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Great game! Absolutely loved it

Love the game! Being able to play it on the browser is awesome!

Loved the game! Great job

Thanks for trying it out!

Nice game! I especially like the destroy mutation haha

Really nice game !

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I don't recommend Pygame if you have just started using Python, get a feel for it a bit more before trying to use a library such as pygame. There are people who have learnt a lot of python *by* using pygame, myself included, but it is a very frustrating process and I feel bad personally for all the people who had to answer my really novice questions(which are fine to ask), but what makes them not fine is that I was doing a task that is generally discouraged without prior knowledge regardless, and then came back to "annoy" with hundreds of questions about it because I was entirely clueless(which you shouldn't be when tackling a task like that).

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Heyy, did you make this with Pygame?? if yes we need more developers like you to show the potential of 2d game dev with Python!

Im finding it very hard to get past level 2 :(

Really liked it, im using it in my non commercial, not public game,

using this to practise programming, and since i suck at art, this is really really useful thanks!