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Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Thanks :)

I'll see what I can do to vary it up more if I ever extended this outside the jam.

Thank you! This is some good advice I will take into consideration after the jam :D

Thank you! I've added a little reminder of the weapon triangle in the description :)


I had to go for a more puzzle style approach because you don't have the flexibility of multiple units. The final level however is slightly more open ended with more options because there are so many enemies to choose from.  This would be the direction the game would go if I were to flesh it out :)

Perhaps I should change the genre to puzzle lol

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The concept is really neat. It sets a random stat to 1, and forces you to work around it, and you only get one turn each battle to win. The problem is that the game sort of gives you everything and expects you to do it. You only get one chance to see the opponent's stats and memorize them at the start of the battle. And without any knowledge of how the calculations work, the game does become trial and error until you've played the game plenty of times in order to grasp how much damage you would deal, and because you only get one turn before you auto die, you end up dying a lot. At least at the start.

After getting a grasp of the system, and all the moves available. The game does become pretty fun. Most of the strategy becomes hitting the right enemies with physical or magical moves correctly, once you figure this out the game is smooth sailing. 

Stat changing moves and healing feels a little pointless because you only have one turn. All runs are almost the same, except when attack or magic attack is decreased as these stats are what matter the most.

I actually don't mind the unfair RNG deaths in this game, sometimes it wipes out one character, and you have to find a way to finish the battle without using them, which can actually be very interesting.

Beating the game is however very satisfying, especially with a nice credits ending. Not many jam games have a bit of a story like this, it was actually very refreshing to play through, I really enjoyed it!  Perhaps the game design aspect of it is weak with flaws in many areas, other than that it's very enjoyable, fits the theme, and is very original. It would be great to see this fleshed out (perhaps without the one turn limit as this is what's limiting the available strategies) after the jam is over :)

Thank you :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you :)

Very good concept! Some of those spikes are very cleverly placed lol. Good pixel art! And stunning those enemies can become very strategical. Good job!

Nice coop-ish game XD It works well, only one person can move at a time! The idea is cool! Considering only one character can move at a time I think one set of controls would have been much better, having two sets of controls for each character only serves to be a bit confusing. Unless the game was actually supposed to be for two players XD.

The music is so relaxing lol

Thank you :)

Wow, clean and neat! I can imagine this being fun on mobile. The theme feels a bit weak in this however.

Those little guys are so cute XD Even when they're going out of control! I get that there's only one room, but gameplay wise the theme seems to take a backseat. It's pretty fun tho! And the visual presentation is very well done! Could have done with some audio feedback, but what you've got here is very good!

Awesome! Nice and simple idea where different items affect different enemies, and nice and clearly displayed too. I just wish picking up items could be done with the same button, picking up the one that's closest to you. It can get a little finicky with 3 buttons for different items.

Thanks! :)

Lol, brilliant idea. Very original. Perhaps the way the theme comes through is bit weak, but it makes for a fun game!

Thank you :D

Nice idea! A good interpretation of the one bullet idea. My only problem is probably how small everything is, it's very difficult to see the player and the on ground enemies making it difficult to be precise. The game might have benefited from a smaller stage so you could zoom in more, or have it zoomed in and the camera scrolls with the player. 

Other than that, it pretty fun. Takes a while to get used to the movement using the rocket, but it makes those last millisecond dodges whilst also simultaneously killing hordes of enemies very satisfying.  

Nice! Aside from bugs like arrows going behind obstacles so you can't get it. The concept is good, but I don't think it works in execution. Getting surprised by the enemies is fun at first, but it can slowly become frustrating when they come out of nowhere with no time to respond.

E.g. I shot one of the wooden blockages, and a few enemies came flying out from behind as soon as the block disappeared but I had to retrieve the arrow which at the place where the blockage was. There was nothing I could do and ended up instantly dying which felt a bit unfair.

