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Lol oops, I just made the same mistake. My game engine uses .ttf so I can't use these. You can keep the $3, I want to support your works :) But perhaps it should be said more explicitly that these are not .ttf and only for Unity.

Lol, thank you!

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Perhaps you are, jk lol. I agree with you, it is a bit long and I would probably change it after the jam. 100 felt too predictable though, but 160 definitely is too much perhaps. Thanks!


lol thanks!!

Thank you!


Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Most of the game is blasting mouse cursors lol, but thanks!!

I agree! I didn't get much time to playtest much, so lengths are a little long (and the amount of cookies to lose is very lenient). At least people are still beating the game, I'm grateful people enjoy the gameplay :D Thanks so much!

Thank you!! Muhahahahahhahahahahajajahaha

I might work on this after the jam to balance out level gates, didn't get to properly test how much exp you should ideally need to level up, but I don't think it's too bad at least. What kinds of ideas do you have for new level up perks? Thank you! :D

Thanks so much!


I just wanted to create a false sense of expectations haha. Starts with a normal clicker, the mouse starts twitching, then suddenly stuff happens and it gets out of control out of nowhere. I guess it gets in the way of repeat playthroughs though.  When you get to the shooter section you can just keep the mouse button down if that helps. Thank you so much!

EP? The amount of EXP to level up? Thanks!

Thank you!


Thank you!

I'm sorry about to your wrist haha, thank you!



Yeah haha, I was pretty lenient huh. Thanks!

Thank you!!

Very confusing at first, but after I got used to it, it was frantic fun! Good job!

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Cute pixel art! Makes for quite a relaxing game, albeit not a lot of engagement. It takes a long time and luck to collect coins, so the best strat is definitely having lots of chickens, so that all the coins are spread out.

Nice game! Good pixel art, decent gameplay. I especially love the banter between the two narrators. With some tighter gameplay and some expansion, this would be a neat game! Good job!

It's a neat little idea! Currently the strat is to spam Space as much as you can, and you can't fail. A little variety and challenge would be very cool! Good job on completing a game jam!

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Awesome! Amazing pixel art and smooth animation. It can get a bit frustrating how you can't choose to when to jump, but that's part of challenge and the whole point of Out Of Control I guess haha. Good job, very well made!

Lool, I like there's some story behind your game jam journey. Best of luck!

Nice and simple! Some times I got confused with what items do, and the turn order, when the enemies will attack, etc. But it turned out very well!


Lol wow, that's a very honest project description haha

Lol, RNG makes it very out of our control haha.

Very nice! I really liked the minigames, surprisingly more relaxing than I thought haha.

A slow, passive game, albeit not the most fun to play. Bu the character models and animations are so cute! I like the hero order select screen.

Nice! Makes for some cool time based puzzles! Good job