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Idk if I did it write but... I'm free of choices...
This was really interesting!

This is too cute. Excited to see more! 

Haven't even played it yet and I'm already excittteeed

mediocre :(


poor thomas...

I liked it!

omggg I'm so excited for this!!!!!

what's sad here is that you read my comment and thought that I "can't dream of something different and better" and that you didn't seem to understand the point of my comment.

it's nice that you can "think of something different and better" but can you actually talk about that further than this abstract idea of "different and better"?

Looking forward to them! They look so cute and sweet

That was so good. I really liked the "form of this game" and despite it being so simple it's so profound in its own way. Thank you so much for this!

p.s. It actually helped me think about some things so thank you for that as well.

This is turning out to be interesting! It's great! Love the plot and the characters.

P.s. Is Eric Filipino? He used "anak" and I'm assuming that's supposed to be the Filipino term for child...

I played this for hours in one ago and I have to say 11/10! It was such a great job! It kept me hooked until the end of the latest update. Can't wait to see the final showdown!!!

Huh... Unexpected but fun...

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Hi again!

So... I got all the endings and 3&4 were not as platonic as I though they would be... Hehe I really liked how they ended tho! It was so sweet!

p.s. feeling kinda nostalgic? might play HJMB again hehe... still my favorite from you...

(kinda quick but update!) so I'm thinking endings 1&2 are romantic, and 3&4 are platonic? I just chose the other option for the last choice and got ending 1. Since it's you I have faith that the other endings are just as good...

Just finished the first playthrough and got ending 2! It was really cute! That was a lot of teasing that I did not expect but really liked XD. I love how Ross keeps bringing up their past, the absolute madlad XD!!! Also, Aries is totally me in lifestyle; hide in your room, work at home, completely forget to take care of self. Also, child Aries was really forward! Even going so far as to marry Ross! *blush* 

Anyway, another game I absolutely love. Thank you! I'm planning on replaying it rn for another ending hopefully... idk how to get the others tho... we'll see...

aww thanks! I'm thinking yours is WWX right? Idk which panel its from tho...

you, yourself,  are a part of society... if a group of people were to focus their time on other pursuits, the other group (ones not reappropriating time) would have to work to sustain themselves and the group not working (which would be unfair)

employment is not the problem, it is merely the tool used to assign value to people's effort

the ones assigning that value are the real masterminds...

you may revel in your "strategic indifference" as much as you want, but the fact is it offers no solutions to the problems we face...

if you are entitled to a living by society's capacity to provide, then you, yourself, should be providing by virtue of being part of society, otherwise you would be cleaving the people in half; one half who makes effort, and one half that doesn't

the question, then, would be: who decides who goes to which half? 

(or would you claim to not be a part of society?)

you cannot live without expending effort to do so... basic necessities do not rain down from the skies

everyone has a role to play in this complex, convoluted system...

the values assigned to our work is biased, skewed...

a small portion of humanity benefits the most from the larger part's toil

but unemployment doesn't exactly help now, does it?

the ones in power working behind the scene should be the target of our unrest, not this shabby system that is only a tool at its most primitive form

retreat to your forests if you want, live a nomadic life, sustain yourself on the bare minimum but know that you STILL have to expend effort to live

and if you want to no part in society's scheme, then don't expect it to sustain you either...

... by this logic, you'd also be part pf the society that provides for the others that would desire to reappropriate time stolen from them...

I am in pain and looking forward to more of this...

(How dare you take my child away from me btw DX)

...I did not expect this much feels...


I agree. This person dug IVI out from MC's head. That's invasive asf. And I'm surprised that Nash and Leanna ( I chose to tell her) didn't kick up more of a fuss after finding out that Rohan cut into MC's head. I'm honestly bewildered...

Idk if this is a new issue or if it's just on my end... but I downloaded the recent update and when I exited the program last night, I couldn't open it again this morning...

That said, the game is AMAZING!!! I love it, and I cannot wait to progress more...

Probs a bug: I go to school without jerking off and after dad tells me about the curse (at home) there's like 2 hours left so I choose to jerk off... except after that it loops back to having to ask my bro to drive me to school even tho time shows 19:00...

This was really interesting! Barebones, but I really liked the concept.

This is simply AMAZING! I was HOOKED from the first second. Seriously, you did great! Looking forward to seeing more!

Oh, I see, I see. Thanks for the help! That's probably where I went wrong... I got drunk after I took the cure XD.

No worries! Please take your time!

... I did not expect to love this as much as I did... I was set on trying it out because the "summary" intrigued me. But I ended up absolutely LOVING IT! I haven't even met the whole cast of characters and I am already hooked! There's just something about his game... The flow? The narrative? The plot maybe? Idk but I am DEFINITELY following this through to the end. Also, the chapters I've read so far have been really engaging. I couldn't wait to find out what was next every time I reached the end of a chapter. Looking forward to seeing more! You did great!

Out of all the IFs I've played, this might actually be my favorite one! I love the story, the concept, the characters, the lore, and the construction of the entire game! Also, I have only met my mentor (Cencric) briefly and I already love him to bits! This game also pulls a lot of emotion from me and really drives me into having strong sentiments and thoughts about the... current events. Really looking forward to seeing more!!!

Good luck with the schooling and the part-time job!

I didn't say anything about ruining the experience. It really is quite good! I just meant that some sentences do seem a bit jarring because of the way they are constructed which can affect the (flow? idk if "flow is the right word?) of the narrative...

I am indeed going to follow this game through!

Hello! So far I am intrigued with the concept of the game, and I am looking forward to its continuation. That said, there are several typos and grammatical errors which may detract from the overall experience...

I really enjoyed what I've experienced so far! It was very intriguing! Sadly, I don't know how to proceed? I have tried all the "attractions", but I don't know how to bid in the auction or how to proceed with the parade. Please help?

I, too, shanked her when she told me to cut off my finger.

I loved it! Can't wait to see more!

Definitely one of the best IFs I've played. I love it so much! Thank you!!!