But this is definitely an idea that could be worth playing with! I like how the light is tied to the arrow, so there's a sense of caution you have to have when playing this. This definitely something that can be taken further! :D

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Just wanted to share that at Stage 7 the game introduces the Archer, and the Mage is introduced even later on! These new units make you think more about positioning as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the original 3 units. I think it's really worth playing to these stages, the game is a lot more than the 3 classes you are originally given. There are 17 stages in total for all those wondering :)

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Hi, I think what you're looking for comes at Stage 7, that's when the Archer is introduced. And the Mage is introduced later. These units really change how the game is played and put a lot more focus on positioning than just weaknesses. Thank you for the in depth review :)

But yeah, how the theme fits is definitely a matter of perspective. For me, I made the game looking at the player as one unit, but they just change class every turn rather than several units in one.

Very nice! I really like the design. I didn't have a friend to play with me, but I can imagine this being very good to play with another person! I'd perhaps include instructions in-game lol. Good job and best of luck!

Nice little puzzle stealth game :) I think it would've been worth pointing out you actually have to hover the mouse over the person you want to knock out and disguise as, and also changing the player sprite to whatever you disguised as. Other than that, I had a bit of fun! :)

Thank you :D

There definitely are a lot of that lol, but it's nice when someone can do something unique but having only one thing is integral to the gameplay. Like another person has said, you could replace the other slime with a goal flag and it would be the same thing. Perhaps that's something to think about, and it'll help you in the future :)

Wow, this is fun and really interesting. I love that there are multiple shapes as well which really changes things up! I also really like how it seems to all be on one big sprawling level with checkpoints! Wow, it's really difficult as well lol XD Good job!

Nice relaxing simple game :) It definitely does use the theme but it's not exactly tied into the gameplay in any interesting way. But it's cute.

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Thank you! Since this is GMTK I tried going for a "show-don't-tell" design I tried teaching the player through level design. But if I ever expanded on the game outside the jam, I would definitely include a guide :)

Nice, I guess this is a fighting game where you literally are button mashing XD It's nice and simple.

This looks like it could be a fun little mobile game! I'm just really bad at these kinds of games lol XD Couldn't figure out how I could steer Terry. I think the presentation is very endearing though, with the little sounds Terry makes being really cute. Not really sure where the theme comes in though.

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Interesting little game. The multiple questions to answer at once definitely does induce a feeling of anxiety in me, very overwhelming XD I love the dialogue and the characters! Nice touch with the little voice snippets too!

I really like the idea, but in terms of game design, I'm not sure it really works. In the end I found myself just picking a random answer and hoping for the best because trying to read and pick the majority answer was next to impossible for me. Maybe someone out there with lightning fast reflexes and some memorization of the questions could do this. 

The way the theme "only one" was implemented was a bit questionable, the way it was mentioned felt a bit cheap.

But I seriously love the presentation, the anxiety inducing feeling, the characters and their little voice snippets. You definitely get full points for originality from me!!

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Considering this is GMTK, I tried to go for a "show-don't-tell" design, so teach the player through level design, and doing this would save me time on creating the guide as well. For the most part I think I've succeeded in this but if I expanded on this game I would definitely include some kind of guide to help remind players. :)

On the topic of saving time, the most time consuming part was testing the levels. Making sure they were at the right difficulty, and they couldn't be cheesed through some lame unforeseen method. And if they taught the player something, it should definitely teaching that player exactly what needed to be taught. Unfortunately this meant most of the level were designed on a single solution and if any other solution happened to exist, then cool, otherwise the game would not have made the 48 hours. However the final stage (stage 17) is some level design I'd pursue if I ever expanded on the game, it's a bit more open ended than the rest, and provides a good level of difficulty (from my experience testing it). 

Thanks again Best of luck with your submission too! :D

Thank you again :D

Best of luck if you do decide to build one!

I see you’ve made a submission yourself to this jam, I promise to check it out in the morning and give a rating :)

Thank you very much! There are 17 stages in total! :D

I hope I can convince you to come back for another try after the jam and beat the final stage! :)

Nice simple game! The jump mechanic reminds me of Jump King lol. Very good context sensitive controls, does a good job of doing what I intend it to do. Encountered a problem where after a jump the slime might stuck in a wall or the floor. Other than that, simple game made difficult through the difficulty of that jump mechanic, not everybody's cup of tea but it works well, I can imagine some really enjoying mastering it and jumping about all over the place with precision.

Hey dude! Just saw this, thank you for playing the game! :D And thanks for your feedback, I might update the game at some point!