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Hey, I hope your all settled from your recent moving. I just came back to let you know the game is downloadable for about 24hrs. So it should give you enough time to download when you get time to. Hopefully everything works right because this is the first time I ever just had my game for download and I don't know how it's going to look if theres no way to play it fullscreen. But anyways, it's ready for you😊

Thanks for the feedback. The maze the player is in IS in the HIVE of the drones ship. It's not in a city or town. The player is inside the ship of the drones. 

Very well made game. Has good storyline and game play is smooth.  I did think it was a little difficult just for the first wave because of the reality changes, but then again I do like a challenge. Just tone the difficulty down a little for the first two waves and then I think it would be more easier for players to catch on.

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Thanks so much. I appreciate you taking your time to do this.  I have not seen that happened at all with the walls sometimes disappearing. It could be something browser related maybe. I always use google chrome and when I tested another game I made a while back on Microsoft edge, it played horribly lol.  So I always have a better experience using chrome.  I will make the game downloadable soon, I have a brother who wants to try it, so I will give him time to play it while it's up. Maybe then you could do a video review of it if your still interested despite already giving a written review lol. Thank you tho, I appreciate it a lot.

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Hey all, im looking for some honest critical feedback for my game Maze Zone. I'm not sure if the game is fun, interesting or what. Many views on it, but just a few plays. I would really appreciate it , feedback would defiantly help. Thanks for checking out,

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Hello Zakaria, I'm glad you do these reviews for the developers because it really helps us out a lot to see mistakes as well as to see how engaging the games are. Anyways, I appreciate players and testers  like you. I do have a game that I would like for you to review if you can. It's not downloadable but it's free and you can play it in the browser on pc. Hopefully the game saturations isn't too much for you.  My game is a 2D retro shooting game inspired by old arcade games and I just released the demo a day ago. I would like to see your honest review or opinion if you can or have time.

Oooh, looks fun and challenging. I like that you have to switch between neon paths. I will give it a try ;)

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Hello everyone, Black Clan Studios just released our first video game demo  on Maze Zone is a 2D arcade retro shooting game inspired by classic arcades like Dig Dug, Galaga, PacMan and others old classics.  Shoot your way through the drones in order to move on to the next stage. We would be happy to have your support and give feedback of the game in the game comment section. We are glad to be apart of a fun community and hope to make fun games that people will enjoy. If you like to check out Maze Zone, just click here on the link and give the game a try ;)