I've tried before on other topics or whatever it won't let me

thanks, so is there a way to show you a sample of what I can make spritewise?

Ok, I just don't know what to make for thumbnails when I haven't always even gotten to the point a game even has graphics or even a name sort a speak, and I'm terrible at scenes

thanks what areas do you excel at? (skill level not microsoft thing lol),

thanks for the feedback :) also I basically just started using GB Studio 2 so I don't know about muting or how to fix the a-button thing the character is a Hedgehog made from a modified sonic sprite I don't have a lot knowhow on making music and they was one scene that caused an error based on pixel limits but I don't know what to do differently, any ideas how I can deal with areas I have a lake of skill in doing like music see I'm no musicition (sorry for miss spelling it I couldn't figure it out), but rather an artist.

Can anyone help me

thanks, but one more thing before I go, I don't see how the graphics aren't my strong point cause I'm an artist I draw a lot

Ok it's if I don't get feedback I can't improve or make any progress in this cause I don't know what I need to do until someone tells me so if noone comments here rather or not they're happy with my stuff what can I do to make any progress?

1 I've never reviewed anything in my life, and have only more recently done stuff like discord, as far as comments go I've done it on YouTube videos which to be people playing the game but they don't make none, or chatting on amino or discord, and the point of people commenting on my stuff is so I know what to do to make it worth paying for or something

My page has  291 views stuff has been downloaded a total of 23 and only 6 followers, I don't care so much as having so little followers, but why don't anyone ever comment on my stuff if I have so many views and downloads?

I wouldn't think so, it's more like I'm the limited one...

I seen it first on the Weekly Game Jams here

anyone familar with this site, if someone made a card game there how would they share it on itch, and

anyone know some tutorials to get to learn it cause I have no idea how to use it to good?, and by Tutorials "youtube videos" would be preferred

would anyone be interested in talking here and giving me feedback to use this project to build a game that people would pay for?

I'd still rather not

don't matter if it's easy or copyright I don't do R or M for immature dirty filth I'm clean only

also I made an entry recently in "Weekly Game Jam # 173" and noone has given feedback at all...

absolutely not

this was about   this...

my two examples have issues I don't know how to fix

would anyone want to team up with me I have two failed projects from other Jams, but I can't pay anyone for their effort so if your interested we'll see what can be worked out?

I have entered 2 Jams and made a game and submmited it, and both were failures with issues I couldn't figure out in time,

is there a Jam to give them a second chance some how like what they was supposed to be gets reworked for the new Jam and I could try to team up with someone to achieve it, also I can't pay anyone for their contribute so if there's such a Jam and someone is interested in teaming up but I can't pay you but you wanna work somethin out to make up for that chat on Discord:  Cat Trainer Cinos#6518 this says it better than I can repeat it.

(1 edit)

but even after a theme given it sometimes takes a while to  think of an idea and can cause me to miss  the deadline

when it says like lasts 3 or 6 or 9 days, any time limit concerns me I hate time limit

when looking through Jams to do, whats a good way to tell if it fits me and my skill level and isn't gonna be to demanding to complete?

"Somethin to do" make games this site is all about that it's very clear

to the Moderator move this back where it was please that's where it belongs, this isn't feedback it's game ideas so be kind and put it back please and thank you

I tried Untitled Game Jam #33 and only managed to do this:

but it doesn't work propperly cause the screen wrap sometimes fails and the player never comes back on screen I couldn't figure it out, but a Jam won't give me ideas, I'd have to have an idea or it would be useless to join one

that's already a game, I mean ideas for me to make a game...

Any suggestions as long as it's clean and family friendly?

on the water one it can't be done  with these controls  gravity and platform positions...          >:( it's impossible!!!

yeah it's not supposed to do that but I couldn't figure out why it was doing it

thanks did the screen wrap give you any trouble such as the player not coming back on screen?