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I did!

Me as well, the N64 and the ps1 are really the 2 consoles that marked my childhood the most.

Thank you so much i appreciate that!

This is no longer available.

Yeah I do keep the ink ribbons as I believe it gives the games more tense moments and keeps the player on his toes. Being able to save everywhere removes the stressfull feeling because you dont fear of loosing your progress. 

I agree it can be annoying sometime though so I will be more carefull about the save points placement in Dismantled 2, but typewriters and ink ribbons will remain.

And yes I've put more inks in Director's Cut to help this a bit and I will keep this in mind for Dismantled 2 I will be generous with inks for now on.

Put this: `=toggleconsole
In the Doom.Bindings section of the ini file named: lzdoom_portable
This will rebind a key to open the console in game.

You can enter cheat codes via the console in game. Or use the original DOOM cheat codes as well i'm pretty sure they do work. Console is deactivated though... but you can add it back by editing the ini file in the DATA folder of Dismantled. I'm not home right now though and i can't remember what or where to write the command in the INI file...

No problems!

Thank you for the support! This is really appreciate.

Much appreciate, thank you!

Thank you my friend I appreciate that!

Hello! Yeah the supply of Ink ribbons is pretty limited in this edition. This is something i've updated for Director's cut, the game will be more generous on Ink.
Anyway, yes there's a way to cheat and there's how you can do it:

-Get Slade if you don't have it yet, this is needed to open the files and edit them. :
-Open MainGameData.IWAD (Or MiseryData.IWAD if you want to edit the expansion files) in slade and find the MAPINFO lump. The files are located inside the DATA folder.
-In the MAPINFO lump there's the difficulty settings and you should see "DisableCheats" in each of the difficulty setting codes. Just comment them out by adding "//" in front of them or just delete those line all together.
Here's an exemple of a difficulty setting with the cheat commented out:

skill Tikles
ACSReturn = 1   
SpawnFilter = "easy"
RespawnTime = 0
MonsterHealth = 0.7
DamageFactor = 0.6
name = "Tiklesonthedeads"
PicName = "D_TIKLES"

-Save everything and load your game...

You should be able to load your game and enter cheat codes.

Yes it's a separate release.

Hello there, I will be releasing the Director's Cut edition of my game Dismantled on June 1st both on itchio and Steam.
Link to the page:

More info:
Dismantled is a survival-horror game about a mad doctor who experiments on animals and people, stitching parts together to create inhuman abominations. It's inspired by old Resident Evil games, The Suffering games and old B-movie movies. It is built in the GzDoom engine and is also in first person.

Be aware that my game is full of shocking content and nudity, but it also contains a censored edition that removes nudity.

What's new on the Director's Cut edition?:
-All textures and graphics have been reworked to make the game as beautiful as possible (textures, weapons, enemies, inventory etc). Some new textures have also been added.
-New scenery objects added, and many others have been replaced by new optimized versions.
-Some maps have been completely reworked/re-organized.
-An original soundtrack has been composed specifically for this edition, all music has been replaced apart from a few unique exceptions.
-2 New enemies will be on your way...
-2 New weapons will be at your disposal, one in the base game, the other in the expansion.
-New difficulty choice menu includes an all new "Randomizer" mode for a whole new experience.
-The secret difficulty of the original edition is now called "Hardcore" and is no longer hidden.
-New secrets
-Some puzzle elements have been changed around.

I figured you had enough answers and just left the thread ahahahah 
Sorry to hear your computer was broke ... And really no problems i was happy to help you out!!
For the sequel i'm trying my best on doing something greater. And i'm not that alone anymore on this one too so that's very helping a lot. I have a friend who do a complete original soundtrack for it, another friend who help me with the story and the dialogues, and another friend who is helping me out with programming. I wish on succeeding doing a sequel that will surpass the original in all way, and i hope people will love it as much as the first game.

A monster was placed over that picture? Damn i'm sorry about this -_- !!

Thank you for the playthrough Neco. Awesome video like always, great job finishing it!! I appreciated your honest opinions too, this will help me improving for the full game.

This secret is looking like a trap but there's actually an hidden switch to escape it! You should see something if you zoom a lot on the automap.

For the file in Penumbra I agree it's pretty camoflaged, There's a picture where you should find it right here:

Ok! So, the 6th file is in same floor as the chappel. In the bathroom look under one of the toilet doors you should see it.

The 11th file is a secret file as in the main game with the cheese note. And unfortunately it's at the very end of the Penumbra map... so it's quite a long way to reach it. (Not really worth it anyway it's just a picture)

I tested the puzzle in the bunker and it does work. But i noticed it's quite easy to press too many times on the valve without noticing it... I did it the first time, but when i restarted and redo, it worked.  Maybe you pressed one of them too much times? It really is 3,1,2,2,2,1,3 .. In the order you access the valves it means first, second, third, third, third, second, first. Each one of them open a wall for that secret area, there's 3 tiny walls blocking the path basically. Turning one of the valve more than needed just re-close the wall.

