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You can get it on, then you get a Steam key and you're good to go.

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Porting City Game Studio to itch?

It's already available on GOG:


Thank you for asking. This game only support x86/x64 for Mac, Windows and Linux. There's no ARM support for it.

Sorry, that extra work for free I cannot afford.

Thank you! Sneak In WAS on the google play store, but it's been removed by google itself becaue the SDK I use is too old. Since I have no plan to use a later version of Godot Engine in order to publish Sneak In on the google play store.

However, it works like a charm on the Steam Deck, and also on any tablet. It is touch friendly tho

Why Trilogy? I mean yo ucan make sequels, so you don't have any limits, you can make 1 sequel, or 2, and call it a trilogy :P

The purchase comes with a Steam key. It worded like that by default, meaning you get a Steam key.

Feel sorry for you, I cannot afford making free games anymore...

Everything is packed in the binary file

Just to be sure that is symlinked to an existing file:

ls -lisa $(locate | head -1)

Thank you!

Comme je suis Francophone j'en ai profité pour ajouter ma langue natale en plus de l'anglais. L'internationalisation est supportée par défaut sur Godot Engine.

Thank you :D

This game is a merge between actual network commands and hacking scene from hollywood movies

Awesome game, I like the visuals!

Nice game, I like the mechanics!

Nice game, however controls are difficult to master!

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Im using Godot 2 atm because Im working on a game for the last 2 years, and Godot Engine 3.0 was not available at the time. It is a customized version because I modified the source code of the engine and recompiled it myself. If you want to know more:

Simply because Im alone working on this game, and I cannot afford spending more time supporting another platform. It is available for MacOS, windows and Linux.

Linux or windows?

If linux don't forget to do a chmod a+x hackSim before launching it.
For Windows, it should work out of the box

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For the visual effect I used shaders with Godot themes.

On itch we only sell steam keys. There is no pirate version available on that website. 

Downloading a cracked version of a game always includes a downside (virus, botnet...)

Thank you! I keep working on it every day, so the more you wait the better it becomes

Thanks ! ;¬) Even if the jam is finished, we'll keep you up-dated as we improve this draft !

Thank you!.

I know about the collisions, I will keep workin on the game later, adding a multiplayer mode, with combos and a big timer and score.

Thank you :^)

The pck file is embedded directly in the executable file.

I do know that it is too late, but I sent a new version of the game including some instructions in the main menu (that I've added for that purpose)

I updated the game to give more instructions about the gameplay. Sorry about that :/

New Update

Coming with this new release:

  • Better juicy effects
  • Improved UI
  • Improved transition including tips


Please tell me how you like it!

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Fun, dynamic, Sneak In is a unique mobile game that joins the playfulness of your favorite classic marble shooter, and the elegance of a simple and flawless design. Renewing the genre with original gameplays such as unpredictable magic marbles and a challenging arcade mode, Sneak In will lead you to the colorful jungle of Chicahua ! Here, use your reflex skills and your cleverness to stop Seth, the glutton snake, from eating all of your delicious marbles. Shoot with precision to match three marbles of the same color, then trigger spectacular combos to avoid the vicious traps. Guaranteed with no ads of any sort, respectful of your data privacy, come and enjoy a good time with this addictive marble shooter game!


Something of a neo-Zuma, Sneak In is our answer to the plethora of marble shooter games all alike : chaotic design, obnoxious ads and repetitive pace. We asked ourselves how we could revive the genre.

Using a 100% open source technology, as we always do at Binogure Studio, Sneak In was developed on Godot Engine. With some sharp contributions, we came up with this clean and modern design, unique mechanics, and a trustful product that keep the nosy ads and applications away from personal data. Sneak In was made not only to entertain and challenge our players, but also to raise the quality and safety standards of the mobile game industry.