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Impressive! I had to look twice to believe this is really on C64! ;)

Saberman, if we ever have to go on a vacation trip together: I won't let YOU do the map reading 😂😂😂

I think it would be better if they would actually update when viewing the high-scores from the main menu, or at least always keep the updated scores in memory.

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Nice solid game! It seems the high-scores are only loaded upon start-up, and not immediately after the initials being entered when getting a high-score?

edit: oh wait, I see I have to press F1 :)

edit 2: oh no... that removes them! :)

Thank you! :)

Rare to so a game translated in my native language, Tkjrhne. Thanks! Rated!

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Thanks for the feedback! This game was made within three days, so I hope you understand I had to keep things simple :) I've tried to make the pixel size of the squares the same as the rest, but I didn't like it at all.

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I like the graphics and presentation, but it's a shame there are no animations. The game itself was very confusing at times and a little bit of a hassle to me, but I had a good laugh :) Keep up the good work! Rated!

Nice Metroidvania with some good ideas. The controls/movement could've been a little tighter to my taste, but overall nicely done! Rated!

Very nice visuals and a daring entry for a game jam! The game bugged out on me in many ways, but if this is really made within a week then that's impressive ;) Rated!

This is a simple and fun game. Is it endless? It became a little repetitive after level 4 for me. The neon effect looks great. And whoever waxes the floors in the Neon Maze can come to my place anytime! ;) Rated!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Nice polished puzzler. The used colors could've been a little more extreme (they feel more like pastel than neon to me). But overall, very good job! Rated!

A very bold project! The visuals could've been much more bigger, extreme and flashy with the neon-theme, and the presentation could've been a lot more polished. But, nice work! Rated!

This was a little too hard for me, I couldn't even get past one enemy! :) It reminded me of Hotline Miami. Keep up the good work! Rated!

Visuals, atmosphere and controls are nice, but most things act and look quite unfinished. Guess you didn't had time left to finish most of your ideas? Keep up the good work! Rated!

Okay, that was... short! :) This could turn into a fun adventure. Keep up the good work! Rated!

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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :)

Thank you! :)

This game is very polished and fun in every way! Great job! Rated!

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The idea worked (I played it without reading the instructions the first time and it felt quite intuitive immediately), but it's a shame that the graphics, unless I missed something,  don't go beyond 'programmer graphics'. Keep up the good work! Rated!

I really like the style and graphics of this game! It's a shame the 3D-effect made me very dizzy, so I had to stop way too soon :(

Keep up the good work! Rated!

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LD Records and Neo Egg must be quite big companies to have so much buildings ;)

Nice shooter, although a little too much on the unforgiving hard side for me. Keep up the good work! Rated!

Well, it wasn't exactly boring; it was plain IMPOSSIBLE during the last stages, where there's no color anymore and you have to select the right gong by ear!

I kind of liked the IK+ ball-deflecting stages. If you keep up it gets crazier and crazier :)

Thanks again! ;)

Thank you for the list! 

1. Good idea!

2. The off-screen squares seem to annoy a lot of players, so I will remove them if there will be a post-jam version of the game.

3.  I think there's plenty of room for mistakes already.

4. I tried that but it felt weird... and also like a Playstation™ commercial ;)

5. Maybe I'll try that and see how it turns out someday.

Thanks! Although I made this game just for this jam. No plans to further develop it ;) (maybe there will be a post-jam release version later)

I walked downstairs immediately after reading your comment and there suddenly was a Depeche Mode CD on the kitchen counter for no apparent reason. Freaky! *Twilight Zone Tune*

Yes, I made everything myself! Thank you for the kind words :)

The off-screen squares are there to make the levels somewhat harder. But if I ever continue with developing this game I'll remove that because it seems to annoy a lot of players.

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I like the art style because it looks like if a Vectrex machine and a monochrome monitor had a love child :) Didn't make it too far, but the gameplay is enjoyable. Good work. Rated!

Arrrgghh! Not the tutorial again!!!! :) Nice polished game, although a little too hard for me. Rated!

What 3D? ;)

Very polished and complete with great visuals. Rated!

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^_^  <- Me

Btw, I heard they're setting up a self-help group for people who played my game.

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...but without the tedious 'hit the right colored note on the gong'-BS between the levels ;) Thanks for having fun!

Thank you for the kind words! :)

''Neon of the Dark Realm''... Sounds like a Synth Wave / Black Metal cross-over band :) But joking aside, this is a nice game. I love the brooding atmosphere. Although, it was not very clear to me what the goal of the game is (dive deeper)? Good work! Rated!

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I see your kangaroo is going to space! Maybe he'll meet my Llama ;) Nice animations. Could've used some music, though. Rated!

Love the artwork! Did you do it yourself? Rated!