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Hi ~ I like the art style and animation of this game. One issue ( BUG ) is that when I use my 8bitdo xbox style controller, the B button trigger menu button at the same time. BTW, great to developer using godot too!

Good to know, looking forward to it.

Is there any 'Command Line Interface' for NEXXT? I would like to use it for converting work in my workflow.

Sorry for that issue, I publish this game 2 years ago and didn't think of gamepad support back then, I not so sure if I can fix it now but I will try. Thanks again for your support.

Funny Mini Games Collection ! Go download :

We have full screen option in the in game menu, or you can use alt + enter to toggle.

But if it's not you want, that's the game engine limitation, we afraid that we can not solve it.

Now, I have upload windows package, it's drm free, thank you for purchasing ~

BUG : write_file will not work if you set gameid in metadata.

As far as I know, saturation works like this:
out.r = in.r * r
out.g = in.g * g
out.b = in.b * b
out.a = in.a * a

So the output color is limit to input color, but some time we need over expose effect like:
out.r = in.r + r
out.g = in.g + g
out.b = in.b + b
out.a = in.a

or just tint to single color:
out.r = tint.r
out.g = tint.g
out.b = tint.b
out.a = in.a

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Shader support would be nice,  set shader before draw command like LOVE2D is a good way.

Or make some filter like Brightness / Tint, I normally use this for sprite effect ( flashing / special status).

配色还是有点伤眼睛,这是个需要解决的问题,因为标题中有 Color,毕竟会变为关注点。

Awesome! thank you.

@nesbox, can you explain .tic file format? I just want to change the map from outside.

I follow the same path as @Cesco, I buy pico8 and I support Tiled too,

Patreon is a good idea, I will support you.

Ok, absolute path works, But on andriod where is this file relate to?

For example the tic file is here :


I try put lua file here


and try to:


it said file not found.

so where should I put it?

Since the keyboard support in andriod still in dev, I wonder if I can use dofile on andriod.

Does it work? and where should I put the lua file for dofile function?