I'll go check myself and i'll let you know. Right now i can't even tell which files is what  its been months since i last played it and i forgot a lot of things ahahah. I'll post here later today.

That's weird, i would have to test myself i can't really remember to be honest. I don't have the time right now so... but I know the valves are like this:

-First one you can reach is the number 3.
-The second you unlock is the number 1
-The last one is the number 2.

If it can help maybe.

congrats finding penumbra !! Just à few People managed to find that one. 👍

The secrets with the valve, the combination need to be done in the correct way. If you touched valves once before trying it it might mix the combination. You should try it from beginning of the bunker. 

You are still on the right track!

You are right with the ladders. You are on the right track. Like i said you should look starting right after grappling rope remember that too. And no problems!!

it is related to the area with the "1 door as open and 2 doors closes" things. I dont want to spoil you too much so i'm not sure what to say appart from investigating that area starting right after you used the grappling rope.

I forgot about that head.. pretty sure it is just décoration yeah. So you still miss a Skull? Did you found Penumbra ? It's mentioned in the file you found right next to that skull in the secret near reject.

Yeah those pedestral are for the skulls. Unfortunately both cables are hidden in the Asylum so you would have to restart the whole thing. You really have all 3 skulls? If so you did an awesome job i know they are pretty difficult to get.

The bad ending with the elevator is the one considered canon. Dismantled 2 demo will show more of this.

The hatch you opened is the one that you go through to go down the ladder and continue the game. This is not related to a secret.

No problems! Don't hesitate if you have other questions.

Yeah that's it for the asylum files then!

If you never found any file during the countdown it is the one you miss. There is only one during the countdown and it's in the room where you start the main game. Right before you get into the vents look in that room you should find it.

Look for it during  the countdown!

So sorry for late answer. If i remember correctly yes the fifth file is in the Asylum. I can tell you tip to find it if you want. 

I have plans for Mortila and it will see à lot of changes in the futur but not sure when. I want to make it a standalone game instead of à mod. It might have to wait after i'm done with Dismantled 2. But i'm still working on it here and there.

Hey! Thank you i'm happy you liked Dismantled. This place is a map from my previous game Mortila (still unfinished). And the cube as no use at all. It was in the original map but that's about it.

Hey! Yes, it's a secret map.. There is no Unused map in the files. Every map can be reached while playing the game. It can be hard to figure out how though. If you want help there is a guide on Dismantled hub page on Steam explaining all secrets in the original game.

Hey, happy to hear from you again! It's been a while. Congrats for the discovery! The other skulls are in other secret area that are well hidden.. you Will have to discover all the other secrets to find them.. There is a guide on Steam Dismantled hub page that might be usefull to help you out. And yes thank you i'm doing good! And yes i began Dismantled 2 developpement. It has been on hold since couple weeks now though since i beginning my seasonal job, but i Return to it soon. I hope you are doing good as well!

Physical copies will now comes in a custom hand made box. I will make 10 of them only.  Some will be green, other will be black.

Thank you!! I'm thinking about it since a while now.. and I'm actually feeling the same to be honest.. Might do like i did for the first game instead. With a uncensored and censored version.. This is probably what i'll do.

Dismantled community · Created a new topic Physical copy
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Edit: These copies are no longer available.

I removed listing on ebay. But i still got a few  for sale. I'll just sell them on my own instead. I will ship to Canada and US with tracking for 45$CAD (shipping included).  It's mostly a "collector" item since it contain older version of Dismantled (2.0.8) which contain some bugs and no expansion. But still playable to the end without troubles.

This includes: 

-1 Dismantled physical copy pc CD-ROM containing version 2.0.8.

-2 signed production sketch and/or some files used in the game.

-1 steam key to access the full release with expansion and everything.

If you are interrested you can contact me here: 
Discord:  BigProjectAlone#4495

Thank you for your support!

Thanks Neco, looking forward for your playthrough of this my friend. 😉!!

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much! i'm really happy that you liked it to the end!!  A lot of people told me the DLC was better than the main game too. Unfortunately if you talk about the Crocodile hybrid you wont find it anywhere in action... They are only on those tubes in this game, but for sure they will be seen somewhere else in the futur.. Congrats for finding all those endings!! the one you miss is related to the secrets in the game. In fact this last ending is the biggest secret and requires a lot to be unlocked.

- Yes those 2 keys you found are same as the one you find in the following areas, you just get them earlier.

-Music is not supposed to stop suddenly in the ending of the cathedral.. that's weird hmm.

-So you found the museum?? Good job!! This secret was pretty hard to find.

- I did checked everywhere to be sure i had not forgot any doors and i found nothing at all about those doors you said. Yes if you could have some pictures i'm really curious about this.

And well when i do search Dismantled on i do see it on the pages hmm.

Thanks for playing Dismantled by the way, people like you gives me inspirations to do more Games and work harder! I should annonce something new in the next weeks. If you want you can follow me on twitter too (@PluieDeSangProd). But the annoncement will be everywhere anyway.