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morrisongames i know. sorry. but the glitches, you need to tell mystman12 about that. im no mystman12 ya know. also, i seen everyone recording and streaming and they were fine.

Ughhhh i dont wanna make an officeeeeeeeeeeeee


what are you talking about? u just download it

very strange game

same happened with my friend. i guess it just effects a few people cuz i seen somebody was windows but they got it to work sorry

yeah, all i want u to do is replace the baldi sounds and all that with spongebob sounds that are similar to baldi's words. I recommended spongebob soundboards and something like that. Here is the link:

I tried to mod audio in baldi's basics. But I failed. Btw, can somebody help me? It's like a spongebob + baldi game thing. Just like any other baldi modded games. I make one out of spongebob. But I need to mod the audio, and I can't. Can somebody help? In order to help me. You must know how to mod audio in baldi's basics.

its hard to replace audio

uhm, did you use mac or windows to download it? somebody who uses windows couldnt download.

wait is it a yt vid. if it is. wat is the link to the vid, i wanna watch it.


were u the first comment

I made a mod.

yeah, he is, including patrick, mr. krabs, fred, some customer, and plankton

i already figured out lol

I can't upload a game. Well, actually I can't upload the folders. The folders wont let me upload them. Please help.

could u make a mod?

How do i retexture stuff in this game? I want to make a mod of my own :(

How do i rextexture? I wanna make a mod for it

I want to make a mod. How do i retexture the stuff in the game though?