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I've got another update today. The biggest change is the addition of an experimental zoom out when you are traveling at high speeds. This is the first iteration, and I will be tweaking it once I get some feedback. I also added the first of what will be several logs that will tell a little bit of the story, as well as explain some of the gameplay.

Other then that, I am working on a lot of refactoring behind the scenes, especially on AI. I am also working on balance, and a couple new gameplay effects, such as knockback for explosions.

I've got a pretty big update today, so I'm gonna break it down with bullet points:

  • The biggest addition is debris, which spawns from destroyed enemies and acts as a navigation hazard. Destroying the debris grants a little extra scrap, and there is also a new mutator that turns the debris into explosive mines.
  • Enemies now also have a small chance to drop mods, and there is a new mod that increases that chance.
  • to make them easier to collect, mods are now sucked towards you in the same way scrap is, after a short delay. (known bug: you can no longer collect them by flying into them, this will be fixed next update).
  • Lots of visual and audio improvements.
  • A couple new enemies and weapons.
Debris Field community · Created a new topic Greenlight
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Debris Field is now on Greenlight!

If you would like to help the game get on Steam, please vote for it here

EDIT: Debris Field passed Greenlight, and will be coming to steam when it's ready!

Another update, this time I worked on sound, and added general polish. sound effects should be more consistent, with less popping and cutting out, and there is now a sound effect for collecting scrap. I also improved missile trail effects by making them persist after the missile has exploded, giving them time to fade out naturally. Finally, I made some changes behind the scenes that should give a significant performance improvement.

Also, on Tuesday 3/7/2017 at 8PM EST, Highsight will be playing Debris FIeld on his Twitch channel as part of his Indie Insight stream. Come check it out!

Another new update. The major addition this time as a new station that allows you to spend scrap to repair your hull, which might shift the odds a little in your favor. Additionally, ships should no longer randomly commit disco, several objects have had their bounds fixed, useful things like loot boxes and chests will spawn more often, there are a couple new upgrades and a new enemy variant that fires boxes of money at you.

I also switched to a new automated build system, so there should be less mistakes on my end when uploading new builds.

I've posted another update. The biggest change this update is some updated UI elements. The scrap and difficulty display is more prominent and uses icons instead of text. also, several instances of text have been changed to orange to make them stand out more. I also added some new terrain to add a bit of diversity to levels, and made some changes to AI spawning to give occasional breaks in the action.

Another update, this time with an improved end game screen, and the addition of a demo to the download page.

I just uploaded a new update with a couple fixes to terrain generation and enemy spawning

For the first update, I'm working on shoring up the level and enemy spawning, both to get rid of weird edge cases of terrain overlapping or enemies spawning inside of terrain. I'm also working on improving performance, as well as adding more level terrain variety.

I will post about what I'm working on here

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My name is Pearce Michal, and I am an solo developer who has been working on Debris Field for a couple years. I'm super excited to finally make my passion project available for others to play, and look forward to any feedback.

The primary objective of the game is to repair the 3 core stations that are required to activate the warpgate that will take you to the next level, while also upgrading your ship and weapons before you get overwhelmed by enemy ships.

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If you find a bug that does not warrant it's own post, please post it here.

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If you have any general feedback that does not warrant it's own post, please post it here.