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Hey! Yes, it's a secret map.. There is no Unused map in the files. Every map can be reached while playing the game. It can be hard to figure out how though. If you want help there is a guide on Dismantled hub page on Steam explaining all secrets in the original game.

Hey, happy to hear from you again! It's been a while. Congrats for the discovery! The other skulls are in other secret area that are well hidden.. you Will have to discover all the other secrets to find them.. There is a guide on Steam Dismantled hub page that might be usefull to help you out. And yes thank you i'm doing good! And yes i began Dismantled 2 developpement. It has been on hold since couple weeks now though since i beginning my seasonal job, but i Return to it soon. I hope you are doing good as well!

Physical copies will now comes in a custom hand made box. I will make 10 of them only.  Some will be green, other will be black.

Thank you!! I'm thinking about it since a while now.. and I'm actually feeling the same to be honest.. Might do like i did for the first game instead. With a uncensored and censored version.. This is probably what i'll do.

Dismantled community · Created a new topic Physical copy

I removed listing on ebay. But i still got a few  for sale. I'll just sell them on my own instead. I will ship to Canada and US with tracking for 45$CAD (shipping included).  It's mostly a "collector" item since it contain older version of Dismantled (2.0.8) which contain some bugs and no expansion. But still playable to the end without troubles.

This includes: 

-1 Dismantled physical copy pc CD-ROM containing version 2.0.8.

-2 signed production sketch and/or some files used in the game.

-1 steam key to access the full release with expansion and everything.

If you are interrested you can contact me here: 
Discord:  BigProjectAlone#4495

Thank you for your support!

Thanks Neco, looking forward for your playthrough of this my friend. 😉!!

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much! i'm really happy that you liked it to the end!!  A lot of people told me the DLC was better than the main game too. Unfortunately if you talk about the Crocodile hybrid you wont find it anywhere in action... They are only on those tubes in this game, but for sure they will be seen somewhere else in the futur.. Congrats for finding all those endings!! the one you miss is related to the secrets in the game. In fact this last ending is the biggest secret and requires a lot to be unlocked.

- Yes those 2 keys you found are same as the one you find in the following areas, you just get them earlier.

-Music is not supposed to stop suddenly in the ending of the cathedral.. that's weird hmm.

-So you found the museum?? Good job!! This secret was pretty hard to find.

- I did checked everywhere to be sure i had not forgot any doors and i found nothing at all about those doors you said. Yes if you could have some pictures i'm really curious about this.

And well when i do search Dismantled on i do see it on the pages hmm.

Thanks for playing Dismantled by the way, people like you gives me inspirations to do more Games and work harder! I should annonce something new in the next weeks. If you want you can follow me on twitter too (@PluieDeSangProd). But the annoncement will be everywhere anyway.

Hey, sorry for my late answer...

- Well, for the item you say you found doing platforming.. no, it only have a use in the expansion.

-The secret boss area give you the Gazmask earlier in the game

-Some doors you can't interact with !? i"m really lost on this one hmmm

-And yeah the reload while the inventory is open someone else already told me about it but i can't find a way to fix ... It can be exploited to reload safely in fights .. -_-

If you have any other questions dont hesitate!! :) i'll go investigate to see what doors you are talking about.

Yes posting here would be the best way. I'm really happy to know you liked the DLC!

Thank you very Much!! And yes some secrets are pretty cryptics. If you want help at some point someone made a guide for all secrets in the main game on Dismantled Steam page.

i see now, yes. Related to ending. 😉

no problems! And for the objects im not sure which ones you're talking about but i can Say that every items have a usage. (Except the Wooden cube which is useless)

Hey! the 3rd file in Bittersweet misery is in the first room where you woke up in the main game and demo. During the countdown.

The main game with Censored edition i guess is safe as there is no nudity at all. But expansion pack final boss still has nudity. I cant guaranteed anything though as i am not familiar with Twitch.

No problem, I'm glad you finally received it. Enjoy!!

let me know if you still dont see the message.

I can confirm that the email was sent at 12:48 today to your email provided by

Sorry i've been busy past couple days. Just sent you a key right now.

You should have received it now, i just have sent emails to newest sales.

Everyone who bought the game on gets a key, with emails that provided.

I'm glad you like it, Enjoy!! 😁

Keys are sent!

Steam release will finally happen , it will launch somewhere on December, the page is already on steam!
Along with some bug fixes and a  complete french translation including texts and audio.

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Hi! I had problems with this achievement and for now it have been deactivated, you still can do it but it wont appear in the credit as intended...  I dont like to reveal my secrets but i guess i can say that: it is related to a fridge? most people noticed a secret passage in one of the fridges, this achievement is related to it.
As of now i'm working on the steam release and on the french translation for Dismantled and it should launch on December. I sure have ideas for sequel etc but nothing i can really talk about for the moment. And if a sequel happen it wont be in a near future since i'm alone on my projects it takes me a lot of time to make a game. And i definitely need a break from all this gory stuff , i'll switch back to my other project (Mortila) for a while before i start anything related to Dismantled.

I am adding a French version of the game (voice included), and I will fix remaining bugs if there's any. Steam's release is primarily aimed at getting a larger audience for Dismantled, so the game wont be changed that much.

Save slots can be added, i'll see about that.

You Play as the girl you've left behind in the front yard, it's her side of the story, Bittersweet Misery is the expansion of Dismantled.

Hello! yes, i will send keys via email adresses to people who bought the game here when it will launch on steam.

2 issues that makes me quit really early.
Camera is really annoying.. it could need better movements or something cause it makes the game really hard to play.
Sunlight is blocking the entire vision at some point where i could not even tell where to jump.
The graphics looks good but because of those 2 things i've lost all interest really quick.

its a pleasure! ☺️

No problems!! 👌

Update 2.0.8 is already out since a couple Days! Subtitles can be turn on/off in the settings.

That deffinitely is really weird bug here... and thank you!

I just tested both editions and everything is fine on my hands... are you able to record a video when it happen?

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That's really weird ... I will have to look at this afterwork today... I have no clue right now on what could cause this problem. Is this for normal edition or LZDoom ?

Did you changed the default binding? Look in the controls option to see what key is binded for "CROUCH".

Yes! the game is finished, but DLC's Will be added in the future.