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Life happens, and sometimes we have to readjust our priorities.
I'm currently doing something similar, so I'm speaking from experience as well!

Best of luck to you on your new endeavour!
Here's hoping that you get back to Wayfarers even better than before the hiatus.


Yes, my problem is pretty much the same, but with something specific that I tend to focus on: family trees and relationships. It's a wonder to me and I always end up wasting a lot of time with it. lol

By the way, MZ came out and it looks pretty awesome. You should check it out (there's a 14 days trial for free).


Hey bro. Sorry I was away from the internet for a while.

I have Discord but I don't use it much. If you feel comfortable enough, we can chat on whatsapp or email.
Send me an email at:

We set up a way to talk there. Cheers!

Hey man!

I'm glad that tip helped you. I use a lot myself, so I was really speaking from personal experience there!
Good to see you got some progress as well... way to go! I've done something similar to a (very) short game that had Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2 and shooting a Kamehameha. It's a pretty awesome feature to have, although I wasn't able to implement it in my own main project.

I'm currently trying to cure myself from something I just found a name to, which is the world builder's disease.
A nasty disease indeed, and something that I've always been aflicted with... although never fully aware of it until recently. Beware not to fall to it as well!

In any case, best of luck to you and hopefully you'll have more updates for us soon (I'm dying for more of your story!) No pressure though! Hahahahah


I'll keep pushing on my own project (once I get back to it) on my own pace, which, admitedly, is very slow. I'm enjoying the journey way too much to rush. Haha

In the meantime, maybe MZ will surprise and attract me enough that I might consider a migration some day. Maybe not. In any case, I just hope the main issues with and features missing from MV are addressed.

Since I'm on a hiatus from my own project, I'm playing different games, and Skyrim was one I had to play again. I had played it back when I had an average potato for a pc, so now that I have a more robust one, I wanted to play with it's mods a bit.  And so I found that feature. Today, after watching F1' return on tv, I decided to reinstall my F1 2018 and give it a spin. Well, gotta make do with that quarantine. Hahaha


You're welcome!

I can appreciate that. Gave you a new perspective in the whole dev process, I'd wager. I've had a few moments like that myself, whenever I learned something new.

By the way, have you seen the news that there'll be a new RPG Maker (MZ) coming out this summer? You might want to hold on to any releases to take a look if we'll be getting anything worthy migrating over on the new-ish engine.

For now, the only news is that there'll be some ways to facilitate the developing process, but nothing yet that isn't achievable with some plugins. I'm not holding my breath, to be honest, but I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Haha

By the way, I found out that the system I told you about (the merchant's money thingy) was one I HAD previously seen on one of my favorite games, The Elders Scroll - Skyrim. I'm playing it again, out of boredom, and I noticed it. In any case, no news regarding a plugin that can do that sort of thing yet. If I find anything I'll let you know.


Hey man, good for you!

I'm planning on getting back to studying UE4 myself, and to be able to release a full game, no matter how simple, in such a short time is quite an accomplishment.

And it's even more important, as you said, that you get to appreciate other aspects of Game Development in general.

Kudos to you!

No worries, I just check frequently for news, so I usually see your messages quickly (also get email notifications, anyways).

I did a search for the plugin, and I couldn't find it. The closer I got was this, which doesn't have the merchant's cash, but has a stock system.

There's many ways to approach GameDev, I just focus on whatever I feel like doing since it's a hobby for now. In any case, I'm now trying to learn more before resuming development.

I've also just found out that there's a new engine that'll be released soon, RPG Maker MZ. You should take a look at it. It seems to be addressing some shortcomings of the MV version, although there isn't a lot on info yet.

Oh, I didn't specify that it wasn't on RPG Maker, my bad.
In any case, I'll see if there's a plugin for it, which I'm almost sure there is. If anything turns up, I'll let you know.

That's my way of tackling things in life. I usually try and do it without much study behind it (using  amore logical approach), and then if it fails, I'll eat up knowledge on the matter before making a new attempt. Which takes more time, but is usually more rewarding since I come out with more understanding of said matter.

That's how I face being an indie dev with all the free time of this pandemic quarantine. It's a lot of work, branched out in various subjects. I focus on something up to a point that is enough to have an idea - or draft, rather - and then I turn to something else. But if I don't know enough, I try some things to see whatever works and whatever don't and then I do something else while learning more about it.

I found out which game has that system - it's The Witcher 3.
I figured that was a very nice feature to have, and would limit the sale capabilities too.

Eventing is where I struggle the most because I haven't learned enough about it yet, so I'm trying to do everything else first, and study eventing in the meantime, and then tackle it head first.

