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A topic by bitrich created Aug 17, 2019 Views: 199 Replies: 11
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Please, report any issues with the game here.

sometimes the railway isn't correctly displayed--you remove the railway but it looks like the railway is still there(actually it's been removed and you may build a new one on that grid) it happens  at the junction or one end of a station restarting the game it will display correctly

i enjoyed your game and i look forward to a level select page,i dont know how to use that level custom button


This issue should be fixed in the upcoming 0.8 version.

I cannot find a way to save or load a game. Every time I start the game, I start from the beginning (using the latest build on MacOS).

Also is there a way to go back to the main menu when inside the game or map editor?


Thank you for the report. Does the new version solved the non working save for you?

Sorry for the late reply, yes with the new version 0.8 everything is working great. Thank you!

If you hit the Escape (esc) key on your keyboard, it will bring up the menu where you can Save your game, or return to the Main Menu.


I played Version Preview 0.9.9. on a Mac Book Pro with Catalina 10.15.6 (19G73).
It is not possible to spend research points. I have 2 points, but when I click on the "Contracted Traffic" Box, nothing happens. 

That means, that it is not possible to play free game after the first two trains are done.




You need to select it before you acquire two points to progress the research. But we made some changes so there's more traffic at the beginning, it was a bug.

I have just downloaded latest Linux version (32-bit only available) and it crashes. You can find the log file as a start here:

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello! Are you sure you have downloaded the latest version (0.10.8)? We started to do a 64-bit build only some time ago. Also I cannot access the file you have shared. It does nothing when I click on it.

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Oh, sorry. The file name doesn’t contain _64 on the end, so I assumed 32 bit. I have also fixed the download. The Windows version does work with vanilla 64-bit WINE.