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Feedback for my game Maze Zone

A topic by BlackClanStudios created Jun 25, 2021 Views: 86 Replies: 3
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Hey all, im looking for some honest critical feedback for my game Maze Zone. I'm not sure if the game is fun, interesting or what. Many views on it, but just a few plays. I would really appreciate it , feedback would defiantly help. Thanks for checking out,


Love it! My only suggestion is maybe changing the solid color maze to skyscraper buildings with a helicopter flying through or the jet flying around mountains, ant-air lasers etc to add a little more realism to the levels. You could even keep the name but the mazes are actual real world objects. Great job!


Thanks for the feedback. The maze the player is in IS in the HIVE of the drones ship. It's not in a city or town. The player is inside the ship of the drones. 


Cool I like that

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