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If any1 else needs help let me know .

I just sent you a request on discord (iOwls#4320)

Awesome Game

nice, hope it does well.

any plans on mobile version?

any plans for a mobile port?

I can do a lot via the talents but have not main team, I have these skills

  • unity
  • threejs
  • electron
  • xbox
  • js in general
  • c#
  • oop in general
  • art's and crafts, 3d printer and my own creations,
  • cad and circuits
  • java netbeans, jars and android
  • servers, google cloud, Linux
  • music & art

I'm working on a few projects  of my of own but I am also looking to work with other when I can if, you need help let me know,

I mostly joined up to help out since I see a lot of chaotic code and help requests online.

take care ,Peace,

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I am a highly proficient independent writer, composer, hardware & software engineer with +10 years of experience working as a developer, publisher, student and designer. I have expert knowledge of server infrastructure,  management practices and techniques through extensive experience and training, as well as scripting and cloud based services allowing me to grow efficiently. Feel free to contact me at anytime.