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Hello! Thanks for these amazing sprites! I made a small (web based) puzzle(ish) game with them!

Thank you!

Thanks! I wish itch had scoreboards, I wanna know what you all scored!

Thank you!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thanks! And yeah, the instructions aren't the clearest, I guess. Writing copy has never been my strong suit!

Oh wow, thanks a lot! :)

Yeah, that's the problem of RNG, maybe I should have put a limit of 1 or 2 non-pumpkin letters per pumpkin. Oh well!


Thanks! The sound is from Newgrounds, a great resource if you don't know it.


You can click the ghost to scare it away. Kudos though if just played with it there!

Oh wow, thank you!

Cool take on the theme. I would have liked a bit more animation, especially around the pumpkins. It would be nice to see the splat and land on the cars, rather than just disappear immediately. Good job though!

Really fun idea! As other have said it just needs a little more polish to be really, really great. Tweaking the controls, fixing the cannon/candy layering, adding a mute button and a nicer transition to the win/lose screens would really up the production values in a big way. This would also work really nicely as a Christmas game where you have to fill stockings with presents! Good job!

A neat idea, but it needs more, much like others have said - score, timer, sounds would all add something here. It's a cool concept though and could easily be expanded on to create a full game with multiple levels. Feels more like a demo a the moment.

Pretty fun game and a nice idea - the only problem I had was that I had to refresh after playing once. If you retry the game the bunnies never move in the second game. A solid effect though!

Yeah, this is a good strategy, the 5 minute deadline is very generous! Good job for showing that punk Spaceman Craig what's what!

haha, you found the Easter egg! When the main thruster becomes unstable there’s a 1 in 5 chance it’ll become over charged instead of just not working at all. 

And yeah, lots of people have commented that the method for fixing the unstable systems isn’t the best. Something to look at if I make a sequel - Spaceman Jeff has got lots of flying to do now he’s an official Super Spaceman Pilot!

I think the problem here is that I didn't cut the vine it was telling me to cut so the counter never shows up. The turn counter should show from the start. I still don't see why I ran out of time, though? It looks like the aim of the level is just to care for the plant, which is what I was doing?

There's not though?

Smashed it, mate! :)

Very fun, if a bit frustrating with the random placement at times. You really pulled it out the bag wit the ranking remarks at the end though (2? At least it's not 1!). Good job!

This is one of the standout games for me. The art (as many have mentioned) is great, as is the audio.

The minimal UI & lack of tutorial are both great - it's fun to explore and learn the mechanics as you go. My best time is 4m20s, which looking at the comments it's a pretty decent score I think. Is there actually a win condition for the game, just wondering if I should keep trying or not!

My only criticism is that void consumed the temple as the offering animation was playing. I feel like God could have been a little more patient in that moment! The fruit was right there, you unstable so-and-so!

Yeah, that's a not a bad shout. Originally, I was gonna have the gates move, to really emphasise that it was in the UNSTABLE ZONE, but when I scrapped that idea I should have put a little mini-map or something in. Oh well, one for next time!

Thanks! There's another cutscene at the end if you do manage to do it! I should have added ones for when you lose too!

Thanks, glad you thought it was fun! And yeah, probably sometimes there are jumps that are impossible, sorry! This was actually my first idea I when I saw the theme, but thought it was too gimmicky, so built A Spaceship Called Stability instead. I only built this (in the space of about 2 days) once the deadline was extended. I was on holiday for most of the second week so didn't have much time to polish it!

Yeah, it was a difficult balancing act between getting the systems to fail at just the right rate, maybe I didn't quite get it right as it's dictated by the RNG, so you can get unlucky with short intervals. That said, although you can solider on with a system down you should always prioritise fixing something first and ignore the time limit. 5 minutes is plenty of time to find all the gates!

I must be missing something because my flower was gaining health, but then it just said I ran out of time, but there doesn't seem to be a time indicator on screen?

The music and graphics are lovely though, and work really well together!

Thanks! This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the theme, but dismissed it as I thought corny puns wouldn't go down well! It was only when the jam was extended I quickly built this game as well.

And right you are to feel bad, your bad jumping is gonna turn him into glue! :P 

Jokes aside, I totally get what you mean about the fences not being clear enough at times. I was gonna fix that, but someone said they liked it as it increases the difficulty, so I left it as is. Always get a second opinion is the lesson here!

Thanks! As I said elsewhere, the first two fences together are jumpable, but it's more of a crapshoot after that I'm afraid!

Thanks! <3 I think as other people have mentioned the way to go with difficulty would be to ramp up the number of clicks needed to repair systems rather than it always being 9.

Keep at it, don't let that punk Spaceman Craig think you're not a Super Spaceman Pilot because you are!

Thanks! And yeah I've had gates blocked before too, but I've also seen another asteroid come along and then clear the gate! The problem is if you make all the gates bigger it's easier, and I wanted a challenge. That said, as I'm typing this now I realise I could have implemented some sort of check to see if the gate was blocked and then manually clear it. Oh well!

And with regards using the keyboard instead of the mouse, it means you'd be limited to one system failing at a time, otherwise how would you know what you were inputting for? And one broken system at a time? That's not very unstable at all! ;)


The two fences next to each other at the start are definitely jumpable - the first set of fences are hand placed and all avoidable. Later on you're in the hands of RNG, so yeah you might get unavoidable gates, sorry! I was on holiday for most of the 2nd week and didn't have much time to polish this one, unfortunately!

Thanks! Hope it was difficult in a good way! The music is from Newgrounds, which is a great community if you don't already know it:

Haha, but if you quit you'll never be able to shove it Spaceman Craig's face when you prove you are a Super Spaceman Pilot! He's a real piece of work, that Spaceman Craig.

 And yeah, what would have been better is if the first time something broke there were 3 digits, then the next time 6 and finally 9 as the system got more and more unstable. Oh well, you live and learn!

Collect! Avoid! is a simple to play, difficult to master test of your reflexes and concentration. Collect the stars before they disappear on the left whilst at the same time dodging the falling blocks on the right.

Any and all feedback is very welcome!