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Fantastic idea! We loved being able to draw the sprites live! Super polished look & feel.

We liked the mouse holes! :) And wow, you even implemented powerups! We didn't understand what some of them do, though.

Oh no! That seems like an oversight on our end – we "quit" the game if you press escape!

If you'd like to continue where you left off, you can press N to skip through the levels!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Oops, yeah, I guess! Thanks for playing! :)

Do you mean the "rescue mission" level? To make it a bit easier? That's good feedback, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Very unique gameplay, I see lots of potential in this mechanic! Thanks for creating this!

Some thoughts on how to make the better: add a longer music loop. :) Build a less steep learning curve, where players have to create small constructions first, instead of really big/high ones practically right from the start. Be more forgiving – don't destroy big creations that took a long time when stepping on a single spike.

That's a great idea! The reason why we've not yet implemented that is that the graph layouting algorithm we use doesn't perform super well for, let's say, more than 50 commits. But we could potentially improve that, or show a warning when people try it with big repos, so they won't be disappointed.

So glad to hear that! <3

Feel free to send an email to the address at the bottom of this page, for example!

Hey @teowey! Thanks for letting us know! To help us debug this, could you send us the contents of the game's log file? It should be located in the "Library/Application Support/Oh My Git/logs" in your home directory. The newest file in there would be interesting to us, can you find that? You can go to the Library directory by pressing Command+Shift+L in the Finder.

We fixed the problem. :)

Now available! :)

Now available! :)

Haha, thanks for mentioning "This is the Only Level", I hadn't seen that one before! :D

Also, yay for Godot! Would be curious to learn which nodes you used to design the levels!

Ohhh, thanks for that hint, I wouldn't have expected that! :D I made it! Level 10 was pretty fun, as well. Took me 99 retries overall! :P Thanks for making this!

Neat! :) Lovely art style, and interesting concept! I would've loved to learn a little bit more about how the language works, though! Got to the jail ending, and had a big grin! :) Thanks for making this!

Oh hey, a fellow mouse cursor game! :) Super neat and creative idea! Didn't figure out how to progress past the level where the goal is in the bottom right corner of the room. Missing audio! :)

Ha, nice prototype! :) I think this concept has a lot of potential! Too bad you didn't have more time – love the graphics style! Also, yay for Godot!

Neat prototype! :) Island generation seems to work really well, I wonder which approach you used! Without goals or any actions other than movement, this didn't capture my interest for long, though.

I'm having some trouble with this entry. :/ I don't like that it comes with an installer and forces me to install it. When playing, on my first attempt, when I ran into an enemy, the game crashed. On my second attempt, it glitched me under a platform, and colored me red, and I couldn't move.

The art I saw looked really neat, though!

Caveat: I'm running the game on Linux, using Wine – maybe these errors aren't present on Windows. :P

Ha, I like the board destruction animation, and the intro! Didn't get a lot out of the game – standing in the middle often required no movement at all. I think this would highly benefit from randomized paths, and a bit of sound! :)

I also think it's hard! :) I really like the name! Some ideas for improvement:

  • Slower movement speed should make it a bit more forgiving.
  • Constrain the mouse pointer to the game window.

Nice take on "indicret control"! The music binds the game together well! Love how forgiving the game is, with all the reset points. Took me about 10 min to get to the fish – is that the end?

Had to smile about the deadly bacon slices, or whatever they were! :D Thanks for making this!

"YOU DIED – NICE JOB" :P Really cool entry! I dig the graphical style! Love how new concepts are introduced throughout, and how jumping can leave strategic gaps for you to go through later.

I tried it for three times, and got really close to beating the 3rd level, but then I ran into a wall. :S

Solid entry! I like how you look walking around as a snaky! :) Feels like a pretty polished game, with animations and sound! Are the rooms procedurally generated? Some ideas for improving it:

  • The "way back" from a branch is not very interesting, maybe new enemies could spawn on your way back? (Or it could just be a circular path?)
  • After a few enemy encounters, there are no new surprises, which makes the game less interesting quickly. So maybe this game should be shorter/the map could be smaller.
  • Sometimes, my snaky buddies got stuck on corners. Tweaking the physics a bit could maybe avoid that.

I did! :) Maybe I got lucky! But my impression was that often the "misaligned" shots would hit something else, and the other 50% of the time, I would directly hit what I was aiming at!

Hey, a fellow cursor game! \o/ This definitely has potential! :) To be honest, I found the voice quite annoying, and the presentation is super bare. Thanks for teaching me about the history of the mouse cursor! :)

Hey, a fellow mouse cursor game! \o/ This is fantastic! I absolutely love the sound design! Levels are sweet and short, and not too hard! I'd actually love to play a longer game like this! Thanks for making it!

Wonderful entry! I really enjoyed the introduction, and the level of polish on this is amazing! Good concept, too!

After first trying to time my shots, and failing, a dominant strategy proved to be just spamming shots in the direction of whoever is charging. In that way, the game is not super balanced.

Oh no! If you're on Firefox, disabling the "strict tracking protection", using the shield icon next to the URL might help! We haven't heard of any issues in Chrome, if you'd like to give that a try! :)

Couldn't figure out how to play. After clicking on the animal, the game captures the mouse goes full screen, freezes and mutes. Pressing escape removes the fullscreen, but I didn't find any action to progress. Both in an up-to-date Chromium, as well as Firefox. :/

First attempt: trying to figure out how this works. Which keys should I press? How are they mapped to my physical keyboard? Does my keyboard layout matter? Got to 20%.

Second attempt: just going for it and hacking on whatever key is still highlighted! Feeling like a hacker! Got to 80%!

Third attempt: trying to memorize which buttons are where, very methodically and careful. Got to 20%. :P

I liked the second attempt best! :P For touch typing, I wished that the two keys on the home row would've been highlighted. I could see clicky key sounds work wonderfully here!

I disregarded your advice on Twitter, and played this! :) Neat prototype! I like how you can even walk onto other objects! I did find it pretty hard to control the robot (suiting the theme :P), but I would suggest a different control scheme where if you press up, the robot walks away from the camera and vice versa.

My main complaint about this game is the strange jumping mechanics, which seemed unfair at times when going up ramps. The concept has a lot of potential, but I think the execution is lacking in this one. Ideas for improvement:

  • Give the player some kind of warning before changing controls.
  • Don't change all the keys at once, but do it gradually.
  • Don't make key repeat fill the tilt bar, but also don't reset it. I feel that would give a more balanced experience.

Fantastic entry! I had a lot of fun solving all the levels, and love how new concepts were introduced throughout! Very original concept!

Some ideas on how to improve the game:

  • Longer music, or a way to mute it.
  • Constraining the character movement to a grid.
  • I'd suggest displaying the main character visually different from the other keys.

Is it allowed to work in teams? I would think so, as there's nothing about that in the rules, but you clarify that.