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Aw a beautifully told story of a date with a goddess.  I really enjoyed the colour palette, the cloud hopping, and the use of (what I suspect is) exits, rooms, and sprite cloning to create the animation effects. I've really enjoyed testing the boundaries of what you can do with vanilla bitsy - this is a great example of that.

Really enjoyed this.. do I run to the window during sunshowers?  Probably, who can say..

The scene composition and colour palletes are perfect.  Love the interaction with the rain.

This is very sweet and conjures many rainy day childhood memories and their associated feelssss.

This was meditation with a colourful palette..  

The guilt is real!  Every time it rains I want to save each one.  Love that the character is barefoot for this tragedy..

Really enjoyed the spooky feeling this gave.  The art is really great and the opening structure reminded of the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion in Greece.

This is a very kind comment, and it means a lot.  Thanks for playing - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Like a Terry Gilliam/Monty Python nightmare.  Enjoyed this surreal laugh thoroughly..

Aw, a brief moment captured so beautifully.  

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After is a bitsy game submitted to the itsy bitsy September jam, which is rain themed.

You're a weary travel in a world plagued by rain.  The survivors need help but there is never enough to help everyone.

Animated dialogue screens with choices


  • Rain
  • Animated dialogue screens
  • Choices in said dialogue screens
  • An easter egg item in a hidden maze
  • Different endings dependent on your choices
  • A negotiator's dilemma with a keen adversary
    • Outcomes can differ if you falter or if you manipulate the situation
  • Inventory!
  • Flooded basements

It's my first bitsy game, my first game, and my first publicly released game.  Enjoy!

It's vanilla bitsy, using only the standard tools (except notepad++ for coding). I really loved the concept of the bitsy engine and wanted to explore its boundaries. This is the result!