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these are my specs

I5 2500k 3.6 Ghz
MSI Gaming X 1050 ti
8GB Samsung DDr3 1600 MHZ 
UpHereTechnology 240mm closed loop water cooler
EVGA 700 watt Bronze1TB hard drive, 500 GB hard drive

this is my list of numerous problems:

1: the game maxes my CPU put at 100% and 30-50 fps after this update, where previously it was sitting at 30-50% with a maxed 60 FPS. this makes the game unplayable, as my minimum framerate can drop as low as 0.5 for multiple seconds. this gets worse near the mine, and ehas cause plenty of game breaking physics bugs.

2: if you are not very careful with the horse, and how wide/sharp you turn, the horse with go through the wagon, causing it to spaz out, and EVERYTHING in the wagon will be thrown everywhere. in my testing the distance thrown depends on how bad the physics spaz out. it can be anywhere from just a few steps away, to so far away it will take you longer to find the stuff than to just restart from your last save.

3: this kind of ties in with the last one. when putting ores in the open top baskets, the physics have a really hard time dealing with more than 6 or 7 ores at once. (yes i am crouching before picking it up) and IF you manage to get more than that outside the mine to your horse, chances are the game will freak out (as in it will start moving your character for you. you can be 10 feet away from your pc, and you will teleport around, and your view will teleport to different angles for a solid 30 seconds) and this freak out will throw your ores out of your box, and make them go everywhere. every time this has happened i have been unable to recover at least one ore, and one time it was so severe i went from 10 ores, down to 2 ores. this seems to be a physics bug, with the game having problems loading the new world, and stopping the loading of the mine, at least to the best of my knowledge.

4: ok, so if you manage to get a bunch of ores into boxes, and into your cart with little to no problems, now comes the challenge of transporting them home. i have found that the chances of your open top boxes staying in the cart ore extremely low. multiple times i have gotten home, only to find that there are no more boxes in the cart, and that they fell out before even reaching halfway home. my best guess would be a clipping bug with the bottom of the wagon, as they are usually just sitting there upright, with little to no ores spilled out. in my experience you can carry more ores, with less problems, if you only take one open top box, and fill it up, and just empty the ores directly into the wagon. then you leave the box there for you next mining trip (outside of the mine, or it will despawn. learned this the hard way. unless that is also a bug, and it isn't supposed to despawn like that) this way can yield well over 50 ores in one trip, where if you take boxes and fill them, you will be lucky to bring over 30 at once, as it can be tricky to get 3 boxes to stay in the cart on their own.

5: so lets say all of this has been done, you brought home over 50 ores, so yous melt them all. so far i have found no glitches with smelting, other than it seems to be very taxing on the cpu, and IF you somehow aren't at 100% usage yet, you will be now. other than that smelting goes on without a hitch. maybe you chop both or just one of the trees down for firewood, and you play the game for a while. you decide to stop playing, so you save, sleep, then save (or at least i do, because i am paranoid and don't want to lose progress) then the next day when you come back the pickax head and handle are back, and all of your ores are de smelted and laying near your horse and wagon! the strangest part is the fact that you still have all the ingots you previously smelted though. so if you smelt 50 ingots, then save, exit, and re enter the game, you will have 50 ingots, plus 50 more ores to smelt again! this is a repeatable bug, and seems to consistently work the exact same way, with no variance. in my testing it will never decide to one time take all your smelted ingots away, or not give you more free ores. 

these are just the bugs i have found after only a few hours of play time, so i am sure there are even more large bugs that i just haven't ran into yet.

Hey BigMan7o0,

Thanx for the report. 

The CPU issue is the result of trying to stabalize the games physics, I am looking into it..

Thank you!!