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Per's suggestion, here is the board game I just published. It's an adaptation of the 1999 movie Being John Malkovich, in which you compete against your friends to take control of the famous actor via a tiny door that leads into his mind. You know the drill!


I really liked your game Purge System. It had a similar fact finding concept but with way more gameplay!

We can do a reunion game any time you like!

Wow! This game is amazing!

The art & animation is really fun and gives the whole thing a very cohesive feel.
I love the variation in gravity & friction on each planet. Then when it's paired with the alien powers, it gets even more fun.

This is a really awesome piece of work!

As for any feedback, all I can really think of is that maybe levels 2 & 3. When I was learning to use high jump and learning to use the 1st alien power, the levels were a little tricky so I kept having to retry after falling.
Not a big deal, but the difficulty was maybe a little high for the first time exploring that piece of game play. Later levels where I knew how to use the gravity or alien power, I didn't mind that they were more challenging because I was already familiar with the gameplay.

But seriously, GREAT JOB!!

This is a really fun platformer!
I love how quick the player moves. Makes the game both fast-paced and challenging in a great way.
The colour scheme is so bright and charming too.
Great job!!

Oh! Good note!
I've added Control instructions to the game description.

Thanks for checking it out!

Very fun!
Love swallowing up the planets, moons & shooting stars. Great music too.
Nice work!

Fun and challenging game!
I really like the ship design. Great music too.
Nice work!

Simple but fun concept. I really like the art style - especially the astronaut!

Fun game!
Simple, effective and challenging. Great work!

Super fun game! Very impressive!

The art is amazing. Gave me Commander Keen vibes,
Loved the lighting effects and the subtle details like the sparkle trail before the lasers fired.

Level design is works well. Had a lot of fun platforming and finding my way through the levels.

Hate to say it but that sound effect for crushing a rat is WAY too satisfying.

Great work!!

I really like this game!

Definitely some rough edges but that's just cause of the time constraints.
The concept and game mechanics are fantastic! Searching for local resources  to repair your ship while the planet collapses and a day/night cycle challenges your scavenging is really intense and fun.

If you ever feel like expanding on it, I think you have a great core here for a really exciting survival game! :D

Truly amazing work!!

oh noooooooo!

I asked the Egg out!

Thanks for playing it all the way to the end!
Glad you liked the flashing screen as a nightclub strobe light. That's what I imagined it as too, even though its more of a flaw in building in Twine that became a feature.

DIdn't know about the '@' symbol as playable character. Gonna have to educate myself on NetHack & SpurguX!

This is fun and a real challenge!
Love the design!

This game is incredible!
I really loved tweaking the run every time and all weird accidents that I managed to pull off to accomplish the goals.
Truly a deep and inventive idea. Very well executed!

Got that Space Invaders gameplay nailed. Controls are smooth and satisfying to play.
But the real highlight for me is the ship & alien design. I really really love what you've done here!

Oh man! This game is INTENSE!!
Legit a ton of fun, great game play, and a serious challenge. Amazing job!

It's my first game and I might revisit it again. Though perhaps in an engine that is more appropriate for the kind of game it is...

I really love the mechanics of only controlling jump & turn around.
It makes for a challenging puzzle of timing my movement.

The art is fantastic too. Really makes the game fun & playful!

So good! I love games where you type in commands, and your presentation is fantastic.
Fun writing too!

Neat idea. Feels very open choices-wise.
Would love to play more!

That was not my experience.

It is so much fun to shout PEW PEW PEW at the screen as I try and fire.
Great concept!! Lots of fun!

I am slightly better at this one. Really like the skeleton character! Good work!

Really like the art style and controls of the game. Challenging and fun!

I like this variation on the double R/P/S system. Plus, very fun narrative conceit about mech dueling over ettiquite violations!

Oh man, I have a real soft spot for these lander games and yours turns it into some really intense action. Really loved it!

I keep trying to avoid those spikes but they come fast & furious. Good job!

Oh man, so great! I forgot how effectively scary this style of game can be!!

I really like this game! Its a lot of retro fun!

I know this is good cause I can't beat the computer. Just like in other Pong.

This is great!

Love the Rock-Paper-Scissors hacking mechanic!