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I see and no worries, as I have mentioned we will be having the game jam again early next year around Feb March. Looking forward to your next game by then.

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Hey Jeoen, That's great, but I was hoping you would reply sooner or post it on the game jam thread there as the deadline was last Oct. 31st and voting has already been started. Anyways, we will be having it again next year so perhaps you will have a new game idea or demo by then. cheers.

I see, thanks for the info.

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This is interesting Jeroen. I see a Python like syntax although it extends Lua. Hey why not join the game jam? There's still 2 weeks left and if you have a demo game 2D or 3D made this year it still counts, not necessarily finished.

You should definitely join and add this or the Shambala game in the game jam.

Nice. 👍 Any progress integrating this with Copperlicht?

On another note, I'm going to try if I can strip out all display related stuff with a server code I'm working on, otherwise I'll just do it with full JS.

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By the way, is there some way to save each terrain splat painted layers to a texture map, sort of like alpha mask texture per file?


Hey there rcgdack1, just sign up and contact me here at

Hey Dieter, how's it going? it's been a while

Hey,  you still have one of the best b3d water with the half-sub.  😊

I think you should look at and perhaps incorporate fredborg's water with the rubber ducky. It kinda has a same tiling method like what you have here, but seems to work on a distance, not sure though if the fog just covers it.

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Hey, how's it going? 😁

I found a small glitch seeing the edge of the water when viewing at a distance and from a higher ground. If you also go back and forth, it also has some popping issues and the water tile appears..

I see, I thought you used some other library that's all..

looks great 👍

Looks great. Just curious though, what specific code are you using for the long distance sprite trees?

Sure thing and nope.. maybe that was just a fluke in their system.

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There's also Vortex2 which has more features and shadows, but has a bug with the skeletal animation system so it diverted to vertex morph animation which is not good and practical.

Btw, I assume you already saw this, so you should join the site challenge for the waterfall entry as I think you will already win by default (only entry so far). Mark (markcwm) has now taken over and sponsoring this contest with a bit of reward or prizes will be given.

Just what I thought. I know copperlicht has basic collisions taken care of.. or is that coppercube?

That would be Monkey-X MiniB3D if you're talking about WebGL. Blitz3D NG did not mention any WebGL, only android/ios plans and dev seems to be currently on pause.

I do noticed a small bug on the splash sprites showing fully when looking farther away from the water fall vs closer.. maybe a bug on the engine itself?

cheers, will try this out asap.

This looks awesome.. possible porting to B3D?

I see and would be nice to see some progress on that. Also no worries, the site is 100% completely safe and webspace provider based on US.

Interesting, would like to see more of that if it's ready. I was also talking about more on making the diffuse texture distorted using normal map + plasma or wave pattern as that's basically how embm works.

That's great info.. which reminds me, do you think it's possible to do environmental bumpmapping just like what you did with the plasma effect? It's kinda similar and I see that with your water demo entry, but a bit more elaborate where you also use a normal map to help with the outcome of the effect.

Anyway, looking forward to the Blitz optimization update.

I see.. looking forward to more updates. This one reminds me of fredborg's water. Any similarities, derivation or new water techniques you added on this?

Looks awesome!⚡ apparently I cannot say the same with the performance even with a small window 800x600. Then again it's still wip so understandable..😊


Awesome! This really shouts PS1 vibes! 🔥🔥🔥

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Sure thing. I see,  perhaps you can submit a request to the author, he might be open to feature suggestions and other issues.

I agree and I'm also pretty sure you'll come up something better with this RIT dilemma eventually.. if not soon. cheers.

I see and you're in luck! I just found and posted here which might be older than that code.. it's from Blitztastic. 

not sure though if it's more reliable, but worth a try.

Happy New Year jfkEO! 🎉

Same here, but it's going to be a busy first quarter jumpstarting with all blitz + other personal stuff and so we shall see..

Happy New Year 🎉

I have not checked it out yet, but thanks for the heads up! 👍

Happy Holidays 🎅

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That's awesome! and say no more.. the complete gile[s] package is here 😉

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Great! also, I have not look closer into it, but  I presume those terrain shadows are baked? 

..and speaking of which, have you not considered using TexturePosition instead of towel mesh in your csp terrain shadows? I think this will make a good start into cascaded shadow mapping.

here ya go... 😃

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This is awesome! 👍 👍 👍 

It kinda remind me of half-life when I first saw the demos before..

First off, I noticed that the sniper rifle is always set to aim mode.. maybe a fix on that so you don't walk like that all the time and when that is the only weapon on hand.

Oh ok. I don't know about that, but I think I have somewhere a saved pages of some code archive, it's around 100+ code I think..

I see. You mean this download? I see some of that in 2d folder and a few on scattered around.

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I mean those springs.. also the whole thing looks really accurate than the included physics vehicle samples on any libs. 

I gathered you made this.. or just shared?

yes, not out of the box.. but I did recall someone posted a resource on how to do this. You may also notice that fastext has this function and does it with their water code. 

will send a link as soon as I find it..