Game making sure is an experience. And if you don't end up learning A LOT of different branches of GameDev, then you're doing it wrong. xD

Well, if it's a recurring feature of the shop (to have limited stock), then it's better to use SRDude's plugin indeed.
Also, I seem to remember a game in which you could see how much money the shopkeeper had, so the player knew exactly how much he could sell on that specific shop. Maybe that's something you could look into.

No worries. The offer is there if you need any help. I figure making a whole game on your own can be quite a challenge, and if you ever feel like sharing the "burden", I'm willing to help. If not, I'll be enjoying the game when it's completed. Hahah

Since making maps is the part I enjoy the most, I'm much further on my own game than, say, eventing and even writing.
Yesterday I spent the whole day figuring out a formula that worked for my damage calculations... and man, was it a pain! xD

Anyways, cheers!

Hey. Substantial update there!

First off, about the problem with Lily's shop quest you could simply put her shopping as an event, and instead of saying to "bill it to the Sentinels", you could have her "hand over X ammount of money" to each of the shopkeepers.That would solve the problem with spending all starting money in trivial things.

As for normal shopping, you could then do the "normal shop processing event" whenever it isn't inside a quest, and as such,  what the player buys is of no consequence.

If you need any help with the overworld, I'd be happy to lend you a hand.

Hey, you're welcome. Good luck!


Very nice post, and I actually have something useful to share with you!
I'm using a program (which is actually a website, but whatever) called

I suggest you check it out. It makes branching stories fairly easy (I'm mostly using it right now to make a family tree, but it works with a lot of things limited only by your creativity).


Hey. I really enjoyed the demo, and I'm looking forward to the full release of the game as well.
Keep it up!

I can appreciate your career choice. I've always wanted to do something related to either gaming or writing, and now I found out I could do both with this project, so I'm more like uniting my 2 favorite hobbies into something that I hope will fulfill my own creative desires.

I've got Octopath Traveler myself about a month ago, and I've put 60 hours in it and then decided to take a break from it as I'm nowhere near the ending (I've focused on the stories and on developing my own job combinations). Between Octopath, FFXII (the Zodiac Age version, that I hadn't been able to play in the past) and my next acquisitive goal (FFVII Remake) I plan on learning more about the RPG genre in general as well as having new insights and ideas to apply to my own game.

I really like UE4. I've been learning on and off for a couple of months now. I'll focus on it once I'm finished with some papers for my college.

Keep up with the awesome work. Be seeing ya.


To be honest, my work is on it's first drafts yet, so there's not much for me to work with on either the book itself or the pacing of the game.
I'm currently trying to adapt new ideas I had, during the implementation of the story into RPG Maker, to the book itself.

As for the game, I've been building the database and I've been working on the world map, the first town and some key areas of the story, as well as how to best use everything and make it all work out for the game. The database is specially difficult to me, since I tend to elaborate too much on things. As such, I made 2 diagrams specifying the relationships between characters, as well as a visual draft for the characters (like my own avatar here) and now I'm trying to make the ages match up properly between everyone.

I found out that it's sometimes too much work because you're either A) trying to adapt things from the story to the game (and vice-versa), or B) you find yourself scaling things up, and then trying to rework everything to make it fit with either aspect of the storytelling (book-wise or game-wise).
In any case, I'm sure to be following up your progress. It'll serve as both personal inspiration and also because, as I said, I'm really interested in the story you're telling!

By the way, I have a question: Did you write the whole story already or are you, like me, writing as you develop the game and they complement each other?

Before finding your game, I was planning on focusing on the book and just messing with the game, to learn more about RMMV and it's limitations. I even thought about making the game in Unreal Engine 4 (with Octopath Traveler's 2.5 Dimension features I found on YouTube), but to write the whole RPG system coding to the game would take too much time that I could spend doing other things I'd rather do, as well as leave me another goal after both book and game are done: to make a UE4 version of the game, without the restrictions of RMMV... but that's a goal for a pretty distant future, and more of a personal hobby than anything else.

I'm sorry about the long reply. I'm way too excited about both my own story and yours. Hahahah


My name is Jeff, and I must start off by saying that I made an account on just to make this comment (and to follow up on your progress on this game that I'm really interested in playing!)

I've seen the video you mentioned in this post, and I was looking exactly at something like this: a game made entirely on default assets that could be appealing.

I've been working on my own project (which is actually a book that I'm trying to write, but since I love gaming and this story has the elements for an rpg, I decided to try and do both, and make the book and the game complement each other as I work on them simultaneously).

In any case, I'm actually pleasantly surprised, as I had downloaded this demo a few days ago but never really got into giving it a try (despite the fact that I liked it on the video) since I'm trying to use the quarantine time to study... but today I finally got to it. And I loved it.

Anyways, I hope you do continue to work on your game, as it'd be awesome to learn more about these characters and this story that you have to tell.