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Replied to ayrios in Bug Reports
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ok that seems to have fixed the problem. thanks for your help

Replied to ayrios in Bug Reports

that was the first thing i thought of. problem is, it is so off center, that i can't even change the resolution. and no amount of uninstalling helps.

Posted in Bug Reports

ok so i am experiencing a bug where when in the menu my cursor, isn't actually my cursor. my in gmae cursor is up and to the left of where my mouse cursor shows it's supposed to be.

Replied to Zakius in Bug Reports

i used to have disable programs such as razer synapse, because the notification for updates would minimize whatever i was doing. when that happens, try to look in your hidden icons and see if something new is opened. if nothing like that happens, then its possible it is just the game being stupid. other than that i would not know how to help without having access to your computer, because i do not know what kind of programs you have.

Replied to Zakius in Bug Reports

the darkness problem can be solved by going into settings, and upping your brightness (it might be called gamma, not sure)

i have a similar problem with the mouse pointer randomly appearing though, and its annoying, because you have to hit esc and then resume to get the cursor to go away (or at least i have to do that)

i don't have the problem with random minimizing though. are you sure you dont have another program that is not recognizing it as a game, and innterupting it, and causing it to minimize the game?

what are your specs, because i run the game perfectly fine on all ultra at 1080p.

My specs

I5 2500k

NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti


if im not mistaken the game seems to be locked at 60 fps, but that's not very much of a problem for me.

Replied to AlexRNG in Bug Reports

i have a very similar problem. im running the same version, and i don't think its based on specs, as my specs are pretty different from yours.

WIN 10

intel core I5 2500k

nvidia GTX 1050ti


Posted in Bug Reports
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so i have a problem every time i launch the game after a play session. it resumes where i saved fine, but the res scale is set to 0% and it takes a few tries to get it to stay at 100% res scale. other than that, i don't have any problems with other glitches so far.

EDIT: i can't exit the settings screen once i enter it, and i have to close the game, and re launch it.


I5 2500k

NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti