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Just to be sure, can you share with me the size of your monitor and the resolution you have?

Oh, thank you for the detailed feedback! I think all the points make a great sense to me and we will definitely address them in the future releases.

Be sure to jump into our Discord ( to have the latest news or discuss the issues live with us and the community ;-).

Or just say it here! So many possibilities :-).

Rail Route community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please, report any issues with the game here.

As of today we decided to release the feature alpha updates of Rail Route on the platform. Go and grab the latest alpha preview of our game - a rail network simulator.

Rail Route is a rail network management and operations simulation game. You negotiate contracts, build railroads, set up routes for trains and control the traffic. Unlock features to your dispatcher interface, upgrade railway network elements and research new technologies that allow you to automate the operations!

Right now, you can play the campaign mode where you start at the very edge of the Prague railways. Work up your way and master the operations of the full board!

More info in devlog:

Great looking game! Good work.